This Electric Spin Scrubber from Amazon Will Change The Way You Clean Your Bathroom

Save yourself the backache on cleaning day with this electric spin scrubber from Amazon.

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Cleaning the bathroom isn’t the most exciting task on a to-do list, but we all have to do it at some point. Still, no matter your cleaning schedule, there are cleaning products that make the job easier. Every so often, my TikTok algorithm takes me to #CleanTok, which is where I stumbled upon the Labigo electric spin scrubber.  

After scrolling through videos showing just how quickly and seamlessly the spin scrubber cleans the bathroom, I knew I needed to share the invention. The fully electric cleaner not only reduces cleaning time, but it also reduces stress on your body. Less time scrubbing and no back pain? Consider me a spin scrubber enthusiast.

What’s an electric spin scrubber? 

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The Labigo electric spin scrubber takes the pressure off your knees and back when giving the bathroom a scrub down. It combines the look and functionality of an electric mop with the scrubbing power of a handheld brush. Thanks to the long handle and rotating brush head, the scrubber tackles tile, stones, grout, hard water stains, toilets, bathtubs and more.

An internal motor powers the brush head, which reaches a speed of 380 RPM. Just take a trusted cleaning detergent and the electric spin scrubber does all of the hard work. You can even use it in untraditional areas, such as the car, baseboards or carpets.  

Choose from four brush heads to best suit the task ahead. The main brush works on standard surfaces, while a corner brush targets the grime hiding in murky shadows. The wide flat brush covers large areas, and the small flat brush is ideal for grout (especially when combined with the Zep grout cleaner). 

It may not be the tool of choice for large renovation projects, but it works wonders for average cleaning days.

Electric spin scrubber highlights


  • Scrubs multiple surfaces without using too much elbow grease 
  • Comes with four interchangeable brush heads 
  • The handle adjusts to three different heights 
  • Prevents having to get on your hands and knees when cleaning 
  • Cordless design  
  • Stores easily 
  • Works with just about any cleaning detergent 
  • At less than $80, it’s more affordable than professional cleaners 
  • 6,000 Amazon ratings and a 4.3-star average


  • Needs to be recharged if cleaning for more than 90 minutes at a time 
  • Doesn’t come with a case for the brush heads 

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Why I love it 

The shower scrubber works just as well for quick cleanups as it does for seasonal spring cleaning. After choosing the right brush head, you’ll be minutes away from sparkling floors and wallsand not just in the bathroom. Adjust the brush handle depending on your height (another great feature), choosing from 24, 36 and 43 inches.  

Use it for up to 90 minutes, though because it works so fast, you’ll probably get weeks’ worth of regular cleaning on one charge. Even so, the included charging cable achieves a full charge in just a couple of hours. Plus, there’s no risk of tripping over wires or hunting for the closest outlet during use because it’s cordless when not charging. Pair it with the Rubbermaid Reveal cleaning tool and dirt will be no match for your cleaning day lineup. 

While anyone would appreciate the back and knee pain relief (I know I do), this scrubber is especially beneficial for older folks or those with mobility challenges. 

And when it’s not in use, the scrubber hangs effortlessly on a towel rack while it charges and doesn’t take too much space in the linen closet. I’m all for a clutter-free home, and the spin scrubber replaces all the unnecessary sponges I have lying around. 

But don’t just take my word for it! 

Any product that makes cleaning day easier is a win in our book. Check out these reviews from real-life users who won’t go back to a hand scrubber again.  

“It was almost embarrassing to see how much more invisible soap scum this brush scrubbed away,” writes five-star reviewer Kevin, who often puts off scrubbing due to chronic fatigue and back ache. “After using this scrubber, I was not exhausted, nor was my back screaming…The only critique is the lack of any storage option for the brushes, other than tossing them in the cleaning tote with the other scrub brushes, which are soon facing a forced early retirement.”  

Reviewer Jennifer Basford says she’s obsessed with her spin scrubber. “I bought it originally to clean my bathtub because I was sick of having to bend over and scrub my tub to get it clean,” she writes. “This worked even better than expected! No bending over, no kneeling on the tile floor and my back isn’t killing me when I’m done cleaning. I also tried this out on my tile floors, and I cannot tell you how clean the grout is now! This is well worth the money!” 

Verified purchaser Jessie G. has trouble on cleaning days because she’s 4 feet 11 inches tall and suffers from arthritis in her back. “I can’t believe how easy this made scrubbing the bathtub and how easy it made getting to top corners of the ceiling!” she raves. “It’s back on the charger as we speak so I can go downstairs and clean the other two bathrooms! Awesome!” 

Where to buy an electric spin scrubber 

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You can shop the Labigo electric spin brush on Amazon. Say goodbye to achy bones and all-day cleaning, and hello to your easiest bathroom cleaning yet.

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