The Subtle Difference Between All of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Photos

Have you noticed it before?

The-Subtle-Difference-Between-All-of-Meghan-Markle-and-Kate-Middleton’s-Photos_9301018s_Tim-RookeREXTim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

As far as royals go, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are like two peas in a pod. Not only does their natural charm make us common folk go wild, but their stylish wardrobes are simply to die for. (Take these times Kate Middleton channeled Princess Diana’s style, for example.)

Yet there is one small difference between these two ladies: the way they pose for pictures. While you’ve probably never noticed it before, body language experts say it speaks volumes about their personalities.

Meghan, for one, tends to look straight into the cameras. This makes her seem accessible, welcoming, and confident, according to experts. That said, here are 14 royal pregnancy rules Meghan must follow.

“Although Meghan is the same age as Kate, there is a virtual generational difference in their relationships with the camera,” Judi James, author of The Body Language Bible, told Cosmopolitan UK. “Like many young women of the selfie generation, Meghan’s habit of doing what is called ‘camera courting’ (addressing the camera with a direct gaze), suggests a desire to communicate openly and confidently in the way that her peers would do via social media and blogs.” Check out Meghan’s stunning style transformation since becoming a royal.


Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge hardly ever makes direct eye contact with the cameras, preferring to look away. To James, that habit suggests she might have a more reserved or passive personality.

“The fact she has even got behind the camera herself to snap some of her children’s official photos suggests a slightly more introverted personality than the camera-confident Meghan,” James said. “She poses beautifully but there is no regular direct communication from her.”

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That isn’t the only difference between these two royal women, though. Here’s why Meghan Markle can’t wear a tiara—but Kate Middleton can. Next, here are the things you never knew about the British royal family.

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