I Have Two Kids and Dog—and I Swear by Ruggable Washable Rugs

Yes, you really can wash Ruggable rugs in the washing machine! Our Ruggable review answers the questions you might have before you invest.  

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As a busy working mom of two kids plus one fur baby, I don’t have much time to clean, and even less time to deep clean my carpets or rugs after the inevitable, near daily spills. Our kitchen, like that of most other families, is the heart of the home—it’s not only the place where we cook and eat our meals, but it’s also where my hubby grabs coffee before rushing out the door to go to work, my kids do arts and crafts, and our dog runs around with wet or muddy paws after his walk.

Needless to say, all that activity creates a mess, particularly on our carpet. It’s not unusual for our kitchen runner to have a coffee stain, paint stain, or even the occasional blood stain. So when I heard about Ruggable, a brand of machine-washable rugs, I knew I had to try one out for myself. Read on for my firsthand Ruggable review.

What is a washable rug?

A washable rug is a floor covering that can be washed either by hand or in your washing machine, then either air dried (by line or by laying it flat) or dried in your dryer, depending on the exact type of rug.

Ruggable, in particular, is a brand of washable rugs that comes in two parts: a rug pad and a rug cover; it’s the rug cover that can be tossed in the washing machine and the dryer (depending on the fabric type), plus it’s stain and water resistant. Each side of the rug cover has a pocket corner that helps it stay in place on the rug pad.

The brand often collaborates with notable designers, including the Home Edit team, Jonathan Adler and Iris Apfel, and features on-trend designs from Barbie, Star Wars, Marvel and more.

Ruggable review

When I first laid out the Ruggable 2.5 x 10-foot runner between the kitchen sink and dishwasher and the island, the busiest thoroughfare in our home, the first thing my family commented on was how comfy it is to stand on. That’s not by accident, as the pads are made of the same latex-free material used in yoga mats. It provides a nice cushion as I prep dinner at the island and wash fruit and veggies and clean up at the sink.

The blue hue and Terali pattern, one of more than 900 to choose from in this particular size and shape of rug, matches the colors in the room perfectly and complements the pattern of our backsplash.

The washable cover stays in place on the rug pad and doesn’t bunch up. The rug pad itself does move on our ceramic tile floor—I straighten it out nearly every morning, then by the end of the day it’s at an angle or off-center. But no one in our family has ever had any trips or slips on it.

Spot-treating a Ruggable rug

As for stain removal, well, it wasn’t long before we put it to the test. My hubby dripped coffee on it the day after we got it; then my son dropped some green food coloring on the rug while decorating St. Patrick’s Day cookies a few days later. In both instances, I was able to spot-treat the rug with a damp microfiber cloth. I was impressed by how easily the stains wiped off.

I’m not going to lie—I was nervous to wash the Ruggable pad in the washing machine. Could it truly be washable? Or would it shrink, or would the colors run?

Washing a Ruggable rug

I put off that first wash as long as I could. Then, one March day after our pup, Lucky, played catch outside in our muddy yard and came back in with his dirty paws and equally dirty ball that he refused to relinquish, it was no longer a choice. There were muddy paw prints all over the rug and, much to my chagrin, Lucky dropped the dirty ball right in the center of the carpet, leaving a two-inch circular mud stain.

I removed the Ruggable cover from the pad and washed it in our machine following the brand’s instructions for the chenille type of rug I have. That meant putting it in the machine with the design side out, and washing on the delicate cycle on cold with a non-bleach, mild detergent (I used Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent).

Per the instructions, I dried the rug cover in my dryer on low. Another option is to line-dry it, but I don’t have the space or time to do that. The rug cover was dry after one 30-minute cycle.

After washing and drying my Ruggable rug, I checked to see that all the mud stains were gone and that the color was just as vibrant as it was before. I was impressed! 

Reattaching the Ruggable

The next step was to reattach the rug to the floor pad. This was as easy to do as when I first got it, which was evidence to me that it didn’t shrink or otherwise change size in the washer or dryer.

Since that first washing, I’ve begun washing the rug once a week or every other week, depending on how dirty it gets and how much time I have on my hands. Even if I don’t get to wash the rug when a stain is fresh, so far, it still washes out. Since the first mud incident, we’ve had wine stains, more coffee stains, and more food stains.

One of the few things I don’t like about my Ruggable is that the pad, by virtue of having a grip, is a magnet for dog hair, something I see every time I remove the rug cover. The brand suggests vacuuming or sweeping the rug pad for dry messes, but that didn’t work for me.

Ruggable review update

Now that I’ve had my Ruggable for more than a year and a half, people have asked how it has held up over time. I’m happy to report that after multiple washings, my runner is just as lovely as the day I got it. The blue hue is still bright and the fabric shows zero signs of wear and tear. In fact, I like it so much, that I have since invested in two more Ruggables, one for under our kitchen table and one for my bedroom.

Ruggable pros

What I like about Ruggable:

  • Comfy pad with ample cushioning
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine
  • Beautiful designs
  • Stain resistant

Ruggable cons

What to consider before purchasing a Ruggable rug:

  • The rug pad shifts on the floor
  • The rug pad is hard to clean

Ruggable rug tips

  • Wash with the dirty side out for better cleaning
  • Add ½ cup of vinegar to help remove any pet odors
  • Toss in wool dryer balls for faster, move-even drying

Other reviews about Ruggable rugs

As of this writing, there are 124,610 Ruggable reviews on the Ruggable site. Here are just a few of them:

Libby S.: “Looks great in my house, SUPER easy to clean, comfy to walk on. All around a win in my book.”

Molly F.: “Perfect rug! Looks great. Have two beagles, so great to be able to throw in the washer when needed.”

Sandy M.: The Nani Sage Rug is just perfect for our open kitchen/dining/living room. We purchased 4 of them. It makes the room so light and airy. The colors are beautiful. The rugs are well made and easy to put down. The pad keeps them in place.

Final verdict

For anyone with kids and pets, like me, a Ruggable washable rug is 100 percent worth it. It’s easy to spot-treat small spills, and bigger ones wash right out in the washing machine. And with so many colors and styles to choose from, there’s sure to be one that matches your home’s aesthetic.

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