Lindsay Lohan’s Got a New Christmas Movie on Netflix—and We’re So Excited

Falling For Christmas—the film that sees Lindsay Lohan in her first major role in nearly 10 years—is a real gift to us all

In recent years, it seems like as soon as the Halloween decorations come down, the Christmas lights and decorations go up. To be fair, it is a great time of year, especially for movie lovers since so many of the best Christmas movies resurface on TV and on streaming around this time, and there seem to be more and more new seasonal films premiering every year.

This November, Lindsay Lohan returned to the screen for her first starring role in nearly a decade in a brand new Netflix Christmas movie called Falling For Christmas, and we’re sure that the new film will become a mainstay among our annual romantic Christmas movie binge. And that’s saying something, considering all the Hallmark Christmas movies that are already in heavy rotation on our TV!

The film, which came out on November 10th, marks the first in a two-film deal Lohan has with Netflix, and it’s her first-ever starring role in a Christmas movie—though eagle-eyed audiences might remember her in a very brief, uncredited cameo in the 2006 Nancy Meyers film The Holiday. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie on Netflix.

What is the new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie about?

Netflix’s Falling For Christmas Celebratory Holiday Fan Screening with Cast & CrewBryan Bedder/Getty Images

In Falling for Christmas, Lohan stars as Sierra Belmont, a wealthy, spoiled heir to a hotel empire. While vacationing in Aspen, Sierra’s boyfriend Tad (George Young) proposes to her on a mountaintop, but an unexpected snowstorm takes Sierra by surprise and she slides off the side of the mountain.

She’s discovered by Jake Russell (Glee‘s Chord Overstreet), the owner of a modest bed and breakfast nearby, but due to her accident, Sierra can’t remember anything about who she is. Jake brings her back to his hotel where he and his daughter Avy (Olivia Perez) nurse Sierra back to health. As they all get to know one another, Sierra is still unable to recall details of her own life, but she helps Jake and Avy come up with a plan to save their financially struggling hotel. The longer she stays with them, the closer they all become.

Spoiler: Even though Sierra does eventually regain her memories and remembers the lavish, luxurious lifestyle she grew up in, she gives up that life and her wealthy fiance to stay with Jake and Avy. If the plot of the film sounds familiar to you, it might be because it’s garnered quite a few comparisons to the 1987 Goldie Hawn romantic comedy movie, Overboard.

While Netflix has slowly made a name for itself with holiday movies like The Knight Before Christmas and The Christmas Switch franchise, Falling For Christmas is without a doubt the streamer’s big holiday title this year. Lohan’s return to acting has been lauded in many a review, and the plot, though predictable, has been praised for its warmth and charm.

Where can I watch Falling For Christmas?

Falling For Christmas was released exclusively on Netflix last week. It will be available to Netflix subscribers throughout the holiday season and beyond!


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