This Local Supermarket Now Has a Better Reputation Than Amazon

This chain not only beat out Amazon but Netflix and Apple as well.

The Harris Poll recently released their 2019 report that ranks 100 of the most visible companies by their reputation. Disney came in at number five this year, L.L. Bean took fourth, Patagonia third, Amazon second, and believe it or not, a local supermarket, Wegmans, came out on top.

The Axios Harris Poll 100 surveys 18,228 Americans on their honest opinions about relevant companies in our culture. Those “visible companies”—which are selected for good or bad reasons—are then ranked from best (#1) to worst (#100). Each company is given an RQ score, the maximum score a company can get is 100. The performance ranges are as follows: 80 and above: Excellent, 75-79: Very Good, 70-74: Good, 65-69: Fair, 55-64: Poor, 50-54: Very Poor, below 50: Critical. Here are some of the other most trusted brands in America.

Wegmans was given a score of 83 while Amazon had a score of 82.3. People love Wegmans so much because of their great customer service, fresh foods, and delicious meals from their chefs. Wegmans also gives back to every community they do business in. In 2018, they donated 14.5 million pounds of food to food banks and gave almost $9 million in community-wide donations and events.

Some other companies on the poll that Wegmans beat were Costco with a score of 78.6, Netflix with a score of 77.3, Apple with a score of 76.4, and Google with a score of 75.4. So, the next time you need to fill your pantry, locate the closest Wegmans, grab your reusable shopping bags, and head to the store. If there isn’t a Wegmans in your area, just make sure to avoid the grocery store with the worst reputation in America.

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