A Laundry Turtle Is the Secret to Speeding Up Wash Day

Updated: Jul. 19, 2023

The Laundry Turtle is cute, accessible and makes hauling clothing to and from the laundry room so much faster!

Weekends are a double-edged sword. Sure, I get a string of work-free days for relaxing and catching up on sleep, but the weekend brings with it my most dreaded chore: laundry.

I can soften the blow a little by using the best-smelling laundry detergents, but carrying around a big plastic basket? Well, it isn’t my idea of fun—especially since Saturday is “arm day” for me, so I’m normally sore from my workouts. That’s why the Laundry Turtle is my newest chore-related obsession.

What is the Laundry Turtle?

The Laundry Turtlevia merchant

The Laundry Turtle is a portable laundry basket that folds up and holds a surprising amount of clothing. Because it’s constructed from durable, stretchy spandex, lugging around heavy laundry baskets is a thing of the past. That means it may be time to finally perform that laundry stripping that’s been on my to-do list!

As a bonus, no plastic means no handles that crack and break after heavy use. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never owned a laundry basket that didn’t eventually snap off at the handle or split on the bottom. The Laundry Turtle lasts for years with proper use, so there’s no need to phone in replacements.

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Why I love it

Carry the Laundry Turtle one-handed without hurting your fingers—a soft handle offers additional comfort. Because it weighs almost nothing, it’s great for accessibility. It also folds to fit in the dryer and washing machine for easy laundry retrieval. With a simple rotation of the drum, gather up all the clean clothes. No more bending or reaching is required!

Looking for information on how to close the Laundry Turtle for storage? It’s easy: just twist the turtle while pushing it inwards. The turtle laundry basket forms three rings that fit together, compressing it into a small circle. Then, simply pop it into the storage bag. Store the bag on your shelves next to the best laundry detergents—the small profile slides in between bottles and boxes with ease. It beats a bulky basket, by far!

But don’t take my word for it! 

Not convinced to purchase a Laundry Turtle for the dryer? Take a look at the avalanche of positive ratings on Amazon. “I love this thing,” writes verified purchaser JVest. “I didn’t know I needed it, but now I wish I had found it sooner. So easy to use and no more bulky laundry baskets to store. I may need to buy one for each of my kids when they move out.”

Other reviewers love the Laundry Turtle so much that it’s become a staple in their households next to other laundry gear like washer cleaners. Reviewer Dean praises the turtle, writing, “We’ve got our washer and dryer stacked in a small closet. It’s a bit cramped and awkward to get clothes from the washing machine up to the dryer. And then it’s just as awkward getting clothes out of the dryer into a basket to go and fold them.

No more! The laundry turtle works exactly as described and makes transporting laundry to the dryer or to the bed for folding quick and easy. It’s simple enough to fold up, but I just put a hook on the wall and hang it up. Wish I’d had this years ago!”

Where to buy the Laundry Turtle

The Laundry Turtlevia merchant

Get the Laundry Turtle on Amazon—it retails for only $32 for the large size or $28 for the small size. It’s also frequently on sale along with other laundry products like powdered or liquid detergent. Trust me—the Laundry Turtle is a wash-day superhero you’ll be glad you have in your chore arsenal.

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