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15 Technology Trends You Can Expect to See Dominate 2018

Helpful robots! Cars that drive themselves! Yes, the high-tech lifestyle we were promised in "The Jetsons" is finally here. Are you ready?

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The future is now!

The machines are taking over. But don't panic—they want to help! The year 2018 promises to introduce technology that truly touches and improves all aspects of our lives, from organizing weddings to delivering pizza to reordering printer toner. These are some of the high-tech gadgets and services that will dominate technology news this coming year. Welcome to the future! Find out what will be the most important job skill in the future.

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Machines will do the boring stuff for you

"As smart home and office spaces continue to grow, predictive analytics and automation are starting to be incorporated into our everyday lives, saving time and effort on mundane tasks. For example, services like Brother Refresh will identify when your printer is running low on ink and automatically order more before you run out. Imagine a water cooler that knows you'll be out of water in three days and puts in an order that arrives just as you get the last drop."—Rafi Haqqani, Marketing Director at Brother International Corporation

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Augmented reality will move your couch

"One of the most exciting trends in tech today is Augmented Reality, also known as AR. Imagine shopping online for a couch; with AR you can 'place' the couch in your space and interact with it. Move it, arrange other pieces around it, or test fabric options in real time. AR will transform the way we learn, work and play."—Dan Monaghan, vice president of marketing at Vectorworks, Inc.

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Planning is a thing of the past

"In case anyone has missed it, the new tech trend is 'I-need-it-now.' Can you imagine going back to calling for a taxi an hour in advance now that you have experienced the convenience of Uber and Lyft? That 'I-need-it-now' trend is going to hit other industries—even getting a manicure. Today, if you want a manicure, pedicure, haircut or massage, you usually have to book in advance, or take your chances and show up at a salon. Like Uber, the GoSpa app arranges massage, nail, hair appointments right when you want them. Apps like GoSpa play to this 'I-need-it-now' trend that fits the needs of people who want what they want when they want it. They don't want to wait or to make plans in advance."— Audrey Kingshott, VP Customer Service at

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Machines will learn what you like

"Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will be the biggest trends in 2018, meaning systems that can understand, learn, predict, and potentially function autonomously. The implementation of AI will be universal, for it produces more intelligent products and services. Consumers will be able to appreciate more intelligent mobile devices, cars, and other peripherals that offer personalized experiences based on each user's preferences."—Tarif Sayed, former head of VR and Creative Technologies for Nokia

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You'll be chatting with your toaster oven

"In the next couple of years, we will slowly see a surge in consumer-friendly, easy-to-use connected devices. People have warmed up to the convenience of Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, and consumers will continue to seek out connected and smart devices that are fun, new, and convenient, whether that's a toaster, blinds, a mirror, or otherwise. Many of the products that are already on the market will become more advanced, easier to use, and more generally employed by the mass population."—Harrison Brady, communications specialist at Frontier Communications

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Weddings are heading to the cloud

"Nowadays, we're seeing the modernization of the 'wedding planning binder,' as couples are looking to plan via cloud-based platforms. They want to collaborate with vendors via their computers and phones instead of in-person, they want to pay their vendors using their credit cards with the push of a button—racking up those travel rewards points!—and they're even searching for and saving inspiration years before they get engaged via social media, Pinterest, and editorial publishing sites."—Katherine Oyer from Aisle Planner

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Amazon will show no signs of slowing down

"By the end of 2018, Amazon will have expanded their business exponentially. Not only will they continue growing through acquisitions like Whole Foods, but they will also begin opening up warehouses to the public for automated shopping. These won't be like a normal grocery chain, but rather kiosks in a well-designed lobby with a wall separating the machines and shelves on the other side that fetch your goods. No-click purchases will be the standard, alleviating all of the hassle and frustrations of one-click buying. Your iOS or Android device will automatically determine which credit or debit method to use based on points, rewards, balance and other smart rules."—Bardia Dejban, CTO of Volusion

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App attacks will get cured

"One trend that we are seeing with our users is that consumers are getting 'app overload' with too many apps. Consumers are now looking for major themes in their life like investments, travel, health, auto, home, etc. and wants platforms that combine multiple single app functionalities into one. Think of it as a 'suite of apps' that has a central focus on a large aspect of a consumer's life. We have seen this with our own HomeZada platform, as it is a digital home management platform to manage various aspects of your home: remodeling projects, managing your home maintenance calendar, keeping a home inventory for insurance, and consolidating the various aspects of your home finances into one platform."—John Bodrozic, Co-Founder of HomeZada

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3D printers will be on every desk

"Within the last few years, 3D printers have gone from overpriced and unreliable to affordable and easy for the average consumer to use. The community and demand for 3D printing have grown tremendously, and soon 3D printers will be as commonplace as desktop inkjet printers. As 3D printing technology continues to advance, crafting ideas and designs into real life objects will become easier and easier. We're on the brink of seeing this technology continue to penetrate the consumer segment even more."—Bernard Luthi, CEO of Monoprice

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