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20 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies

It's just not the holidays until you're swooning over the cozy romance of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Here are the heartwarming movies fans love the most.

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The Christmas Cardvia

The Christmas Card

For Christmas magic, look no further than Hallmark Christmas movies. This sweeping, romantic story is about a Christmas card sent to a faraway soldier in Afghanistan. When the letter gets passed to another soldier, Cody, he’s determined to find the woman who sent it. They meet in Nevada City and sparks fly, but she’s involved with another man who’s just not in the relationship for the right reasons. Fans love this film for the way it honors military service and presents the power of letters sent to overseas soldiers. Need something even further off the usual-Christmas path? Try one of our favorite anything-but-traditional Christmas movies this holiday season. This year, you’ll know exactly what to write in your Christmas cards. 

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A Very Merry Mix upvia

A Very Merry Mix-up

The winning Alicia Witt stars as Alice, a woman traveling to meet her future in-laws over Christmas. After a series of mishaps, she finds herself delighted by her financé’s brother and his wonderful family. She feels so at home. But is this really her financé’s family or do they just share his last name? Get ready for a heartwarming and jolly mix-up that fans of Hallmark Christmas movies enjoy again and again. Looking for a little nostalgia this holiday season? Try watching the most iconic movie set in your state.

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Christmas With Hollyvia

Christmas with Holly

Fans love this tale that features the magic and delight of toy stores at Christmas. Six-year-old Holly doesn’t speak after a tragic accident leaves her in the care of her three uncles who live in a small harbor town. Soon, the local toy store provides a captivating haven for Holly. The proprietor, Maggie, was recently jilted and she just might find a dose of unexpected romance with Holly’s Uncle Mark. This year, also make time to enjoy one of the holiday classics that originally flopped at the box office.

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Let it snowvia

Let It Snow

This fan favorite stars Candace Cameron Bure of Full House fame as a Grinch-like executive who just doesn’t do Christmas. She undergoes an unexpected change trying to transform an old-fashioned ski lodge into a hip winter hot spot. Her property guide, played by noted Christmas Hallmark movies hunk Jesse Hutch, gets her to rethink her views on Christmas and romance. Alan Thicke stars as the distant dad who needs to learn about the importance of Christmas, too. It’s a heartwarming story about “the gift of love” at Christmas and the joy of family tradition. Here are more Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit.

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The Most Wonderful time of the yearvia

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Jenn is a single mom (and a Christmas Scrooge) who is parenting a little boy who doesn’t believe in Santa. When the uncle who raised her (played by the lovable Henry Winkler of Fonzie fame) arrives for a holiday visit, he brings along Morgan, the handsome stranger he met on his flight. When Morgan’s flight gets canceled and he needs a place to stay, he bunks in with Jenn and her son. Morgan’s adventurous spirit creates Christmas magic for the little boy, and he just might be stealing Jenn’s heart as well. Fans fall hard for this sweet tale of homebound Christmas romance. Here are 15 of the best Christmas movies for kids.

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One Starry Christmasvia

One Starry Christmas

Fans love the formula of Hallmark Christmas movies. Boy meets girl, and girl is inevitably dating the wrong guy. In the case of One Starry Christmas, Holly’s boyfriend abandons her over the holidays, but the romantic cowboy Luke comes along. The two bond over their love of constellations. Get ready for stars in your eyes and a twinkle in your heart. Watch this one in one of the best cities in the world to celebrate Christmas.

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The Heart of Christmasvia

The Heart of Christmas

Devoted fans of Hallmark Christmas movies cry tears of joy over this touching story of an ailing boy who desperately needs a heart transplant on Christmas Eve. Teri Polo stars as a mom determined to keep faith even as a snowstorm threatens to keep help at bay. Christmas traditions and neighbors coming together help the family find light at a desperate time. These are the best Christmas movies of all time, ranked.

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Enchanted Christmasvia

Enchanted Christmas

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega (married in real life!) star as dance partner sweethearts in the first Hallmark Christmas movie to cast people of color in the leading roles. In Enchanted Christmas, Alexa plays an interior designer who returns to Utah to help remodel a rundown hotel just in time for Christmas. Her ex-boyfriend (played by Carlos) is on hand to rekindle their old romance as they rehearse for a Christmas Eve dance extravaganza. Fans have fallen in love with the romantic, sweep-you-off-your-feet dancing. Maybe this Hallmark movie was inspired by one of the best Christmas towns in every state.

