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13 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2022

Take heart—these expenses will dip now that our rough COVID-19 pandemic year is over and we turn a fresh calendar...

The Root of Society’s Obsession with Controlling Black Hair

From the Tignon laws and Madame C.J. Walker to the CROWN Act of 2020, let's look back to build a...

Before You Question What to Call a Woman with a Doctorate, Read This

Some men can feel deeply threatened by a woman's hard-earned accomplishments, but that doesn't diminish them in any way.

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The New COVID-19 Vaccine Is Here: This Is What Doctors Need You to Know

Is the vaccine safe? How long does the protection last? When will you be able to get it? Here are...

12 Common Examples of Microaggressions—and How to Respond to Them

Not sure what a microaggression is? We asked experts to share some common microaggression examples and tips on what to...

Why It Took Me Over 25 Years to Finally Embrace My Latinx Identity

It took walking away from a "dream" job and leaving the United States in 2015 for me to finally embrace...

12 Most Stylish Face Masks You Can Buy Online

Great looking face masks are this year's must-have fashion accessory.

This Is What Institutional Racism Actually Means

It's so much more than dirty looks and a nasty N-word. Institutional racism is a racial caste system that continues...

My Kids Made Fun of Me for Always Carrying a Handkerchief—Then the Pandemic Hit and Everyone Was Usi...

He has used a pocket handkerchief all his life—and was ridiculed for it. Now, this famous author says his...

How Astronaut Scott Kelly Wards Off Feelings of Isolation

The pandemic is taking a serious toll on our mental health. Here are a few tips on surviving this crazy...

15 People Share the Silver Linings They Found Amid a Pandemic

This year, many of us have new appreciation for life’s simpler joys. RD readers share their discoveries.

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Here’s Exactly Why Clorox Is So Good at Killing Germs

Hint: It has to do with the smell, too.

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Can You Get COVID-19 Twice? What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Reinfection

Even if you have coronavirus antibodies, you may be vulnerable to reinfection for a number of reasons—so you could potentially...

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COVID-19: 6 Things That Prove It’s Not a Hoax

Check the facts and the hard data, coronavirus is not a hoax. Here are six reasons why, according to top...

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A New Set of Shopping Tips in the Pandemic

How can you find in-demand items—and get them (and everything else) at the best prices possible? Rule #1: Don't rely...

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15 Words and Phrases That Perfectly Defined 2020

It has been a year unlike any other—and that has spurred the use of new words and resurrected old ones...

10 Best Neck Gaiters for Coronavirus Protection

Some neck gaiters can be safe and effective face coverings for coronavirus protection if worn correctly. Here are some of...

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What Airlines Losing Money Could Mean for You

Airlines have been hemorrhaging money in recent months, another casualty of COVID-19. The U.S. government has bailed them out repeatedly...but...

30 Statistics That Show the Undeniable Reality of Structural Racism in America

Want proof that racism infiltrates every level of American society? Easy. Just look at the numbers.

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11 Shortages We’re Likely to See This Winter Because of COVID-19

Earlier in the year, it was hard to find things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Now, as we head...

The Real Reason We Vote on a Tuesday in November

It's a 175-year-old tradition that starts with drunks and farmers. But is it worth keeping?

20 Vintage Photos of What Voting Used to Look Like

Voting is a staple of American democracy—and in many cases, a hard-won right. These glimpses of past elections will remind...

Election 2020: 8 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Get Out the Vote

It's important for everyone to play an active role in choosing our government representatives—especially this year. Here's how you can...

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Here’s What Happens If a President Won’t Leave Office

It's more complicated than you might think.