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30 “Shark Tank” Products Worth Your Money

Whether the Sharks decide to invest or not, this show features some creative products. Here are the "Shark Tank" products that are worth buying.

scrub daddyvia

Scrub Daddy

The Scrub Daddy is one of the most well-known Shark Tank products. Although a sponge might not seem like the coolest product, anyone who's slaved over the sink trying to get a pan clean will love it. The texture of the sponge changes based on the temperature of the water making it easier to scrub. Plus, the smiley face sun design gives you access to tough-to-reach corners. Here are insider secrets to help you save at all your favorite stores.

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bridal buddyvia

Bridal Buddy

Brides often spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. And this Shark Tank product solves one of the biggest issues they face—using the bathroom in a big puffy gown. The Bridal Buddy is a slip worn under your dress that lets you pull your dress up for easy access to the bathroom.

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This product eliminates lingering odors on clothes including everything from sweat and smoke to stinky foods. These dry reusable sheets are safe for sensitive skin and don't have a strong scent.

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better backvia

The Better Back

Good posture is key to your overall health, and the Better Back could help you improve your slouching habit. This supportive posture trainer lets you sit comfortably anywhere. It is also portable, so you can take it from your office to your home and anywhere in-between. These are the signs a shopping site is fake.

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drop stopvia

Drop Stop

This product stops your phone, keys, and other items from falling into the space between your car's seat and the center divider.

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drain stainvia

Drain Strain

This bathroom sink drain stopper prevents clogged drains and catches hair with a unique basket-like design.

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nuts n morevia

Nuts N' More

Peanut butter lovers looking for an extra punch of protein will love Nuts N' More. The nut butter company sells creative flavors like chocolate maple pretzel and cookie butter. In comparison to your average nut butter, Nuts N'  More products are lower in sugar, and higher in protein and fiber. Here are the Amazon hacks you need to know to save money while shopping online.

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smart notebookvia

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

This Shark Tank product is perfect for people who love hand-written notes, but also like to keep digital files. The Rocketbook Wave is a reusable notebook that uses your microwave—yes, you read that correctly—to erase the pages. Before erasing, you can use the corresponding app to capture each page of your notes for automatic upload to Google Docs, Dropbox, and more. You can scribble away and erase your work up to five times.

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the seventy2via

The Seventy2 by Uncharted Supply Company

This survival kit has everything you could think of for an emergency. There are water filtration systems, first-aid kits, gloves, and more—all in one convenient pre-packed bundle. These are the Amazon Prime benefits you might not know about.

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sweat proof teevia

Thompson Sweat-Proof Hydro-Shield Tee

No need to worry about underarm sweat stains with this shirt. Built-in underarm sweat pads guarantee to stop pit sweat. There are a few styles and colors, and all are made in the USA!

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