Which One Doesn’t Belong? See If You Can Spot the Image That’s Different

Try to solve these challenging puzzles by finding the one image that doesn't belong with the rest. How quickly can your eyes spot the difference?

Visual puzzles can be hard because if you stare at them for too long it can feel like you’ll never find the solution. In this series of puzzles, all of the images look similar with a few differences, but one of them doesn’t belong with the others. Which one doesn’t belong? That’s for you to find out.  If you think you’ll be a pro at these, you’ll also want to challenge yourself to solve these spot-the-difference pictures.

Work your way through these 13 which one doesn’t belong puzzles and see how quickly you can solve them. The answers are right below the images, so if you get stuck, just keep reading. If you want to warm your brain up before solving these, try out these hidden picture puzzles and these visual puzzles and brain teasers.


Which snowflake doesn’t belong?

In reality, every snowflake has a unique pattern but in this puzzle only one is different. Can you spot it? Make sure that you look closely and carefully at each individual snowflake as well as the colors of the images and the snow falling around them. Which snowflake (1-10) does not belong? One of them is not like the others.

The one snowflake that is not like the others is the sixth snowflake. It’s different because the star in the center has six points and all of the other snowflakes’ stars have five points.


Which English muffin doesn’t belong?

These tasty treats are topped with olives, ham, cheese, and salami. While they are all different from each other, one stands out a little more than the rest. Study the different illustrations for a while to see if you can figure it out.

Find it yet? Here’s a hint—it has to do with the number of toppings on each English muffin. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the English muffin labeled 6 has three toppings: an olive, a slice of ham, and a slice of cheese. All of the other muffins only have two different toppings.


Which Christmas tree doesn’t belong?

In this image, there are six different Christmas trees. One of them isn’t like the others. Can you figure out which one? Make sure you look closely at the decorations and the different snow patterns on the trees.

The Christmas tree that isn’t like the other is number two. If you look closely, you’ll notice that on all the other trees, the left and right sides are decorated with identically colored Christmas tree lights. The two lights on the bottom branches of Christmas tree number two are two different colors.

Which wheel doesn’t belong?

Illustration of five red and blue wheels on gray backgroundBrainSnack

Blue and red, red and blue. Which wheel is different from the rest? Out of these five wheels, one of them doesn’t belong. How quickly can you figure out which one it is?

The wheel that doesn’t belong is number 4. The symbol turns in the opposite direction.

Which star doesn’t belong?

Illustration of numbered stars above arctic landscapeBrainSnack

Look closely at all 12 stars. Which one doesn’t belong? Count how many points each star has and make sure to look at their placement in the sky.

Star number 8 doesn’t belong with all of the other stars. If you look closely you can see that all of the other stars are reflected in the water besides the eighth star.

Which snowboard doesn’t belong?

Illustration of six numbered snowboards in snow.BrainSnack

Which one doesn’t belong? Out of these six snowboards, one isn’t like the rest. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro snowboarder to figure this one out.

The snowboard that doesn’t belong is snowboard 4. On all the boards the top of the longest stroke of the X is on the right as the board stands upright on its back edge. This reversed on board 4.

Which cyclist doesn’t belong?

Illustration of numbered cyclistsBrainSnack

Nine cyclists are competing in a race, but one of them doesn’t belong. Make sure to look closely at their numbers, their shirts, and their bikes.

Cyclist 32 isn’t the same as the others. All riders with an even number have a puncture on their back wheel; those with an odd number have a puncture on their front wheel.

Which bowling ball doesn’t belong?

Illustration of numbered bowling balls and pins on blue backgroundBrainsnack

There are six blue bowling balls, but one of them doesn’t belong. Can you figure out which one it is? This one is tricky because they all look very, very similar.

Did you solve this one quickly? Ball 4 has two large finger holes; all the other balls only have one large hole.

Which carnival mask doesn’t belong?

Illustration of five numbered carnival masksBrainSnack

These sparkly carnival masks might all appear to look the same, but in reality, one is different than the rest. Can you spot which one it is?

Mask 3 is the one that doesn’t belong. On all the other masks, the pointed side of the eyes aims outward.

Which candy doesn’t belong?

Illustration of numbered pieces of candy on blue backgroundBrainSnack

These 12 delicious, sweet candies might all look the same, but one is different from the rest. How quickly can you figure out which one doesn’t belong? Make sure to look at their placement, wrappers, and colors.

Candy 8 doesn’t belong. There are two types of candy with alternating colored grains, yellow-red and yellow-blue. The color alternates every two grains on candy 8.

Which lollipop doesn’t belong?

Illustration of seven lollipops on blue backgroundBrainSnack

This one is a bit more challenging because these lollipops all look slightly different. But, of the seven sweets, one doesn’t belong with the rest. Can you find the one that is different?

The one that’s different from all the rest is lollipop 5. For all the other lollipops the second and fourth ring starting from the outer edge are identical colors.

Which lipstick color doesn’t belong?


Which two pairs of lips (1–8) do not belong—knowing that the young lady only had four lipsticks of different colors?

Lips 4 and 7 do not belong with the rest. She only has blue, green, red, and pink lipsticks.

Which flower branch doesn’t belong?

Illustration of six numbered flower branchesBrainSnack

This is another image where all the illustrations already look slightly different, but there is one that doesn’t belong. Can you figure out which flower branch isn’t like the others?

Flower branch 2 doesn’t belong with the rest. The top flower of all the other branches has just as many petals as flowers on the branch. Now, try to see if you can find the hidden objects in these pictures.

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