This Is the Right Way to Remove Eggs from a Carton

Before you crack the egg, crack the code on the best way to remove eggs from the carton.

You’ve probably never thought about it, but you have your own particular way of removing eggs from the carton.

Once you confirm the eggs are still good, you can remove them from left to right, right to left, heck, you can even start from the center and make your way to the edges.

Apparently, the Twittersphere became conscious of this dilemma, and promptly started a debate about what the correct way to remove eggs is.

A Twitter user by the name of Brian Faughnan posed the question, “Hey OCD folks. Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right?”

With that tweet, Faughnan sparked a heated debate that you probably didn’t even know needed to be debated.

The OCD is real, and who would have thought this conversation would continue on for 400 comments. There are so many different methods, and reading through them all might cause your head to explode, or question your whole morning routine. Just wait until you read about the right way to crack an egg.

The right way to remove eggs from a carton

This has actually been mathematically addressed before, though, as YouTube channel Mind Your Decisions made a video showing what they believe to be the best methods.

They gave several suggestions, starting with an even distribution at the corners, and making your way toward the middle, and keeping the carton balanced.

Regardless of how you remove your eggs, just don’t drop them—and don’t miss this secret ingredient for some fluffy scrambled eggs.

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