Chomp Wall Cleaner Review: I Tried the Viral Wall Mop From TikTok

Updated: Aug. 22, 2023

This wall mop provides cleanliness beyond expectations. Walls, ceilings and baseboards don't stand a chance.

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 Viral Wall Mop Courtesy Spencer Kildare

Cleaning a home or areas of a house has the potential to be a daunting task. In addition, many people have to make time to clean within their busy lives and don’t get the opportunity to do a deep and satisfactory clean often. I enjoy cleaning and I think I’m pretty good at it, yet, I forget to clean my walls like so many others when I do a “deep clean” of my house. However, wall cleaning has been consistently on my mind ever since I received the Chomp Wall Mop and I’ve been cleaning my walls ever since.

What is the Chomp Wall Mop?

Chomp Wall Mopvia Merchant

 The general public may see the Chomp Wall Mop as just a regular mop, but it’s more than that. The wall mop’s official name is the “5-Minute CleanWalls Multi-Use Mop”. This means that it’s more than just a “wall mop” as it also cleans walls, ceilings, baseboards, doors, window trim and even tough-to-get corners.

This wall mop comes in three extra segmented pieces, four in total, that allows for customizable handle lengths from 34 inches to 60 inches, which are adjustable enough to clean just about everything.

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Why is the Chomp Wall Mop viral?

TikTok contains all sorts of useful cleaning hacks because of how quickly tips and tricks get around on the platform. The Chomp Wall Mop has recently joined TikTok’s list of #cleantok greats because it’s an eye-opening product that is an excellent solution to a simple yet important problem. Wall cleaning is generally not incorporated within standard room cleaning regimens, and the Chomp Wall Mop reminds and encourages owners to clean their walls.

Those who do clean walls often use microfiber cloths or wet rags which makes wall cleaning more time-consuming and tedious. With more than 31 million views, the viral TikTok videos demonstrate how quickly and effectively the Chomp wall cleaner cleans a wall’s surface.

TikToker MotherhoodonPurpose playfully yet inquisitively asks, “Do people without kids have to wash their walls?” while she exhibits how beneficial the Chomp Wall Mop is for parents and guardians in her viral video.

Users were able to experience the wall mop’s many capabilities through influencer Azure MacCannell’s video, including the ability to dust above high kitchen cabinets.

How I tested it

Viral Wall Mop Courtesy Spencer Kildare

Set up

The included instructions indicate to first use the blue microfiber mitt to dust walls down. Afterward, remove the dust tool, shake out the dust and replace the blue mitt with the yellow mitt. I followed these instructions for the most part unless the wall was too “grimy” and the dirt too caked to dust.

The instructions mentioned a painted wall cleaner so there was a couple of days wait before I used the mop because I ordered the Chomp Painted Wall Cleaner Spray to better and more safely clean my walls.

I put my Chomp Wall Cleaner to work and pulled out all the stops as soon as I received the painted wall cleaner. Over the course of several days, I tested how it handles different painted walls as well as varying levels of dirt and grime. My residence is around 100 years old and has undergone several room remodels. As such, I have different surfaces including wood, painted plaster and painted wood to test the mop’s cleaning capabilities.

Dining room

I first went into my dining room and cleaned a section of the wall where the chairs for the heads of the table often rest against. This wall was a little dirty and contained minor wood scuff marks from the chairs. Following the instructions, I sprayed the Chomp wall cleaner’s yellow mitt with painted wall cleaner until it was damp and began to clean the walls.

The dirt and dust wiped off easily as expected but even the majority of the scuff marks came off to my delightful surprise. I then sprayed the painted wall cleaner directly on the deeper scuff marks and scrubbed the wall with more intent. The rest of the scuff marks came off in around 30 seconds.

Basement bathroom

With confidence, I went straight to my house’s final boss, the basement bathroom. This bathroom contains the forbidden walls that I dared not dust off first with the blue duster mitt. The bottom of the painted wooden door was a bit dirty with visible (cleaner) streak marks. I cleaned much of the grime and dirt, yet some still persisted—streak marks and all.

Afterward, I cleaned more walls and ceilings with surprising success and spotless results. I popped on the blue microfiber duster mitt and dusted the corners of my room, the door frames and even a ceiling fan.

Art supplies

My final test dealt with art supplies. There is a video that shows the Chomp Wall Mop cleaning crayons off a wall with the assistance of the wall cleaner spray. I grabbed a pencil, a pen, a colored pencil, a crayon, a children’s marker, a professional marker, a Sharpie and a highlighter and then marked up a small segment of my wall.

I let the marks sit for 10 minutes before I cleaned them off. All of the marks except some of the crayon, Sharpie and professional marker came off. The crayon I was able to scrub off with my fingernail.

Chomp Wall Mop features

Viral Wall MopCourtesy Spencer Kildare

The Chomp Wall Mop comes with two specialized cleaning mitts. One of the mitts is the original yellow mitt and works for damp or wet cleaning of flat surfaces. The other is a blue mid-pile/caterpillar-style microfiber mitt which is for dry cleaning and dusting.

