As your trusted friend, we’re here with the “Reader’s Digest version” of social issues that impact the world around you. From gun violence statistics to the history behind the black power fist, and how to be an LGBTQ ally, our explainers will break it all down.

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    6 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus

    Life isn't back to normal just yet. As the Delta variant continues to spread, experts recommend being particularly cautious at these hot spots for infection.

    The 20 Best Books by Latinx Authors You’ll Want to Read Right Now

    From memoirs to noir and YA to essays, these books feature fresh perspectives and diverse voices—and you won't be able...

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    9 Things You May Not See in Theme Parks Anymore

    Theme parks are open again, but you'll definitely notice some differences if you visit one right now.

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    What Hotel Buffets Look Like Now, Post-Pandemic

    Plated meals, an increased reliance on waitstaff, and higher costs may become the new normal for this popular hotel staple.

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    10 Things Flight Attendants Aren’t Allowed to Do Anymore

    Between ongoing coronavirus infections and lingering fear, the pandemic has altered the way we fly, including what flight attendants are...

    What Anti-Racism Means and What It Means to Be Anti-Racist

    It's not enough to get mad about racial inequality. You have to do something about it.

    Colorism vs. Racism: What’s the Difference?

    Even within minority communities, discrimination persists in unexpected ways. If you’ve never heard of colorism, here’s what you need to...

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    Here’s Why Amazon Doesn’t Sell These 14 Things

    Amazon has everything, right? Well, nearly everything. These 14 items can't be purchased from the retail giant.

    20 Podcasts About Race You Need to Hear

    Learning about race relations in America has to be a deliberate choice, and the responsibility falls on all of us....

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    6 Things You Won’t Be Able to Do on Airplanes Anymore

    In the long run, air travel might not change as drastically as you might think. But some of the short-term...

    What Does Non-Binary Mean? Understanding This LGBTQ Term and Why It’s Important

    Gender isn’t always a straightforward issue, but being respectful about how someone identifies is. Here’s what you need to know.

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    5 Things You Won’t See in Hotels Anymore—And 2 You Will

    As hotels welcome guests in a post-coronavirus world, some of the measures they put in place at the start of...

    What Is Implicit Bias? How to Recognize and Change Our Unconscious Stereotypes and Assumptions

    Experts say we all have some bias, but there are ways to fight against it.

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    8 Things You Won’t See in Hair Salons Anymore

    Hair salons and barbershops are open again, but some of the pandemic precautions remain.

    I Came Out After 20 Years of Marriage and Met the Love of My Life

    Larry Best thought he had the perfect love and the perfect marriage, but until he found his husband and soul...

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    3 Things You Won’t See in Costco Anymore

    As the COVID-19 pandemic eases in the U.S., some stores are starting to ease restrictions—and Costco is no exception. But...

    13 Things You Won’t Be Able to Do on Cruises Anymore

    As cruises do their utmost to avoid a repeat of early 2020, the world of cruising will look quite a...

    What Black Lives Matter Means: The History of the Movement

    What is the true meaning of Black Lives Matter? Many are still muddling the powerful message of the global movement.

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    I’m Vaccinated—Can I Stop Wearing My Mask?

    You're fully vaccinated and mask-wearing guidelines have loosened—so when do you still have to wear a mask? You might be...

    Gun Violence Statistics in the United States: 12 Charts You Need to See

    Learn about the problem of gun violence in America through these graphs and charts.

    What Could Be Banned in a Post-COVID World

    Restaurants, gyms, shopping, and a lot more will look different after COVID-19.

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    The Best (and Worst) Face Masks for COVID-19 Protection

    Wearing a face mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19, but some masks are better than others. These are...

    6 Ways to Be an LGBTQ Ally

    Being an ally to an LGBTQ friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance, or the population as a whole goes beyond acceptance.

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    The IRS Is Warning About These Upcoming Tax Scams

    For the second year in a row, COVID-19 is postponing Tax Day. While this is helpful for taxpayers, it unfortunately...

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    What Exactly Is White Privilege?

    Understanding the inherent privileges of being White in America isn't about guilt or fingerpointing. Rather it's the essential work that...

    Anti-Asian Racism: How Language Fueled Hate Crimes and Xenophobia

    With people calling COVID-19 the "China virus" and "Kung flu," is it any surprise that anti-Asian hate crimes have been...

    Meet Amanda Gorman: The History-Making Poet the World Is Still Talking About

    The youngest-ever inaugural poet exploded onto the national stage when she spoke at President Joe Biden's inauguration. Here are some...

    Latino, Hispanic, and Latinx: What the Terms Mean and How to Use Them

    You may have heard the terms Latino and Hispanic. What about Latinx? Here's what these terms mean and how to...

    What Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict Really Means for the Black Community

    The jury’s decision was a step in the right direction, but it is far from true justice.

    Here’s Why Gun Makers Are Off the Hook for Mass Shootings

    In a country where people sue over a floor that's too slippery and coffee that's too hot, why can't people...