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80 Christmas Tree Ideas That Will Make Your Home Merry and Bright in 2023

Updated: Apr. 03, 2024

Whether you fit into a rustic aesthetic, a modern aesthetic or somewhere in the middle, we've got the perfect Christmas tree decoration ideas for you    

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72 Christmas Tree Ideas That Make Your Home Merry And Bright Opener
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Christmas tree ideas that bring style to the holidays

It’s time to deck the halls and rock around the Christmas tree! But wait: We’re not talking about any old Christmas tree. This year, it’s time to step up your decorating game with these Christmas tree ideas—after all, that’s what Christmas is all about.

The best thing about Christmas tree decorating is that it can easily become one of your family’s Christmas traditions. From ornaments and decorations to fun Christmas crafts for kids, we’ve got dozens of Christmas tree decoration ideas on this list, so you’re sure to find one (or more!) that’s perfect for your home.

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Background of fluffy branches green color New Year trees decorated with beautiful golden shiny sphere balls, toys and ornates
serts/Getty Images

Putting on the glitz Christmas tree

In addition to classic gold ball ornaments, some more creative shapes, such as stars and snowflakes, bring visual interest to this Christmas tree decorating idea.

Red Christmas tree and fireplace decoration
With love of photography/Getty Images

Red-themed Christmas tree

You’ll be seeing red (in the best way possible) with this Christmas tree design that makes the most of one of the big Christmas colors. Enhance your red ornaments with red holly berries for a rustic effect.

Cozy white Christmas interior room
oksana_nazarchuk/Getty Images

Winter wonderland Christmas tree

This is one of those Christmas tree ideas that will transport you to a winter wonderland. Get inspired by the outdoors with this white colorway featuring a silver tree, white ornaments and white bows.

Christmas tree and christmas presents in a modern mid century style room.
imaginima/Getty Images

Vintage Christmas tree

Have yourself a very vintage Christmas with this fun Christmas tree design. Throw in some handmade vintage-style ornaments to complete the fun throwback style.

Christmas Tree On Table Against Window At Home
Anthony Nguyen/Getty Images

Mini Christmas tree

Sometimes the best presents really do come in the smallest of packages. Place a mini Christmas tree as a centerpiece to spruce up your Christmas tablescape—and don’t forget the Christmas tree topper!

Gettyimages 1077244690
Maryna Terletska/Getty Images

Ice delight Christmas tree

Use a white Christmas tree and blue, gray and white ornaments to recreate this glacial effect.

Decorated Christmas room with gifts
nerudol/Getty Images

Whimsical Christmas tree

Take a walk on the wild side with this Christmas tree design. The trick is for no two ornaments to be exactly the same shape. Grab diamond-shaped ornaments and star-shaped ornaments and get to decorating!

Christmas tree that resembles Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Johner Images/Getty Images

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Pay homage to Charlie Brown’s adorable Christmas tree with this decoration idea, arguably from one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Put some Peanuts ornaments on the tree for bonus fun.

Classic Christmas New Year decorated New year tree with red and white ornament decorations toy and ball
Iuliia Zavalishina/Getty Images

Christmas bow tree

Use Christmas bows in addition to ornaments for holiday decorating this year. While some people decorate well in advance of the big day, others might turn tree-trimming into a Christmas Eve tradition the whole family will love.

Holiday decorated room with Christmas tree covered with snow and toys
Oksana_Bondar/Getty Images

Snowy Christmas tree

Let it snow! Bring the magic of a winter wonderland into your living room by spraying fake snow onto the branches of your tree.

Christmas and New year background with green Tree decorated with toys
prescott09/Getty Images

Flower power Christmas tree

Intersperse some faux roses, leaves and other flowers to bring in some springtime.

White decorative xmas tree with colourful balls, vintage toned, christmas
HDesert/Getty Images

Under-the-sea Christmas tree

Take your Christmas tree below deck this year by adding blue ornaments, fish, starfish and other sea-themed ornaments for the ultimate tropical take.

Close-up of a beautiful christmas tree
typhoonski/Getty Images

Blue Christmas tree

This Christmas tree idea puts the “blue” in blue spruce. Intersperse with gray ornaments so the blue can really pop. “Blue Christmas” is also one of the best Christmas songs that you should add to your playlist.

