DIY Closet Organization Ideas for Shelves, Systems, Wardrobes & More

Updated: Apr. 30, 2024

Here are the cheapest, easiest, and all around best DIY closet organization ideas to try.

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Decided it’s time to organize your closet once and for all? Good for you. While it can be challenging to face years and years’ worth of clothing crammed onto closet shelves, dozens of mismatched hangers, and the mountains of shoes and handbags scattered on your closet’s floor, the good news is: even a messy closet doesn’t have to look that way forever. And while there are no set rules on how to organize your closet, we’ve come up with some amazing ideas to help you create the best closet system for your wardrobe (and your space!) so you’ll no longer have to feel uneasy and embarrassed about it.

The best part is, deciding to do a closet makeover doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg! Adding DIY closet organizers, like hooks for your accessories, handmade clothing dividers for shelves, chic shoe storage ideas, clothes storage ideas, and more can transform your space in no time at all. We rounded up the best closet organizers below. With their help, you’ll not only be proud to show off your closet, but you’ll know where everything is and be able to get ready faster than ever!

Building DIY closet shelves

An easy way to DIY closet shelves without having to buy wood to hang up is to use a bookshelf. You can use a short or tall bookshelf to do this, depending on what look you’re going for and how much space you have. Don’t forget to paint your bookshelf before you move it into your closet. Paint it white so it blends in more with your closet’s walls and ceiling or try a bold shade for a pop of color. You can also use peel and stick wallpaper on the backside of the shelves if you want a bolder appearance or if you are placing the bookshelf into a closet that has no doors and needs to be more of a presence in the room. Trust us, you’ll love this idea so much it’ll become your go-to DIY closet organizer hack in the future.

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DIY closet system

Coming up with DIY closet organizer ideas doesn’t have to be complicated. To create a closet system that works for your space and all of your belongings, consider using multiple tension rods. First, spray paint them the color of your choice or wrap them in colorful Washi Tape. Then once they are dry, install them. If you have tons of high heels and need shoe storage, think about installing an entire wall of rods from your floor to ceiling to hang your shoes on. That way they will be out of the way and stored uniformly and it will be easy for you to find a matching pair the next time you’re getting ready. It’s a DIY closet idea any shoe lover would die to have.

DIY wardrobe

Let’s be real, buying a freestanding wardrobe for your clothes can be expensive, so if you want to save some cash, think about making a DIY wardrobe yourself instead. How? Start by searching your house to see if there’s a cabinet you’re not using that can be transformed into one. If there’s not, check out local thrift shifts, Facebook Marketplace, or any yard sales in your neighborhood. Once you find one, either sand it down and apply a fresh coat of paint, stain it to match the other furniture in your room, or use a stick and peel wallpaper to give its doors an upgrade. Then remove any shelves on the inside you don’t want and install a rod that you can hang your dresses or jackets on.

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Closet shelving ideas

If you’re craving more storage in your closet, but aren’t handy with tools, it’s OK. Just use premade standing shelves. It’s a simple closet shelving idea that anyone can do! If you don’t have any existing shelves in your closet, you can line them up on the floor to create a shoe shelf or a place to put your folded jeans on. And if you do have one existing shelf already in your closet, you can build it up by placing them on top of it so you can store more items within their compartments and on their top section.

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Closet inserts

No matter what size closet space you have, closet inserts can work wonders. You can find ones that are square-shaped or rectangle-shape in a variety of colors, prints, and materials. They work great for hiding away items like socks and intimate apparel or storing all your belts or winter accessories. You can get a few and place them side-by-side on a shelf in your closet with the opening facing up, or you can buy several and turn them on their side so the opening is facing out and stack them on top of each other so you have more storage. Closet inserts can also help you organized a color-coordinated closet.

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Melamine closet

If you’re wanting to transform your closet in a big way, creating a melamine closet may be for you. Melamine shelves are amazing because they are made from chemical compounds that are stronger than wood, so they’ll last longer, resist dents and chipping, and will not fade or crack over time. So if you’re living in your forever home, this may be the perfect way for you to create the closet you’ve always wanted—and since they’re very durable you can store everything from your clothes and shoes to your heavy luggage on them. Install a few in different lengths on your wall for a more interesting visual

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Wire closet organizer

If you’re looking to makeover your child’s closet, wire closet organizers are a smart choice because they can be repositioned as your little one’s closet needs to change over the years. They are also very easy to spray paint if you want to add a little color or want them to match your child’s room. These organizers work well in tall and narrow closets or walk-in closets and help instantly transform your space. You can also add bins on top of wire organizers to help you clutter off the floor and hang hangers off their metal rods.

Wood closet shelving

Wood closet shelving not only looks great, but it can help you eke out a lot of storage space in your closet. You can add one shelf above your clothing rack where you can neatly arrange your shoes or handbags or you can install several shelves. If you do mount more than one shelf, make sure you decide what you’re going to put on each one beforehand so you’ll leave enough space to do so. If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your wood shelves, paint them a bright color.

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Closet hooks

Sometimes just decluttering your accessories can bring your closet from drab to fab, which is why hooks make good DIY closet organizers. Individual metal ones are great to hang things like your hats on so they keep their shapes and can be found easily, while multi-hook coat racks are a great purse storage idea or can be used for belts, necklaces, or to store your go-to jackets for those mad dashes out the door. You can mount them on a blank wall in your closet or create several rows of hooks on the back of your door for extra storage space. They’re easy to install and make for a simple yet fashionable wardrobe organization hack.

Hair and other accessories storage ideas

Having things like sunglasses, tights, wallets, clutches, scarves, scrunchies, and socks laying out all over your floor can create utter chaos in your closet. To keep those small items in one place, mount a nail polish rack on the back of your door as storage. Make sure you measure the door or wall area first so you can make sure to buy one that’s the right size. Then, use each section to store your accessories so they stay organized. You can also find ones that are freestanding if you’d rather place them on the top shelf of your closet.

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