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Just about everyone is strapped for money, time or both. These food tips will help you learn how to save money at the grocery store, keep food fresh for longer and give you a better understanding of all your ingredients.

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What Is Old Bay Seasoning, Exactly?

If you've never tried Old Bay seasoning, you're in for a treat. This Maryland classic is the perfect complement to seafood, snacks and more.

How to Grill Burgers for Juicy Results Every Time

Find out how long to grill burgers to please every person at your backyard barbecue

15 Genius Uses for Used Coffee Grounds Everyone Should Know About

You can repurpose used coffee grounds in your garden, your kitchen—even your beauty routine

How to Eat with Chopsticks Like an Absolute Pro

Become a chopsticks master in no time with these handy step-by-step instructions and etiquette tips for how to eat with...

What Is Yellow Watermelon? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Refreshing Summer Fruit

Yellow watermelon will make your summer brighter in more ways than one

I Tested the Cold Water Pasta Hack—Here’s What I Found Out

Does the cold water pasta hack really save water and time? I tested the theory to find out.

If You’re Not Using This Microwave Button, You Need to Start

This little button is the secret to achieving the perfect cook, texture and flavor from your microwave every time

Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes in It?

We asked a cheese scientist to explain what gives Swiss cheese its characteristic holes

This Is the Secret to the Best-Ever Egg Salad Sandwich

This is the egg salad trick we probably wouldn't ever have thought of on our own—but absolutely cannot wait to...

How Long Does Open Wine Last?

How long will that open bottle last? We have the answer, plus a few tricks to keep your vino tasting...

I Tried the Viral TikTok Pancake Hack—and It Was Totally Worth the Hype

Imagine thick, fluffy, delicious pancakes that you don’t even have to flip. Here’s how this popular TikTok pancake hack worked...

This Is Why You Should Rethink Your Big Mac Order, According to a Former McDonald’s Chef

Order this instead of a Big Mac, and you'll get a better deal

Are You Supposed to Peel Strawberries?

A famous chef touts the delight of eating a peeled strawberry. Here's why you should consider peeling the popular fruit.

How Long Does Rice Last in the Fridge?

No one wants to eat leftover rice that has gone bad or might make them sick. Knowing how long rice...

Here’s Why Butter Always Tastes Better at Restaurants

It’s not your imagination—restaurant butter tastes better. But the big secret is that you can get butter to taste...

We Tried Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs Recipe—Here’s What We Thought

Forget everything you know about scrambled eggs. Gordon Ramsay's method is the only one you'll need from now on.

How to Eat Sushi the Right Way (Yep, You’ve Been Doing It Wrong)

Three sushi and Japanese-food experts explain how to eat sushi—the right way—and other tips for a successful sushi experience

This Is the Best Way to Eat Soup Dumplings, According to Pros

Avoid etiquette errors—and painful burns!—by learning how to eat soup dumplings before ordering your first batch

When Every Fruit and Vegetable Is in Season—and Costs the Least

Eating seasonal produce is good for your health, your wallet and your community. Learn why—and what to eat when.

17 Top Foods Chefs Are Buying This Fall

See how experts stock their kitchen and which ingredients they're adding to their fall food list this season

This Fast and Easy Burger Hack Guarantees the Juiciest Patties Ever

Skip the ice cube and go for this better burger hack for the juiciest bite ever

15 Things Chefs Always Buy Frozen

Looking to save time and effort without sacrificing quality? So are professional cooks—and that’s why they stock up on...

What Are Pralines, Exactly?

What are pralines if not the perfect sweet and creamy treat? Here's everything you need to know about this favorite...

What Are Plantains, Exactly?

Go beyond bananas with their lesser-known cousin. Here's what plantains are and how to eat them.

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This Viral TikTok Explains How to Perfectly Poach an Egg

One of the trickiest kitchen tasks just got a whole lot easier.

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Getting every single bit of a Costco rotisserie chicken used to be a struggle, but not anymore. This hack can...

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Has TikTok figured out how to cut hard-boiled eggs quickly and cleanly, or is this viral hack nothing but hype?

This Hack Shows How to Flip an Egg Without Breaking the Yolk

No more sacrificing an entire carton of eggs for breakfast

These Are the Top 10 Most Wasted Foods

You know avocados are on this list.

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10 Fast-Food Scandals That Rocked the Industry

From the infamous hot coffee lawsuit to "Papa John"'s use of a racial slur, these major fast food faux pas...