This Genius Tool Cuts My Laundry Time in Half

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

This shirt folding board is fast, easy and offers perfectly folded laundry without any fuss.

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When it comes to laundry, I’m a bit of a stickler for staying orderly. I know all the wash day rules, including what not to put in a dryer. And I’ve never been able to relate to people who toss their clean clothes willy-nilly into their dressers. As someone who is compelled to keep a neat and tidy closet, the thought of a disorganized drawer fills me with dread.

That said, spending hours on neatly-folded shirts just isn’t in the cards for me. Between work and hobbies, I only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to chores each day. That means my laundry hamper really piles up between wash days, offering less time for emergency research tasks like learning how to get gum out of clothes—don’t ask.

Laundry products like the Carbona save me some time, but ultimately what takes me the longest on laundry day is folding. That’s why I couldn’t survive without this clever shirt folding board.

What is a shirt folding board?

Img 3627 Shirt Folding Board 1Daria Smith/

A shirt folding board is a durable plastic board that features three flaps surrounding a center rectangle. Using it is as easy as using this lights and darks hamper. Just center a shirt on the board, then bring each flap to the center. Start with the two side flaps and finish with the bottom flap. Voila—a perfectly-folded shirt without any extra effort required.

The shirt folding board folds up into a compact square, so it’s easy to stash on a laundry room shelf or in a linen closet next to homemade detergent. Or, pack it up on vacation for a travel-friendly way to keep luggage organized. You can even use it to fold pants, dresses and skirts. Simply modify the order in which you fold the flaps.

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Why I love it

Img 3628 Shirt Folding Board 2Daria Smith/

I’ve had a shirt folding board since I was in middle school. It’s become such an essential part of my laundry routine (like knowing how often to wash bras) that I forget not everyone has heard of this product! I couldn’t do laundry without this thing. Every shirt in my T-shirt drawer is folded the same size and color-coordinated—it’s a neat freak’s dream.

Not everyone has the budget (or knowledge) to upgrade to the best washer and dryers. Knowing a few laundry day hacks and using them alongside a shirt folding board is an inexpensive way to “win” on wash day.

Armed with this board, knowledge of when to wash my jeans, and my favorite safe laundry detergents, I’m basically a wash-day superhero—and you can be too!

But don’t take my word for it!

Img 3629 Shirt Folding Board 3Daria Smith/

Shoppers praise this shirt folding board for its ease of use, small footprint and impeccable performance. Not only does the board offer a no-fuss way to achieve perfect folds after removing clothes from the laundry hamper, but it’s also easy enough for kids to use too.

“I can definitely recommend,” writes verified purchaser, Raven. “It has made a tedious chore surprisingly enjoyable and efficient. If you’re looking to simplify your laundry routine and achieve perfectly folded clothes effortlessly, I highly recommend giving this product a try. It’s a worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly make a positive impact on your daily life.”

Other shoppers who despise laundry day, especially if they perform laundry stripping, find the shirt folding board essential to their routine. Five-star reviewer, Christopher says, “Using the BoxLegend V3 Shirt Folding Board is incredibly straightforward. The folding process is quick and simple, thanks to the clear instructions provided. I appreciate the folding board’s design, which ensures uniform and neatly folded shirts every time. It has helped me save a significant amount of time and effort when organizing my clothes.”

Where to buy a shirt folding board

Laundry Folding Board Ecomm Via Amazon=editvia merchant

I recommend this under-$30 board from Amazon, but you can find a shirt folding board at most major retailers. It’s inexpensive, does the trick and has lasted me years with regular use. Don’t dedicate time to messy folds that take too much time—opt for this life-saving laundry day essential instead.

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