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22 Surprising Movie Trivia Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

You'll never see your favorite films the same way.

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)Warner Bros./Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: The code in The Matrix comes from sushi recipes

Those green symbols trailing down in The Matrix aren’t complicated algorithms. A production designer scanned symbols from his wife’s sushi cookbooks, then manipulated them to create the iconic “code.” Can you answer these 13 trivia questions only geniuses get right?

Titanic - 199720th Century Fox/Paramount/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: Director James Cameron drew the sketch in Titanic

Unlike Jack's French girls, Kate Winslet wore a bathing suit while Cameron sketched the picture. For more movie trivia, learn the hilarious working titles of Titanic and other famous movies.

Pulp Fiction - 1994Linda R. Chen/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: One famous Pulp Fiction scene was filmed backward

When Uma Thurman’s character is having an overdose, it looks like John Travolta sticks a needle in her to revive her. Actually, Travolta pulled the needle out, and the film was run backward to reverse the action.

The Godfather - 1972Paramount/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: The cat in The Godfather was a stray

Director Francis Ford Coppola found the cat in the studio and handed it to Marlon Brando before the shot. This next movie trivia fact is so cute—the cat loved the actor so much that it stayed in his lap and purred so loudly that the crew was afraid the noise would drown out the dialogue. Trivia lovers–test your knowledge with these Jeopardy questions you can't refuse.

Never Say Never Again - 1983Warner Bros/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond movie

If you think the dreamy 007 seemed too good to be true, you’re right. Sean Connery started balding at age 17. Make sure you put these 12 greatest spy movies of all time on your streaming list for more ammo for your next movie trivia night.

Fight Club - 1999Merrick Morton/20th Century Fox/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: There’s a Starbucks cup in every Fight Club scene

Director David Fincher thought the Starbucks shops popping up on every block of LA in the late ‘90s was “too much of a good thing,” so he poked fun of the coffee chain in Fight Club. He’s claimed to have sneaked a Starbucks cup into every shot, with the permission of the chain—with one exception. Starbucks didn’t want its shop destroyed on film, so that scene uses the made-up Gratifico Coffee instead. Find out what the most popular movie was the year you were born.

Jurassic Park III - 2001Amblin/Universal/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: Some of the velociraptor noises in Jurassic Park are actually tortoises mating

At least that’s what the sound designer used when the raptors were communicating. Other scenes of the species used horse breathing and goose hisses. Find out what scientists say T-Rexes actually sounded like. (Hint: It's not turtle sex—or a roar.)

Night SkiesShutterstock (2)

Movie Trivia Fact: E.T. and Poltergeist started from the same script

Steven Spielberg was going to produce filmmaker’s John Sayles’ Night Skies script about a rural family invaded by aliens that could kill with a touch of the finger but decided to go a more family-friendly route with the story by creating E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Sayles wouldn’t rewrite the script, but Spielberg kept the idea for Poltergeist.

Halloween - Curse Of Michael Myers - 1995Miramax/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: Michael Myers’ mask in Halloween is William Shatner’s face

Or specifically, his Star Trek character, Captain Kirk. There wasn’t money in the 1978 horror film’s budget to create a custom mask, so the art director bought a clown and a Captain Kirk mask. The crew spray-painted it white and adjusted the eyes and hair to create the terrifying mask.

Toy Story , Woody (Character)Moviestore/Shutterstock

Movie Trivia Fact: Toy Story’s Woody was originally a ventriloquist dummy

Even in later versions, he was written as a “sarcastic bully” trying to rally the other toys against Buzz. Luckily, the studio decided to transform him into a more lovable character. See if you can answer these 13 cartoon trivia questions about your favorite animated classics.

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