Christmas and New year background with green Tree decorated with toys
prescott09/Getty Images

Party Christmas tree

In need of some celebratory Christmas tree ideas? Try this one on for size. Throw some party streamers onto your tree for an instantly festive mood.

Stylish Christmas interior decorated in many colors.
ElenaNichizhenova/Getty Images

Rainbow ornaments Christmas tree

Simple shapes and ornaments in a rainbow of colors. Need we say more?

Christmas tree decorated in modern pink, purple and turquoise colours.
Rachel Husband/Getty Images

Color-coordinated Christmas tree

Committing to a color palette is a shortcut to making your tree look pulled together. Pick two main colors and one accent for all your Christmas decoration ideas. You could go with blue and pink, as seen above, and select color-coordinated ornaments to decorate with.

Christmas purple and silver decorations on the Christmas tree, snowflakes balls garlands, closeup texture background
Tatiana Suyarova/Getty Images

Butterfly Christmas tree

Create a secret Christmas garden by including ornaments and decorations in the shapes of flowers, butterflies and even colored pine cones.

Beautiful decorated Christmas tree theme silver and purple on blurred, sparkling background
kampol Jongmeesuk/Getty Images

Purple-themed Christmas tree

Purple everything (including the ornaments) is the way to achieve this Christmas tree idea.

Christmas decorations, Christmas tree with colored balls and brown fireplace
Brillianata/Getty Images

Sophisticated Christmas tree

A few black ornaments mixed in with red, gold and silver, along with some holly berries tucked in, make for a tree that’s classic and refined.

Interior of a beautiful cyan room decorated for Christmas, a lot of gift boxes and presents under a blue fir tree, festive mood atmosphere and concept of New Year
Alexander Labut/Getty Images

Rose-gold Christmas tree

Rose-gold ornaments get a cheery lift when mixed with peacock-blue ones, as seen in this Christmas tree look.

Decorated Christmas tree and red gift boxes beside decorated white fireplace
Ayman-Alakhras/Getty Images

Patriotic Christmas tree

Show off your patriotic side with these red, white and blue ornaments.

Christmas socks hanging on the mantelpiece. elegant Christmas tree
fundamental rights/Getty Images

Sugar sweet Christmas tree

Roses are pink, violets are blue … and adding some pink roses and bows to your tree design is sure to be sweet!

Pink Christmas tree in domestic room
Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Bubblegum-pink Christmas tree

Create a show-stopping centerpiece with a bubblegum-pink tree this year.

Christmas vibes and decorations in living room
Oscar Wong/Getty Images

Minimalist Christmas tree

Take a simple yet sophisticated route this holiday season by recreating these geometric origami ornaments and using a wooden crate as a potter.

Christmas tree made of stacked books
Jenny Dettrick/Getty Images

Book lover Christmas tree

This is for all of you book lovers out there! Stack books and top with a paper star for a truly literary celebration.

Christmas Tree, Gifts And Sofa With a View Of Snow
onurdongel/Getty Images

Touch of frost Christmas tree

Take some pine cones from your backyard and artfully stick them into your Christmas tree among silver frosted ornaments.

Image of chimney and decorated Christmas tree with gift
Pirotehnik/Getty Images

Perfect present Christmas tree

Sometimes, it’s best to go with what you know. Nothing says Christmas morning like red and gold ornaments, bows and accents.

Fireplace and Christmas tree with presents in living room
Sinenkiy/Getty Images

Lantern light Christmas tree

This simple Christmas tree uses white paper lanterns in place of ornaments, for a playful look.

Christmas tree in black room interior
Artjafara/Getty Images

Silver feather-flocked Christmas tree

For this monochromatic tree, glittery silver feathers and leaves represent the peak of wintry sophistication and whimsy.

Classic white christmas interior with new year tree decorated. Fireplace with grey chair, clocks on the wall and presents under the tree
prescott09/Getty Images

Peaceful snow Christmas tree

This Christmas tree idea brings a touch of calmness to an otherwise hectic season. White dove ornaments are offset by large gold and rose-gold metallic balls.

Christmas tree decorated with glass and wooden vintage toys and gift boxes in pastel colors near window in light interior with lights garland on wall
Marinegirl2016/Getty Images

Birds and balls Christmas tree

Bedeck your tree with miniature birdhouses, owl ornaments and clusters of ball ornaments in a fresh pastel color palette.

