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They say you spend over a third of your life working, so you might as well love what you do. Whether you are loving every second of work, searching for a new career, or just trying to make the workday a little more bearable—Reader’s Digest is here with the tips, tools, and strategies to help you get to work.

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New Survey: This Is the No. 1 Happiest Job in the World

Rising wages, job security, a sense of purpose and work-life balance—the happiest job has it all!

Should You Use the Thumbs Up Emoji? Your Gen Z Co-Workers Want You to Stop

Many younger office workers see it as passive-aggressive, along with several other emojis used by "old people."

I Went to 50 Different Dentists and Almost All of Them Gave Me a Different Diagnosis

From one dentist I got a quote of $460 for all of the work I needed to be done. From...

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What Your Handshake Really Reveals About Your Personality

From too firm to too limp, and too rushed to too long, people judge a lot about you by your...