This Is the Grocery Store with the Best Reputation, According to a New Poll

The customers were asked, so the customers answered!

When we found out America’s favorite grocery chain, we weren’t surprised: People love Wegmans. But now, after reviewing the 2019 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient Rankings, it’s become very clear that Wegmans is an all-around favorite brand. It was ranked as the grocery store with the best reputation in America, and it came in first out of 100 for companies with the best reputation overall.

To make this ranking, social scientists, strategists, and storytellers at Harris Insights & Analytics look at public opinion, corporate reputation, brand strategy, and additional research. At their core, they want people to know the truth. And when it comes to grocery stores, the truth is pretty clear: Wegmans is number one. If you don’t have a Wegmans near you, try shopping at one of the other grocery stores that made the list—just make sure to avoid the grocery store with the worst reputation in America.

How is the survey ranked?

The Reputation Quotient (RQ) rankings are determined in two phases: the nominations phase and the ratings phase. The nominations phase comes from the general public. Survey respondents are asked for their opinions on companies they feel have the best and worst reputations overall. Although we are focusing on grocery stores, the survey is meant for companies of all sorts.

The ratings phase is conducted online, again for the general public. Respondents rate two of the companies that they are “very” or “somewhat” familiar with; for this particular survey, 25,800 people in the United States participated. The companies are then ranked based on “six dimensions of corporate reputation”: social responsibility, products and services, emotional appeal, workplace environment, financial performance, and vision and leadership. Finally, each company receives an RQ score out of 100: 80 and above is “excellent,” 75 to 79 is “very good,” 70 to 74 is “good,” 65 to 69 is “fair,” 55 and 64 is “poor,” 50 to 54 is “very poor,” and below 50 is “critical.”

Wegmans was rated the best grocery store, second on the entire list

In the 2019 survey, Wegmans’ RQ score is at 83, which beat out Amazon’s score of 82.3. It is the first grocery store to be listed within the list of 100 companies, and the second highest–rated company overall. Wegmans was also rated the top grocery store among all six corporate reputation dimensions, including the top company overall for workplace environment, second for social responsibility, and third for products and services. Between the Harris Poll and being rated America’s favorite grocery store by Market Force Information (which surveyed over 12,800 shoppers), Wegmans certainly has a special place in customers’ hearts. Now that you’re itching to shop there, here are 9 things you should always buy at Wegmans.

Other top grocery stores

Wegmans wasn’t the only grocery store in the RQ rankings! Right behind Wegmans is Publix with a score of 80.3 and Kroger at 77.9.

Following closely behind is Aldi with 77.4. Wondering where Trader Joe’s fits into the mix? Since Harris Poll rates stores within the parent company, Trader Joe’s would also be ranked with Aldi at 77.4.

So that’s that! Wegmans is all-around a customer favorite store, according to multiple surveys. If you don’t shop there yet, these are the perks only Wegmans shoppers know about.

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