Home decor DIY christmas tree with gift boxes and soft pillows and sheep skin rugs.
Albuquerque/Getty Images

Triangular Christmas tree

This is for all those modern artists out there. Because really, anything can be a Christmas tree. Grab your tools and get to work!

Beautiful holdiay decorated rooms with Christmas trees, shelf and pink blue gifts on it, green chair home interior
romankosolapov/Getty Images

Pretty in pink Christmas tree

This different take on the pink color palette is whimsical and fun. Be sure to feature ornaments of all different shapes and sizes, and tie it up with ribbons.

Christmas living room interior with a big Christmas tree, gifts and a vintage armchair
Yana Korneevets-Vydrenkova/Getty Images

Dazzling Christmas tree

This Christmas tree decorated in pastel hues looks fit for a princess. It’s so decadent! Get started with a selection of pastel ornaments.

Green Christmas interior. Living room with green walls, green sofa and red, pink and gold Christmas decorations on Christmas tree
oksana_nazarchuk/Getty Images

Forest finds Christmas tree

If you look closely, you can see some feathered friends roosting in the branches of this tall tree.

Gettyimages 1281771304
DmitriiSimakov/Getty Images

Classic touches Christmas tree

You can’t go wrong with tradition when it comes to holiday decorating. Golden snowflakes look lovely dotted between red and white ornaments.

Traditional living room with Christmas tree
fottograff/Getty Images

Let it snow Christmas tree

This tree decoration idea takes advantage of faux snow and pastel colors to brighten the room.

Classic christmas New Year decorated interior room New year tree. Christmas tree with gold decorations
Iuliia Zavalishina/Getty Images

Country Christmas tree

This lush look uses real-wood ornaments to highlight the rustic accents.

Rainbow Christmas Tree
via merchant

Rainbow Christmas tree

Bring the full spectrum of holiday cheer to your Christmas tree this year with a rainbow Christmas tree—we’re talking ROYGBIV.

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6.5' Lighted Fir Christmas Tree

Light-up Christmas tree

This pre-lit white Christmas tree will have you pulsing with excitement—and bright lights!

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Goth Christmas Tree Ecomm Via Wayfair.com

Goth Christmas tree

If Halloween and Christmas had a baby, it would be this tree. Get a black tree and some Halloween ornaments to complete the spooky seasonal look.

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Golden Christmas Tree

Golden Christmas tree

All that glitters isn’t always gold, but this Christmas tree is. Get a gold Christmas tree and accent it with blue and white ornaments.

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5ft Artificial Red Christmas Tree

Red Christmas tree

String a red tree with lights and you’ll create a dramatic look before you even add ornaments.

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Personalized Christmas Tree
via merchant

Personalized Christmas tree

Christmas season is the perfect time to get personal. Add your family’s names to this wooden Christmas tree and display it as is, or use it as a tree topper.

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Alternative eco friendly Christmas tree made of wood sticks
Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty Images

Au naturel Christmas tree

Another Christmas tree aesthetic, but this time using sticks and twigs scavenged from your own backyard. Grab some small ornaments for a simple but sweet design.

Decorated conifer christmas tree and gift boxes located near comfortable pillows in cozy room during Christmas celebration at home.
Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty Images

Neutral Christmas tree

This Christmas tree keeps it neutral with glowing lights and tone-on-tone ornaments.

Christmas tree in living room
Siri Stafford/Getty Images

Traditional touches Christmas tree

When it comes to decorating a tree, half the battle is picking out the perfect tree. This year, consider a fuller, wider tree to achieve this decorating idea. Add a nutcracker to the mantel to enhance the traditional Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Tree At Home
Evgenii Kryvoruchko/Getty Images

Snow-kissed Christmas tree

Nothing says sophistication like a tree fully trimmed in white.

Christmas tree near fireplace in decorated living room
kajakiki/Getty Images

Red poinsettia Christmas tree

Show off your Christmas spirit by decorating your tree with the ultimate Christmas flower this year—the poinsettia.

