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The Real Reason It’s So Cheap to Open a Chick-fil-A

For them, it’s not about the money.

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Can You Guess Which U.S. State Has Produced the Most First Ladies?

Here's a hint: It's one of the original 13 colonies.

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8 Presidential “Facts” That Just Aren’t True

Popular vote says these myths are true—here are the real facts.

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United States Trivia Your History Teacher Never Taught You

When was Christmas illegal in America? Which state did Congress forget to officially add to the Union for 150 years?...

State Flag Quiz: Can You Guess the U.S. State By Its Flag?

What do you really know about the good ol’ U.S. of A.? Take this state flag quiz to test your...

The Fascinating Origins Behind 9 Sodas You Love to Drink

Which drink used to contain cocaine? Which was inspired by the inventor's honeymoon? Read on for mind-blowing trivia on your...

Can You Name These 10 Vintage Kitchen Tools?

Test your knowledge and see if you can name all these vintage kitchen tools! If you were a frequent visitor...

The Only U.S. State Whose Flag Is Not a Rectangle

Guess which state wanted its flag to stand out!

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Can You Identify the British Royal by Their Childhood Picture?

Think you're a royals expert? Let's see if you can correctly guess who each of these royal babies and kids...

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Pop Culture Facts to Have Ready for Trivia Night

You may think your brain is already brimming with entertainment knowledge. Your friends call you a walking, talking International Movie...

Can You Spot All 14 Iconic Constellations In These Pictures?

People have been seeing stories in the night sky for thousands of years—once you learn to find some landmark stars,...

13 HQ Trivia Questions People Always Get Wrong

In the world of the wildly popular trivia app, HQ trivia, savage questions—those impossible ones that wipe out the majority...

9 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Laughter

You'll get a chuckle from this trivia about one of our most ancient forms of expression and communication.

If You Solve This Math Problem on the First Try, You Might Be a Genius

This equation may seem simple at first, but it’s way harder than it looks.

The Bizarre Reason February Only Has 28 Days

No, it's not because it's terrible and everyone wants it to end immediately.

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There’s a Very Specific Reason Why the Oval Office Is an Oval

It's not just for the sake of alliteration.

Can You Guess What These Eyes Are Saying? (Hint: Science Can Tell You)

New research reveals that when it comes to conveying complex emotional states, it's all about the eyes.

Quiz: Do You Understand These 15 Tricky Words From ‘Hamilton’?

This quiz will tell you whether you're smart enough to see 'Hamilton.'

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Surprising Trivia Behind America’s Most Iconic Foods

Separating myth from history: how Buffalo wings, hot dog buns, nachos, and more classic American foods came to be.

40 Shocking Facts About the Filming of ‘Jaws’

Fascinating trivia to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of this classic summer thriller.

7 Weird Facts About Trees You Never Knew

We crave trees' shade and admire their beauty, but there's plenty of fascinating trivia about trees you've probably never learned....

Movie Trivia Game: Guess the Working Title

Can you figure out which are the working titles for these blockbuster films?

13 Songs for the Perfect Summer Playlist

Go beyond the Beach Boys with our round-up of upbeat songs—plus learn the surprising music trivia behind each hit.

Baseball Trivia: 9 Moments That Changed the Game Forever

As the new baseball season gets underway, a look back at the deals, rule changes, and cultural shifts that shaped...

Quiz! Wine Trivia that Even Ted Allen Would Appreciate

Not just for the oenophiles at the table, you too can learn quirky, shareable facts about reds, whites, and booze.

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Bond…James Bond

Think you know James Bond movies? We dug up little-known trivia about Agent 007.

8 Favorite Food Characters

Snack on these fun facts and tasty trivia about classic American food characters and mascots.