Pupiboo Reusable Puppy Pads Review: I Tried Them and My Dog Hasn’t Had an Accident Since

Updated: Jan. 24, 2024

The Pupiboo pee pads promise a washable, waterproof indoor potty solution for dogs of all ages and sizes. We put their usability and durability to the test.

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Being a pet parent is hard. From reorganizing your schedule around your little one’s needs to cleaning up frequent pet messes, it can feel like the work is endless. And, yes, of course, it is all worth it for your beloved fur baby, but it’s perfectly reasonable to want to find easy, reliable shortcuts to make your life simpler.

For me, that shortcut is puppy pads. I have a very charming—but very stubborn—French bulldog named Choux (pronounced “shoe,” named after the French pastry dough). He acts more like a cat (or gremlin) than a dog, and when he refuses to go outside in the rain, there’s really no convincing him. And rather than fight him, I’ve simply decided to train him on puppy pads. I’ve tried disposable ones, reusable ones, trays and even litter boxes, so when the opportunity arose to test Pupiboo’s reusable puppy pads, I was all in.

What are reusable Pupiboo puppy pads?

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The Pupiboo puppy pads are absorbent, leakproof and machine-washable fabric pads for your dog or cat to wee on. They claim to be soft and comfortable, while also protecting your floors and furniture from accidents and spills (so that you can put away that carpet cleaner for good). They come in two sizes: a 37-by-29-inch rectangle and a 36-inch square. The available patterns depend on the size you select, but one of Pupiboo’s main selling points is that the pad can look just like an ordinary, stylish rug, thereby not disrupting your home decor. Additionally, they are advertised as a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution—given that they are reusable.

On first impression, I was a little skeptical. I worried that Choux would confuse this snazzy puppy pad with other rugs in my house, and therefore start peeing on everything. So, I selected a relatively benign beige puppy pad with a simple dog and bone design on it. When I received the package from Amazon, I was disappointed to see that the design was quite pixelated. However, the pad itself was nice and thick, and the bottom layer felt substantial and waterproof. Even better, the nubs on the bottom seemed like a nice touch to prevent any pee pad slips while Choux used it. Additionally, because the pads come in a pack of two, I felt like I could easily swap them out for washing without leaving Choux pad-less.

Product features

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There are a few special features about the reusable Pupiboo puppy pads that made them incredibly effective during my test. These features include the pad’s unique 4-layer design, its use of machine-washable and tear-resistant materials, its OEKO-TEX safety rating and its full refund warranty. Here’s what to know about each feature.

4-layer design

The Pupiboo puppy pads are made of four different layers for ultimate “all day protection.” The top layer is a “beautiful and unique cloth cover,” the next layer is “super absorbent and odor-controlling,” the third is the “protective waterproof layer,” and the bottom is a textured, “anti-slip” layer.

Machine-washable and tear-resistant materials

The Pupiboo puppy pads are made from thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU. This means they can be dropped in the washing machine to clean every couple days, or when they are full. Additionally, the top fabric is tear-resistant, so your dog or cat’s claws will not rip holes in it.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 rating

According to the Amazon product page, Pupiboo’s puppy pads have been certified with the rigorous OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ensuring that they are free of harmful substances. This rating guarantees a safe and non-toxic surface for your pup.

Full refund warranty

Pupiboo is so confident in their puppy pads that they offer a full refund warranty. To take advantage of it, the company requests that you message them through the Amazon messaging system.

How we tested it

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To test the Pupiboo puppy pads, I replaced Choux’s usual reusable puppy pad with the Pupiboo model. I kept it in the same location in my apartment for consistency, and gave him two full weeks to get used to it. I also walked and pottied him outside 2 to 3 times per day, as per usual. I frequently left him overnight to use the pads, or for up to three hours at a time to run errands. Once during this experiment, I left for a two-night trip, during which a friend checked in on him and assured me Choux was using the pads.

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In short, for any aesthetic flaws this product may have, its usability and durability more than made up for them. Choux took to the pads immediately, and they successfully absorbed all of his pee, never slipped, and never leaked. Only twice did a small quantity of urine slip off the mat, and that was mostly due to Choux’s poor aim. My only quibble was that the pads weren’t quite as odor-controlling as I had hoped. If you’re close enough to the pad, it will still smell like dog pee but, in my opinion, that is to be expected. Moreover, the smell disappears after a wash (but not enough to confuse your house-trained pet, which is a major plus!).


