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What Exactly Does the “Q” in “Q-tips” Stand For?

Q-tips are everywhere. You can find them in bathrooms, in doctor's office, and in episodes of CSI. But what exactly does the name mean?

20 Common Hair Myths That Are Ruining Your Hair

Just because you've heard it a million times doesn't mean it's true! Separate fact from fiction to get the luxurious...

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This Is the Rarest Hair Color and Eye Color Combination in Humans

If you have the rarest hair color and eye color combination, you're one in a million—or more!

The Best Underwear for Your Butt Shape

Whether you refer to it as a fanny, booty, rump, or rear, the fact is we all have one. What...

Here’s Why Women’s and Men’s Shirts Button on Different Sides

Women's shirts have buttons on the left, while men's have them on the right. But it's not about which hand...