No Matches and Wet Firewood? That’s No Problem For This Instant Fire Starter

Updated: Nov. 24, 2023

Build a campfire in seconds with Pull Start Fire. No matches or lighter fluid required.

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When you’re camping with friends or family in the Great Outdoors, the last thing you want is to struggle with lighting a fire. Whether the matches were forgotten at home or rain put a damp coat on your firewood, missing out on a campfire shouldn’t be on the itinerary. Still, some cases are inevitable, and that’s where Pull Start Fire comes in.  

Pull Start Fire does exactly what its name suggests. It’s the perfect gift for campers and one of those must-have pieces of camping gear for any trip. You won’t know how you ever got by without it. 

What is Pull Start Fire? 

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Not being able to start a fire is a common camping mistake that affects everyone at some point, from the greenest newbie to even seasoned pros. Pull Start Fire is an environmentally friendly fire starter that lights campfires almost instantaneously. No matches, lighters or kindling are required. It even works on wet wood and stands up against the wind and light rain—perfect for summer camping trips with unpredictable weather.  

Visually, the fire-in-a-box comes in a small brick-like package. It weighs about four ounces, which is light enough to stow in a camping backpack, and has multiple built-in safety features. One box, when lit, burns for over half an hour, giving you plenty of time to add more kindling to keep the fire burning longer.  

On one end, there’s a long green string that wraps around a heavy object, such as a log, to serve as an anchor or base to the fire. The other end has a long red string that, when pulled, will start the fire. Just be cautious of safety and don’t keep your hand too close to the product when lighting. 

Inside, there’s no lighter fluid. What burns is sanding dust and wax, a combination that burns clean and long. In case of emergency, the fire can be put out with water, thanks to a hydrophilic substance inside that absorbs a stream of water but isn’t affected by light rain.

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How to use Pull Start Fire 

So, how does it work? Visual learners will find that the instructions are illustrated on the box, a benefit if you didn’t receive any Cub Scout training in campfire building. Before starting, make sure that you’re in a safe space to build a fire and remove the plastic wrap from the packaging. Most national park campgrounds, RV parks and beach campsites have special, designated campfire areas. 

A warm campfire can be built in three steps. First, tie the green string around a piece of firewood. Then stack more firewood on top, allowing space for the red string. Lastly, pull the red string hard until you hear a pop noise. Smoke will appear for about three seconds as a safety warning that the fire is about to begin.  

In approximately thirty seconds, the eco-friendly formulated flint and powder pack inside will catch fire to the main brick. Then, you’ll enjoy the fire for up to thirty minutes. It’s even safe to cook over. While you’re at it, check out our vintage camping hacks to have the best meals on the road. 

Pull Start Fire also works in freezing temperatures and in the snow, so you can rest assured winter camping trips can still be enjoyed over a warm fire. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

The best reviews 

It’s easy to see why the Pull Start Fire is a time-, money- and potentially life-saving gadget. Just read through these avid campers’ reviews. 

Joni D. writes, “We used two of the Pull Start Fire items this weekend. They worked flawlessly on wet logs that were lying on the ground for at least six months. Love that no tinder or kindling was needed to make a roaring fire in seconds. Thank you for making a product that does what it claims. You gave 10 Boy Scouts and 6 adults a great evening. Thank you.” 

“We camp summer-fall and sometimes it takes 40 minutes to get the fire going if the wood is damp,” says Martin H. “With three young kids, I don’t have that much time to waste getting a fire lit.” While his wife was skeptical of the instant fire starter at first, “she loves them now. They have been great and have started all of our fires so far this season.”  

“I’ve bought these multiple times and they work amazingly,” raves five-star reviewer Coy Smith on Amazon. “I’ve used several different fire starters while camping and these have worked best for me. They are easy to pack in a rucksack and they burn for a good time on their own. I’ve even used them to start wet wood.”

Where to buy Pull Start Fire 

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Pull Start Fire is available directly from its namesake’s website. Buy it in packs of three, six, nine, twelve and thirty to get all your fires going and stay prepared in case of emergencies.

In a hurry to hit the road? It’s also available on Amazon. Camping just got a whole lot easier. 

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