This Is Why Costco Is So Obsessed with Toilet Paper

Updated: Mar. 25, 2022

It has absolutely nothing to do with the number of trips to the bathroom.

big pack of toilet paper roll tissue paper in supermarket as backgroundVoyagerix/Shutterstock

There are approximately 64 million Costco members roaming the aisles of the warehouse club for one of their hottest commodities—toilet paper. It’s the must-have bathroom item that CNBC dubbed as the “crowned jewel” of Costco back in 2012. According to the CNBC report, the company sells about one billion rolls a year. That’s enough toilet paper to wrap around the world 1,200 times! Find out the best-selling item at Costco.

You may have never given it a second thought before, but a lot of hard work goes into that sheet of plush, white tissue you use to wipe your tush with. In fact, the company hires technicians to test the toilet paper based on the three gold standards: thickness, strength, and softness. Merchandise managers often take tours of the toilet paper mills to check the water used in the production, paper quality, and humidity levels to ensure they’re investing in quality for their customers. They even inspect how white it is! Find out some other things you aren’t buying at Costco, but should.

Since toilet paper sales make Costco $400 million annually, it’s no wonder the company is so meticulous about their toilet paper production. Even though the foods category counts as 22 percent of Costco sales, toilet paper falls under the softlines category, which accounts for 12 percent of sales.

We bet you’ll never take your much-needed toilet paper for granted ever again. Don’t miss this list of 10 bizarre things you never knew you could buy at Costco.