White tinsel Christmas tree decorated with google eyes on a pink background.
Juj Winn/Getty Images

All eyes on you Christmas tree

We can’t confirm that Santa sees us when we’re sleeping and knows when we’re awake—but this tree certainly does, with those googly eyes!

Italy, Tuscany, Arezzo, Christmas decorations
Senserini Lucrezia/Getty Images

Rustic charm Christmas tree

Create a fashionably rustic aesthetic by transforming stalks of wheat into a Christmas tree.

Pastel maroon sofa near e beautiful decorated Christmas tree. Balls ornaments garlands in rose gold brown style decoration on Christmas tree.
Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty Images

Modern Christmas tree

This Christmas tree decoration idea uses shades of brown, taupe and gold to create a calming but festive look. Those neutral Christmas ornaments really bring the look together.

Out Of This World Christmas Tree
via merchant

Out-of-this-world Christmas tree

Add some intergalactic charm with iridescent moon, star and globe ornaments.

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Christmas ornaments on tree
Tom Merton/Getty Images

Bows galore Christmas tree

The more bows, the merrier! Stick these Christmas bows traditionally used for wrapping presents on your tree for a fun surprise.

Up, Up And Away Christmas Tree
via merchant

Up, up and away Christmas tree

All you need to create this bubbly and fun idea? Balloons and creativity!

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Botanical Christmas Tree
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Botanical Christmas tree

Bedeck your tree with real houseplants for a look that shows off your green thumb.

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Christmas living room decoration, white and gold colors interior decoration background
With love of photography/Getty Images

Sparkly Christmas tree

You’ll certainly be rockin’ around the Christmas tree with these fun gold disco ball ornaments and matching decorations. It’s definitely one of the groovier Christmas tree ideas on the list!

Seashell Christmas Tree
via merchant

Seashell Christmas tree

DIY a tree with your seashell collection, or buy one premade. Either way, it’s a shore thing.

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Christmas Tree with gold bow decoration around it.
CLM Images/Getty Images

Gold bow Christmas tree

A ribbon garland is the perfect way to complete a sophisticated Christmas tree. Swirl it over lights for a magical glow.

Fraser Hill Farm White Snowman Christmas Tree Ecomm Via Walmart.com
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Snowman Christmas tree

Make Frosty the center of your holiday celebration by designing your tree to look like a snowman—or simply buy a premade snowman tree to skip the hassle.

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Sofa in xmas room with of gift boxes under new year tree.
Olena Ruban/Getty Images

Red-and-white Christmas tree

You can’t go wrong with the classic red-and-white combo. Big white, glittery ornaments, paired with smaller red ornaments and red bows, make the tree look extra Christmas-y.

Christmas Tree with Toys
Birkus-Viktor/Getty Images

Toy construction Christmas tree

Kid will love decorating their tree with their toy trucks and wrenches. Swap out tinsel garland for yellow caution tape and a tape measure.

Christmas toys, an anchor, a star, balls and flags on a Christmas tree
Birkus-Viktor/Getty Images

Nautical-themed Christmas tree

Let the sea inspire your next Christmas tree design. Sprinkle coastal decor throughout your tree’s branches, including mini anchors and maritime flags.

Snowflake Christmas Tree in room
Liubov Kaplitskaya/Getty Images

Snowflake Christmas tree

Give your real or artificial spruce a winter-inspired upgrade with snowflake ornaments. If you’re feeling crafty, DIY your own paper snowflakes to feature throughout.

Beautiful holiday decorated room with Christmas tree and with presents. Cozy winter scene.
BariloS/Getty Images

Pink and gold Christmas tree

Gold and pink make a gorgeous combination, especially when using them in your Christmas tree decorations. Wrap all your gifts in pink paper and place them under the tree for an extra “pretty in pink” aesthetic.

The Christmas tree is decorated with beautiful toys.
Maryna Terletska/Getty Images

White poinsettia Christmas tree

Your spruce will make an elegant statement decorated with white and glittery poinsettias. Use a range of sizes, and feature white and gold ornaments throughout.

