This Hack Shows How to Flip an Egg Without Breaking the Yolk

No more sacrificing an entire carton of eggs for breakfast

Every great morning starts with a hearty breakfast. Sausage, bacon and plenty of that delicious protein—eggs. Everyone’s got their favorite style: scrambled, fried, poached, over easy. Eggs are versatile, tasty and give us that early-morning boost we need to start the day off right. So you’d think by now we’d know how to cook an egg, right?

Unfortunately, like many of us, I still struggle with flipping an egg to get that perfect over-easy doneness. Luckily, this TikTok hack shows us how to flip an egg without breaking the yolk. Perfect breakfast, here we come.

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How to flip an egg without breaking the yolk

This tip seems like something we should have been doing a long time ago. I remember the first time I tried to teach myself to make an over-easy egg. Needless to say, my mom wasn’t too happy coming into the kitchen and seeing an entire carton of eggs wasted in my endeavors. While I did manage to master the skill (many years later), this hack would have helped me quite a bit on my journey.

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It’s simple. Take the lid to your pan (or a lid that is large enough) and grease it up with butter or another nonstick spray. Slip the unflipped eggs onto the lid, and use it as a giant spatula to flip the eggs upside-down and back into the pan. No more worrying about the spatula being too small and splattering the poor yolk everywhere. Bonus: You can do multiple eggs at once!

How to cook over-easy eggs without flipping

If this still seems like too much trouble for you, there’s an even easier way! Simply pour a small amount of water into your pan with the unflipped egg and cover it with a lid. The steam will create the perfect over-easy egg with practically no work. On top of that, you get a bouncy, delicious yolk in the middle.

Next, learn what causes a green hard-boiled egg yolk—and if it’s safe to eat.

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