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Ever gotten called out for the difference between you’re and your? We’ve all been there–and we don’t ever want to go back. These insightful and interesting grammar articles will turn you into a word whiz quicker than you can blame autocorrect for your grammar faux pas.

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12 Thesaurus Jokes Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

Feeling qualmish, ill, and peaky? You must be ready for a sick joke!

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20 of the Hardest Words to Spell in the English Language

The English language is full of words that seem overstuffed with unnecessary letters, feel like they should be spelled a...

“Historic” vs. “Historical”: What’s the Difference?

While they both deal with the past, historic and historical aren't interchangeable words. Choose wisely with these simple tips.

These Are the 2023 Words of the Year, According to Dictionaries

What word defined the past year for you? Find out if your guess matches the actual word of the year...

10 Positive Phrases Americans Find Cringiest in 2023

Don't feel bad if you roll your eyes at these overly optimistic phrases. You are not alone!

New Study: This American Accent Is Disappearing

Things aren't looking so peachy for this classic American accent

IJBOL Is the Internet’s New Favorite Acronym—You’ll Want to Know What It Means

So long, LOL. There's a new slang term taking the internet by storm. Find out IJBOL's meaning—and how to use...

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35 Text Abbreviations You Should Know (and How to Use Them)

Knowing the meaning of these terms will keep anyone with a phone, social media or even just web access from...

What Does Bussin Mean—and 9 Other Words in the Brand-New African American English Dictionary?

There’s a new dictionary in town, and it’s about to give you a better understanding of the words you...

“Peek” vs. “Peak” vs. “Pique”: Here’s How to Use Them the ...

Peek, peak and pique all sound the same, so here's how and when to use them correctly

These Are the Most Uniquely Popular Texting Acronyms in Every State

From LOL to OMG, these are the texting acronyms Americans can't get enough of.

More Than 300 Words Were Just Added to Dictionary.com—Here Are the Ones You Need to Know

Slow fashion, sound bath, cozy and climate breakdown are just a few of the new words Dictionary.com is helping us...

What Does GRWM Mean?

If your latest scroll left you asking, "What does GRWM mean?" you're not alone! The trendy acronym has been making...

“Burnt” vs. “Burned”: Which Is Correct?

When should you use burnt vs. burned? Hint: It may depend on where you live.

“Stationary” vs. “Stationery”: What’s the Difference?

Struggling to differentiate stationary vs. stationery? It's confusing, sure. But it's not impossible, if you've got the right tips to...

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Fact vs. Fiction

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power

“Elicit” vs. “Illicit”: What’s the Difference?

Understanding elicit vs. illicit can be complicated—they sound similar but have entirely different meanings. Here's what you need to know.

“Envy” vs. “Jealousy”: What’s the Difference?

Not sure when to use envy vs. jealousy? While it's not fun to feel either of these, the word choice...

“Home In” vs. “Hone In”: What’s the Difference?

Puzzling over the commonly confused home in vs. hone in? With our grammar guidance, you can home in on the...

“Loose” vs. “Lose”: What’s the Difference?

One single letter distinguishes the commonly confused words loose vs. lose, but which should you use when?

10 New Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary for 2023

From "agrivoltaics" to "textspeak," these words are helping us articulate the strange beauty of modern life.

10 Words and Phrases We Should All Stop Saying in 2023

Let's do a deep dive, shall we? Here's why these words and phrases made Lake Superior State University's annual banished...

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What Exactly Does TL;DR Mean, and How Should You Use It?

Mystery solved! Here's what TL;DR means and why you keep seeing it online.

Scrabble Has Added 500 New Words—Find Out What You Can Now Play

Merriam-Webster has updated its official Scrabble dictionary with playable words like vax, guac, welp, vibing and others

Ahead vs. Forward: What’s the Difference?

The difference between forward and ahead gets tricky, but it doesn't have to leave you stumped!

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Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Color-Coded Words

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: The Same Beginning and Ending

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power

What Does S/U Mean on Social Media?

Are you confused about the acronym "S/U" used on social media lately? Don't worry, we're here to help.

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Science-Related Words

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power

Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Words with Accent Marks

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power

This Map Shows the Most Misspelled Words in Every State

Not sure if you're spelling even the most commonly used words correctly? You're not alone. Here are the most misspelled...