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5 Hilarious Party Games Using… Toilet Paper?

Updated: Feb. 07, 2023

Who knew toilet paper was such a popular party accessory? These five silly, hands-on toilet paper activities are sure to get your guests laughing.

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1. Toilet paper wedding gown

This fun bridal
shower game is a classic—if only the real wedding gown were as inexpensive as the TP version! First, divide guests into teams of at least three people each. You’ll need at least 4 rolls of toilet
paper per team.

Have teammates discuss their dress design, then get started: one woman in each team serves as the model, holding her arms out from her sides for easier dressmaking. To make the dress, first unravel
a small amount of toilet paper to create the torso. Wrap the toilet paper evenly
and snugly so that her clothing doesn’t show through, but not so tightly that it will tear when
she moves. Tuck ends under wrapped portions to secure. Then tear off strips of the
desired length for the skirt of the dress; layer and tuck these strips under the bottom part of the
torso. Accessorize by wrapping smaller lengths around the model’s wrists, neck,
and fingers as jewelry. And don’t forget a bouquet and tiara!

Source: Ehow

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2. Toilet paper tiered cake

This fun craft project really takes the cake—”serve” it as a gag gift, or simply make it as a funny party centerpiece.

You’ll need 14 rolls of
toilet paper and a few feet of 1-inch wide ribbon. On a large tray or platter,
use 8 rolls of toilet paper to make the first layer. Gather them into a circle, wrap tightly with ribbon and tie into a bow. Use 5 rolls for the second
layer and wrap and tie the ribbon the same way. The top layer is just one roll wrapped with ribbon.
Top and decorate as you please—with flowers, funny signs, or even wrapped candies.

Source: Craftbits

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3. Toilet paper bouquet

This is fun for a kid’s birthday party or as another wedding shower game.

Fold and roll up lengths of toilet paper to make your desired quantity of roses. To make each rose, pinch the end of a strip and then wrap progressively bigger swirls around it. (Separate
2-ply paper into single layers if that makes it easier to work with.) Secure
the bottom of each rose using pieces of craft wire or twist ties. Group
your roses together to form a lush bouquet, and add a toilet tissue bow as a
finishing touch.

Source: Disney FamilyFun

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4. Toilet paper sunglasses

These silly spectacles come together quickly. Start with two
strips of toilet paper – one that’s four squares long (use five squares for large
heads), and one that’s two squares long. Fold the long strip in half
length-wise. Fold the short strip diagonally down the middle (the ends won’t
match up).

Slide the long strip into the fold of the short strip, and center
it. Now fold the long strip over again lengthwise about a third of the way down,
and then fold it over again, until the entire long strip is one-third of its
original width. Crease your folds well. Now you can shape your lenses. Fold the pointy lens tips up to make a simple boxy shape, or continue on and fold those boxy corners to round
things off a bit. Model your shades with pride!

Source: Toilegami 

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Toilet paper solar system

For a fun, active kids’ party game that demonstrates the size of our solar system in a silly way, gather the following: Several rolls of toilet paper, markers, scissors, construction paper, a poster-sized piece of paper, and masking tape.

Choose a location with a lot of space, whether it’s a floor or driveway. Make a sign for each planet and the sun with the construction paper and markers. Then using the poster-sized piece of paper, make a table that shows how far (in toilet paper squares!) each planet is from the sun.

Here are the distances to write on the chart:
Mercury: 4;
Venus: 7;
Earth: 10;
Mars: 15;
Jupiter: 52;
Saturn: 95;
Uranus: 192;
Neptune: 301.
Tape the Sun sign to the floor, then tape down the toilet paper and unroll, counting up to the fourth square, with counting help from the kids. Tape the sign that says Mercury next to it. Keep going until you’ve taped each planet’s sign in the correct spot.

Source: Education.com

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