  • Ultra-absorbent fabric
  • Waterproof, slip-proof bottom
  • Wide variety of style options
  • Large size to accommodate all dog breeds
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick-drying
  • Non-toxic


  • Pixelated image
  • Not completely odor-controlling
  • Still requires occasional cleanup


Those who are interested in buying reusable puppy pads are often curious about how often to wash them, what washing method works best, and how to get their dogs to use them. Here are my answers for these frequently asked questions.

How often should I wash Pupiboo’s reusable puppy pads?

I washed the reusable puppy pads about every two days. Because they are so large, Choux had plenty of space to pee and the urine smell remained tolerable in this time frame. I was a little frustrated at having to use so much water for just one puppy pad per laundry load, but if you have a few puppy pads and wash them all together, it feels less wasteful.

How do I wash Pupiboo’s reusable puppy pads?

To wash reusable puppy pads, all you have to do is toss them in a washing machine with some laundry detergent. As aforementioned, I liked to wash at least two at once to conserve water, but this isn’t strictly necessary. I also washed them once with Choux’s stinky towels from bath day, and that was fine as well.

To dry the puppy pads, Pupiboo recommends letting them hang-dry. However, I also tried throwing the puppy pads in the dryer, which worked just fine. I imagine doing this frequently would degrade the materials over time, but if you’re in a time-crunch, it’s okay every once in a while.

How do I train my dog to use Pupiboo’s reusable puppy pads?

To train Choux to use the pads, I found that placement was key. Put the pad somewhere your dog can easily see it. If they’re currently using some kind of puppy pad, put the new pad in the same spot. Then, if necessary, “spot dab” a small amount of your dog’s urine on the pad so that they can smell that it is where they should urinate. Consistency is key, so do not move the pad once you have established its location.

What other reviewers had to say

According to the Amazon product page, Pupiboo puppy pads have been featured in Medium, Architectural Digest, Little Things, Mic, Bustle and Daily Mom. 81% of reviewers gave them 5-star ratings, and when I read through these reviews, a few themes emerged. 100% of reviewers mentioned the beautiful appearance of the pads, as well as their odor control, grip and size. 85% appreciated the ease of cleaning, while 83% called out the pads’ absorbency and 80% mentioned the high quality. One reviewer called them “super cute,” and explained that they have “held up great in the wash.” Another reviewer called them the “best puppy pads ever!!” claiming that his dogs “used it without hesitation” and that there was “no [urine] running off the pad onto the floor or leaking through.” Additionally, some reviewers liked the pad so much that they used it for multiple purposes, such as a crate liner or food mat.

Those who were critical of the puppy pad were largely disappointed in its handling of poop. Some claimed that poop was hard to see on the pad, while another warned users that any poop stains “need to be treated with an enzymatic stain remover prior to washing them.”

Product comparison

This reusable puppy pad is by far the best potty solution I’ve tried. For starters, it’s more environmentally friendly and absorbent than any disposable puppy pad I’ve used. I have tried Bulldogology’s Carbon Black puppy pads, Amazon Basics puppy pads, American Kennel Club Puppy Pads, and even Glad Brand puppy pads. With all of them, Choux’s pee would run right off onto my floors. They would also tear easily and sometimes Choux would shred them for fun. Not great.

My next idea was to try a litter box for Choux. He didn’t like using cat litter at all, so I tried putting disposable pads within a litter box. This was a big mistake; because the disposable pads leaked, the pee soaked into and stained the litter box. It smelled so terrible after two months that I threw it out.

Finally, I tried PoochPad’s Original washable, reusable puppy pad. This worked the best (until I discovered Pupiboo’s puppy pads) and it was a nice size for my smaller dog. However, it was expensive at about $50 and still not waterproof, meaning that pee still leaked onto my floors. None of them held a flame to Pupiboo.

Final verdict

If I could go back in time and convince myself to buy Pupiboo reusable puppy pads three years ago when I adopted Choux, I would. These really are the gold standard of indoor puppy potty solutions. Other reusable and disposable pads simply can’t compare to their level of absorption and their waterproof, no-slip backing. And at just $20, I’m tempted to buy another pack to have on rotation and further minimize the frequency of my puppy pad laundry loads. So, do yourself a favor, buy these, and never worry about getting dog pee out of your carpet again.

Where to buy Pupiboo puppy pads

Reusable Pupiboo Puppy Pads Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

You can purchase the Pupiboo reusable puppy pads for yourself on Amazon. The 37-by-29-inch size costs $19.98 and the 36-inch square size costs $27.99.


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