Celebrate Pi Day with Deals on Pie Delivery, Pizza Ovens and Pi Day Garb

Updated: Sep. 01, 2023

Pi day celebrates the mathematical constant—but it's also an excellent day to score deals on tasty treats.

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Whether you’re just here to shop for delicious desserts or you’re a big fan of celebrating the mathematical constant, Pi Day deals offer a way to do both.

What is Pi Day?

Pi Day is the global celebration of the mathematical constant, pi—aka 3.14. Some businesses—especially those that are somehow connected to the “pie” theme, such as pizzerias and bakeries—often run special promotions to mark the occasion. Some Pi Day deals have been announced already. As always, you’ll see hilarious riffs on Pi Day jokes in companies’ marketing campaigns.

When is Pi Day?

As the name suggests, Pi Day takes place yearly on March 14—or 3.14.

How do you celebrate Pi Day?

The best thing about Pi Day is the multitude of ways you can celebrate. From hosting a pie-eating party to simply kicking back with a slice of your favorite pizza, Pi Day is the perfect time to celebrate everyone’s favorite circular dessert. Take the opportunity to read up on what makes Pi so special, such as that one time Pi Day was almost changed to 3.2 instead of 3.14.

The Best Pi Day Sales

  • Amazon: Amazon’s deals section is the perfect all-in-one place to find a huge variety of pie-related savings, from pies shipped to your door to discounts on pie-making utensils like pie plates and crust mix. They have tons of T-shirts and Pi Day gear to take your celebration to the next level.
  • Bake Me a Wish: Delicious pies are waiting at Bake Me a Wish, and some are even on sale! Snag them before they sell out.
  • Gold Belly: Our favorite place to find mind-blowing desserts, dishes and snacks has an entire section of their site dedicated to Pi Day deals!
  • Harry & David: Aside from their popular gift baskets, Harry & David offers ready-made pies shipped straight to your door. Find a few on discount to celebrate Pi Day.
  • QVC: Enjoy $10 off a two-pack of Noble Pies from QVC for a limited time.
  • Magic Kitchen: Shop yummy desserts, entrees and appetizers at Magic Kitchen. There are deals all over the site, and they even offer special diet options for those with restrictions.
  • Milk Bar: For a limited time, scoop up Milk Bar’s famous Milk Bar Pie and get a Chocolate Birthday Truffle three-pack for $3.14 for Pi Day. Just add the pie to your cart and the promotion will automatically apply at checkout.
  • Omaha Steaks: A popular place to find butcher-quality steaks and some of the best lobsters online, Omaha Steaks offers a few discounts on delicious pies.
  • Sur la Table: While Sur la Table doesn’t sell ready-made pies, they offer high-quality pie-making accessories—like baking dishes and rolling pins—at a deep discount. Shop their sale section for savings on brands like Emilie Henry and Le Creuset.

Our favorite Pi Day deals

Hanes short sleeve Pi Day shirt

Hanes Mens Short Sleeve Graphic TVIA MERCHANT

One of the best ways to celebrate Pi Day is by dressing up in a Pi Day T-shirt. Available at a savings of $4, this T-shirt shows the world your allegiance to the mathematical constant—and yummy dessert. Made from 100% cotton, it feels soft and worn-in on the first wear.

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Pecan pie


Is it pronounced PEE-can or Puh-KAHN? Either way, this classic pecan pie packed with roasted pecans and a touch of vanilla won’t last long on the counter. The buttery crust and sticky filling are ready to eat after thawing. Or, pop it in the oven for a warm, decadent dessert that the whole crew will adore.

Have it delivered right to your door while it’s on sale for a generous 50% off at Omaha Steaks.

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Double-chocolate cream pie

Double Chocolate Cream Pie VIA MERCHANT

Available at a savings of $20, this double-chocolate cream pie is the perfect pièce de résistance to a weeknight meal. Not only is it chock full of rich, creamy milk chocolate, but the pie is topped with beautiful rosettes of real whipped cream and little curls of dark chocolate. To finish it off, underneath it all is a crunchy chocolate cookie crust.

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Black and white pie birds

R&m International Black And White Pie Bird VIA MERCHANT

One of the kitchen tools you need for Thanksgiving—and year-round, if you’re a pie fan—is a set of pie birds. These precious porcelain birds—available for 33% off—sit neatly atop pre-baked pies as they go in the oven. Steam escapes through their beaks and prevents fruit from bubbling over and the bottom crust from becoming soggy.

Plus, they look plain cute perched on your pie.

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Ooni Koda outdoor pizza oven

Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven VIA MERCHANT

Ooni’s selection of high-quality pizza ovens is a favorite among shoppers, and you can snag the popular Ooni Koda at a savings of $200. Fire up this propane pizza oven and pop in an unbaked pizza covered in your preferred pizza toppings. In just 60 seconds enjoy a professional-quality pizza without waiting for delivery.

Outdoor pizza ovens are a good frozen pizza hack for those tight on time—they make store-bought pizzas taste a hundred times better.

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Coconut cream pie

Coconut Cream Pie VIA MERCHANT

You may be wondering whether a coconut is a nut—but after tasting this coconut cream pie, you’ll have other things on your mind. Layers of indulgent coconut filling, fresh pie crust, whipped cream and coconut shreds come right to your door. What more could you ask for?

Buy one now and save $10 when you shop through Bake Me a Wish.

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Six-inch pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie 6in VIA MERCHANT

Personal pan pumpkin pie—try saying that three times fast! Tongue twister or not, it pays to pick up this mini pumpkin pie ahead of Pi Day. Score a perfectly baked pie made from pumpkin puree, cream, eggs, dark and white sugar and a buttery pie crust for 25% off. At that price, it rings up at less than Costco’s pumpkin pie.

Score America’s favorite Thanksgiving pie while it’s on deep discount.

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Emile Henry mini pie dishes

Emile Henry Mini Pie Dishes VIA MERCHANT

Emilie Henry has a beautiful selection of kitchen products people can’t stop buying. This set of two mini pie dishes comes in five pretty shades, all available at a savings of $15. Don’t worry about spraying them with nonstick spray. These petite pie plates are made with glazed clay that resists chipping and baked-on messes.

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American-style apple pie

American Stlye Apple Pie VIA MERCHANT

There are few things more American than apple pie. A rich history explains how it became America’s favorite dessert—but you don’t need to know the specifics to understand exactly why thousands of people bake apple pies every year. This American-style apple pie boasts a light and flaky crust with a flavorful filling of apples, butter and cinnamon.

As a bonus, you can have it delivered straight to your door. Save almost 30% when you order one ahead of Pi Day.

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Baltimore Bomb pie

Baltimore's Legendary Rocknroll Pie Shop VIA MERCHANT

Boston is full of rich history and beautiful sights. Even Prince William and Kate visited Boston to experience all that the city has to offer. The Baltimore Bomb pie, featured on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” comes stuffed with Berger cookies. They melt down and swirl into the creamy vanilla chess base and form an irresistibly crunchy top.

Enjoy your own little slice of Boston when you order the Baltimore Bomb pie at a savings of 25%.

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24-pack of assorted Pie Holes

Assorted Pie Holes 24pk VIA MERCHANT

“Pie hole” sounds a little like a hilarious comeback, but these little flavor bombs are anything but. Each bite-sized globe—on sale for $10 off a pack of 24—comes brimming with lemon, chocolate fudge, blueberry or apple filling. Outside, a buttery pie crust envelopes the little pies, and a delightful glaze coats the entire thing.

If you need us, we’ll be inhaling an entire box of Pie Holes ourselves. Is there a better way to celebrate Pi Day?

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