Both mitts come machine washable but air-dry them for the best results. These mitts are stretched over the mop head which contains a stainless steel variable tension thumbscrew swivel. The swivel connects to the segmented mop handle for good leverage and movement control.

The segmented handle features four stainless steel bars that screw into each other. This allows the wall mop to extend from 34 inches to 60 inches. One of the segments has a plastic rotating hook ring to hang the wall mop for storage. The last add-on is the Squeezee™ tray which fits on top of a 5-gallon bucket. This tray helps to remove excess water from the mop for wet cleaning.


  • Reusable and machine-washable mitts increase the wall mop’s lifespan for continual cleaning
  • Has a total height of 68 inches fully extended—perfect for reaching high areas and ceilings
  • Effectively and efficiently cleans walls in a short period of time
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable with its stainless steel handle
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Cost-effective investment


  • Not ideal for non-flat surfaces
  • May not clean deep scuff marks and scratches


Can you use a floor mop on walls?

Yes, floor mops work on walls. Should a floor mop clean walls? Absolutely not. Floor mops (especially traditional string mops) aren’t designed to clean walls because they are made specifically for cleaning floors. Many floor mops clean a variety of floor surface types such as tile, wood and concrete.

A person could easily scrape or damage their painted walls by attempting to scrub a spot on their wall with their floor mop. Consider the ergonomics and functions of the tools as well. For instance, a Swiffer Powermop is great at cleaning but probably isn’t the best option for cleaning walls.

Households, where shoes don’t come off at the entrance, allow germs, dirt, bacteria and grime from outside to spread in the home. Floor mops usually have a smell as they retain that dirt from cleaning. Using a floor mop on walls will “clean” the walls but also leave an array of bacteria and germs on walls. It’s better to have a designated wall mop and avoid any potential cross-contamination.

How do professionals clean walls?

Professionals have tools and methods that generally separate them from the rest. Before starting a project, they will examine and analyze the wall. Professionals will factor in the type of paint on a wall as well as the wall’s surface to best decide how to tackle a job. The type of residue, scuff or mark will determine the correct product and tools to safely and effectively clean the wall.

Here’s a technique that wall professionals use that we’ll provide as a free professional cleaning tip: dust walls from top to bottom to prevent dust from falling back on cleaned areas. However, it’s best to clean walls wet from bottom to top to prevent streaks and streak marks.

Why should you mop your walls?

Mopping walls is necessary for a completely clean and fresher home environment. Walls are easily the most neglected part of a room when it comes to cleaning. Dust and dirt can build up on walls despite walls generally being vertical and perpendicular to the floor. This makes it easy to not see any sort of build-up as dust, dirt and grime are thinly spread across a wall. However, a simple hand swipe across a dirty wall will show that dirt and dust do build up.

Residue may carry smells and bacteria that are unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Mold may grow on walls in damp sun-deprived rooms that are not cleaned often and this may lead to expensive and costly resolutions. Mopping walls keeps rooms fresher, improves home air quality as well as keeps homes presentable and clean.

What other reviewers have to say

Viral Wall Mop Courtesy Spencer Kildare

Denise J. says the Chomp Wall Mop made cleaning easier in her five-star review. “We have arthritis in almost every joint. The Chomp makes washing our walls and ceilings easier. My son and daughter-in-law moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a house. They borrowed the Chomp to clean the walls and ceilings of their apartment. They said it took half the time to clean the apartment using the Chomp.”

Five-star reviewer, Maggie is obsessed. “I have cleaned every wall in my house. It’s oddly satisfying and I have 12-foot ceilings. I can reach the very tippy corners and get the cobwebs down. I also love the spray. It smells really clean, but the best way to use the tool in my opinion is to wet the sponge, wring it out, put it on and then spray it with the cleaner as well as spraying the wall.”

Verified purchaser, Lori K., prefers the Chomp tool to others. “I have two children under the age of three, so there are fingerprints of only who knows what in the oddest places in my home. I prefer this wall cleaner over the sponge erasers. Ideal for ceiling fans and hard-to-reach corners of the walls.”

Final verdict

I highly recommend purchasing the Chomp Wall Mop because it is the perfect addition to any home’s existing cleaning arsenal. Its existence within my array of cleaning supplies not only provides me with a simple and more effective way to clean my walls but also encourages me to do so as it’s a viable cleaning option. I love its multi-purpose functionality and I personally will use it alongside my mops, brooms, vacuums and dusters.

Beginners and professionals can effectively use the wall mop as well as children and elders alike. It is my honest and earnest opinion that the Chomp should be on hand in any living space. I’m certainly glad to have one in mine.

Where to buy the Chomp Wall Mop

Viral Wall Mop via Merchant

It’s really simple to get your hands on the Chomp Wall Mop and improve the way you clean. Head over to Amazon and get one for only $40.

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