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8 Things You Won’t See in Hair Salons Anymore

Hair salons and barbershops are open again, but some of the pandemic precautions remain.

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9 Things You Won’t See in Nail Salons Anymore

Nail salons are starting to open back up, but there are going to be some changes you may not be...

The Root of Society’s Obsession with Controlling Black Hair

From the Tignon laws and Madame C.J. Walker to the CROWN Act of 2020, let's look back to build a...

Why I Refuse to Straighten My Natural Black Hair

I've never chemically straightened my hair. Here's why.

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I Had My First Hair Appointment Post-Quarantine—Here’s What It Was Like

Like so many other people during coronavirus, I attempted DIY hair care and failed. When my salon reopened, I was...

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8 Warning Signs a Reopened Hair Salon Isn’t Safe to Visit

Heading back for your first trim since the pandemic began? Here's how to tell if your salon makes the cut...

13 Things You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself During Quarantine

Yes, you've probably become increasingly self-sufficient in many ways during this weird time. But be careful you don't get so...

I Found the Perfect Wire-Free Bra—and I’m Never Wearing a “Real” Bra Again

There is a silver (wireless) lining to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Should You Be Disinfecting Your Beauty Products Against Coronavirus?

Here's what you should know about what's possibly lurking on your beauty products.