Creative Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

Updated: Nov. 02, 2022

You spend 40 or more hours per week in your office or cubicle, so why not make it your own?

You spend 40 or more hours per week in your office or cubicle, so why not make it your own? First, consider your company’s culture. If it’s a conservative company, you’ll want to go easy on the décor. But if you work for a more modern and creative company, you have more room to really personalize your workspace. Here are some creative ways to jazz up a drab cubicle.

Start with the walls
Cover boring gray walls with wallpaper, craft paper, colorful fabric, or even Astroturf. Attach them with Velcro tape.

Create a fake window
Hang a large piece of art or an enlarged photo of a scene that inspires you, such as an ocean view or a landscape. Frame it with lightweight window molding, and voila! You’ve got a faux picture window.

Add some life
A live plant will improve your mood and the air quality of your cubicle (plants soak up pollutants and give off oxygen). A low-maintenance plant such as a small ivy or bamboo plant is a good choice. You can also bring in a fresh bouquet of flowers every couple of weeks. Or, get a goldfish in a bowl—just don’t forget to feed it!

A few framed photos, a vase, a small sculpture, or some inspirational quotes tacked onto your bulletin board can all add visual interest and personality to your cubicle. You can also throw down an area rug to define your space.

Alter the lighting
A small table lamp with a warm natural-light bulb will counteract your office’s harsh fluorescent lighting.

Be organized
Keeping your workspace tidy will show that you are a professional. So buy stylish hanging organizers, linen-covered storage boxes, and pretty desk containers that coordinate with your wall color or area rug.

Make it inviting
Make visitors to your cube feel welcome by getting a mini espresso machine or a candy dish full of treats.

Don’t overdo it
Don’t clutter up your desk with all of your accessories. After all, you’ve still got work to do!

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