Stylish wooden beads on a Christmas tree in the dining room of a Scandinavian home
Rymasheuskaya Volha/Getty Images

Wooden beads Christmas tree

This Christmas tree idea is simple, yet offers a stylish and rustic vibe that’ll make tree decorating fun! Along with adding a wooden bead garland, find wooden ornaments as well, like a wood bead snowman (which you can DIY on your own too!).

polaroid on Christmas time
martin-dm/Getty Images

Polaroid pictures Christmas tree

If you don’t have one already, a Polaroid is a practical and cool gift for teens, tweens, adults and everyone alike (including you!). Take photos of family, friends and loved ones to feature in-between your branches. Use a hole punch and ribbons to turn your photos into mini ornaments for hanging!

Vintage Christmas Background with Silver Christmas Tree and Angel Tree Topper
Jena Ardell/Getty Images

Silver tinsel Christmas tree

A silver tinsel tree with vintage ornaments and an antique angel tree topper will make a great addition to your retro Christmas decor. If you find the idea too old-school for your living room spruce, consider purchasing a mini one to decorate.

Festive Christmas home interior in bright colors.
AlexanderLipko/Getty Images

Red candy ornaments Christmas tree

If you love bright colors, especially a vibrant shade of red, then you’ll enjoy decorating your greenery with red ornaments. Opt for accessories that replicate red Christmas candy, like candy canes and Starlight Mints.

Home interior with armchair, led lights and Christmas gift boxes laid out in the shape of a Christmas tree
Di_Studio/Getty Images

Wrapped presents Christmas tree

Not purchasing a Christmas tree this year? Consider stacking your presents into the shape of a classic holiday spruce. Make sure every box has a ribbon or star on the front to imitate ornaments.

Upside-Down Christmas Tree Trend
Newsday LLC/Getty Images

Upside-down Christmas tree

Guests won’t expect to see an upside-down Christmas tree in the living room or dining space. It’s a unique way for you to embrace the holiday tradition. You’ll have to drill or screw hooks into your ceiling before flipping the tree upside down for hanging.

tennis christmas tree
Mariakray/Getty Images

Tennis-themed Christmas tree

If tennis is your favorite sport, make that your Christmas tree theme. Choose a color, in this case blue, and decorate your spruce with mini tennis rackets, tennis balls and medals.

Christmas tree made of green shiny satin fabric, branches hanging in the air,
Lena Gadanski/Getty Images

Silk Christmas tree

Use shiny green fabric to DIY a mini “Christmas tree.” Embellish the “branches” with small gold, brown and silver baubles. Then hot-glue a mini star to the top.

Christmas tree with natural decoration
Mila Naumova/Getty Images

Mother nature Christmas tree

On a budget and looking to save money on Christmas ornaments? Well, dried orange slices are budget-friendly and will add beauty and fragrance to your spruce. Gather pine cones from the backyard to use as ornaments, along with cinnamon sticks too!

Lego Christmas Tree

LEGO Christmas tree

Kids love LEGO, but we know some adults do too! Luckily, LEGO has a Christmas tree building kit where you can build your very own holiday spruce. It will make a fun Christmas activity to do with the littles ones. Plus, it can be taken down to rebuild year after year.

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Pre Lit Led Dewdrop Downswept Flocked Balsam Fir

Flocked downswept Christmas tree

Downswept Christmas trees are graceful, and when flocked with realistic snow, you’ll truly feel as if you’ve entered a wintry forest. It’s one of the best Christmas tree decoration ideas for the holiday season. Plus, finding one that comes with lights, or adding your own, will give your space that warm and Christmasy glow.

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Abstract Christmas tree decorated with stars, hearts and snowflakes.
Nadtochiy/Getty Images

Abstract Christmas tree

Gather reclaimed wood planks, paint them green and then attach them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. When done, decorate your new “tree” with flat wooden Christmas ornaments and lights.

Alternative Christmas tree

Here’s another Christmas tree idea that involves wood planks. Stack and arrange the boards in the shape of a tree. Hammer nails into each board to hang ornaments.

Homemade Christmas tree alternative, white cardboard plate with fir branches and decoration leaning against the wall on an old wooden stool with candles, copy space
fermate/Getty Images

Fir branches Christmas tree

Get creative with your Christmas tree idea and create a homemade alternative. Attach a large white cardboard sheet to the wall. Hot-glue fir branches in the shape of a tree to the board before decorating them with your desired ornaments. Hot-glue a paper star to the top, and voilà, you have your Christmas tree.

Additional reporting by Kelly Kuehn.