Most People Can’t Figure Out How Many Squares Are in This Image. Can You?

See if you can spot them all on your first try.


The instructions for this game are plain and simple: Count the squares. Seems easy enough, right? But you’ll need those perceptive peepers—and a basic understanding of geometry—to solve this mind-bending brainteaser.

While you probably see several squares right away, we suggest taking your time with this one. There is more to this puzzle than meets the eye, and most people are shocked at how different their answers turn out. We challenge you to solve the 25 toughest riddles ever, too.

If your mind has turned to mush already, we can help you out. The trick is to combine multiple smaller squares in order to make larger ones. Just remember this fundamental rule: All squares should have four equal sides. So, while rectangles can be squares, squares cannot be rectangles. If this sounds too easy, see if you’re one of the 10 percent of people who can spot the difference in this picture.

Keeping that in mind, start by counting the smallest squares in the center and all four corners, since those are the easiest to spot. Then, work your way out to the medium-sized squares that start on each corner, as well as the center one. And don’t forget the biggest square that surrounds them all!

You should count 19 squares by the time you finish, according to the puzzle’s creator. But many observant puzzlers disagree. If you really want to get technical, you can also count the squares made up of other smaller squares, which can get you up to 23 or more squares!

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