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A Christmas Melodyvia

A Christmas Melody

Mariah Carey lends her star power and directing chops to this beloved Hallmark Christmas movie about a school’s “snowflake pageant.” Lacey Chabert stars as the leading lady, a single mom who returns to her Ohio hometown to start over. She finds herself smack dab in the middle of her old high school rivalry with Carey’s character—now PTA president. With dollops of Christmas spirit, the two work out their differences and put on a great show. The hunky music teacher is on hand to add some magical romance for Chabert. Check out these festive events around the country to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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Matchmaker Santavia

Matchmaker Santa

Christmas Hallmark movie queen Lacey Chabert plays a lovelorn woman who asks Santa for true love for Christmas. The jolly old guy just might deliver! Fans love the feel-good, heartwarming Matchmaker Santa as Chabert’s character figures out that she might be dating the wrong guy. Why does she get along so well with his hunky assistant? Florence Henderson’s onboard to add to the Christmas charm. You’ve probably never seen these royal family Christmas photos–check them out!

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Crown for Christmasvia

Crown for Christmas

Get ready for some royal Christmas majesty in this fan-favorite set in a castle with a real princess! Danica McKellar stars as a maid-turned-governess tasked with taking care of Princess Theodora—she’s a terror, but only because she’s just lost her mother. Her father, King Max, takes a liking to the American governess. Too bad he’s already engaged to a countess. Or is he? Courtly Christmas fun and romance await! This is what it’s really like to be a Hallmark holiday writer. 

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Christmas under wrapsvia

Christmas Under Wraps

Candace Cameron Bure returns in this Christmas Hallmark Movie about a big city doctor forced to take a job in small-town Alaska after she misses out on the prestigious gig she’d planned on. Not to worry, because this move is only temporary. Or is it? Soon she finds herself falling for the heartwarming residents and the handsome local hunk who shows her how to slow down, smell the roses, and honor the Christmas spirit. Here are 17 letters to Santa that will warm your heart this holiday season.

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Journey back to Christmasvia

Journey Back to Christmas

Hallmark Christmas movie queen Candace Cameron Bure is back—this time as a WWII nurse who travels from that era into the present day. It’s a favorite that allows fans to drift into a world of magic, miracles, and heartfelt lessons. This favorite is filled with Hallmark’s signature lessons on love, family bonds, and sweetness.

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Journey to Northpole, the city that powers all the magic in the world, complete with Mr. and Mrs. Santa, played with charm by Robert Wagner and Jill St. John. Tiffani Thiessen stars as a stressed-out single mom whose ten-year-old son believes in elves. Check out these 12 charming old-fashioned Christmas towns.

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A Royal Christmasvia

A Royal Christmas

Secretly engaged to a real prince? No problem. Lacey Chabert stars as a fish-out-of-water princess-to-be in this romantic fairy tale about fitting in with royalty. Chabert’s a regular working-class seamstress swept into courtly life when she finds out her boyfriend is a real monarch. His queen mom, played by the lovely Jane Seymour, invites his ex-girlfriend, a countess, to Christmas. Sparks fly in this sweet story about staying true to yourself and finding love.

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Mrs. Miraclevia

Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle

Based on a story by beloved novelist Debbie Macomber, this Hallmark Christmas movie stars James Van Der Beek as a recent widower who’s parenting two boys all on his own. Enter the much-cherished Doris Roberts as a miraculous nanny whose winning performance makes this film a big fan favorite. Mrs. Miracle gets everything in order, including Van Der Beek’s love life, just in time for Christmas. This town may not be a real place, but you’ve got plenty of time to visit all these Christmas movie locations that actually exist.

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A December Bridevia

A December Bride

Fans adore the romantic high jinks in this love story set during Christmas. The lovely Layla dreads Christmas, and even worse, she doesn’t have a date to her cousin’s wedding, who happens to be marrying Layla’s ex. Enter Seth, who impulsively announces their engagement. The two get stuck keeping up the pretense, and they just might fall in love for real! These are the 20 best Christmas songs ever.

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Window Wonderlandvia

Window Wonderland

Fans love this Hallmark Christmas movie that revels in the nostalgia and charm of shop window displays. Window Wonderland features two department store window dressers enter a competition to see which does the best Christmas displays during the holiday season. They’re each competing for the same job, but then they notice they just might be made for each other. Naomi Judd is on board as another employee who may find love during Christmas. Have you seen all of these and then some? Find out if you can name the classic Christmas movie by a single quote.

The Christmas Trainvia

The Christmas Train

This movie woos fans with its all-star cast, heartwarming love story, and enticing setting—aboard a train bound for Christmas holiday destinations. Dermot Mulroney stars as a man who meets a woman from his past, Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Is this Christmas the right time to renew an old affair? Danny Glover and Joan Cusack star in supporting roles to help cheer on love. You won’t want to miss these 20 best small towns for holiday lights.

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Mistletoe Innvia

Mistletoe Inn

Fans who loved Richard Paul Evans’ novel of the same name fall hard for this literary love story about two aspiring writers destined for Christmastime love. In Mistletoe Inn, Alicia Witt plays Kim, recently jilted, who shows up for a writing retreat in a quaint inn. Her ex-boyfriend happens to be there too. Luckily, she meets Zeke, who catches her eye and maybe her heart in this sweet love story set in the world of romance novels. Check out 20 more of the best Christmas movies of all-time.