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Durable and Secure Travel Tags to Identify Your Luggage With Ease

Updated: Apr. 04, 2024

Don't let your bags get lost in a sea of luggage. These are the best luggage tags to make a statement—and keep your info secure.

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11 Best Luggage Tags That Will Stand Out From The CrowdRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Planning and packing for a trip is no easy task. No matter how many packing tips you follow, something is bound to be forgotten or left behind. Even so, the last thing anyone wants to lose is their luggage. In the hustle and bustle of an airport or road trip, making sure your bags are labeled and secure ensures they’re safe and out of the wrong hands.

According to Iyanifa Shondra Cheris, owner of Black Will Travel, luggage tags should be labeled with “your first initial and last name with your phone number, an email address you just use for travel and the address of your destination. Putting your home address is great if you are headed home. Otherwise, put your destination. If at a hotel or resort, make sure to list that you are a guest.”

Here are the best luggage tags to stand out from the crowd and grant peace of mind. And while you’re at it, make sure to add the essential things travel pros always pack for a trip, including packing cubes, a luggage scale, a travel pillow and the best toiletry bag.

What to look for when buying luggage tags

Luggage is built to go through the wringer, and your luggage tags should do the same. Look for highly durable materials that can withstand abuse and the elements, like metal, leather or silicone. Something brightly colored will make it easier to pick your bags out in a crowd. If security is important to you, look for luggage tags with a privacy flap that covers your personal information.

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Travelon Luggage Tags via merchant

Travelon Luggage Tags

At first glance, a passerby would only be able to see your name on these Travelon tags. Instead of putting personal information on display, these best luggage tags have a protective cover where your address, phone number and email are kept out of sight. For cautious travelers, it certainly delivers some peace of mind.

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Dynotag Super Tag Id Luggage Tag via merchant

Smart Aluminum Luggage Tag

On the note of identity security, the Dynotag Super Tag ID is the next step in smart traveling. To view the owner’s information, scan the QR code on the back of the tag. The owner has a lifetime subscription to the system and receives notifications when the code is scanned.

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Clabby Cruise Luggage Tags via merchant

Clear Cruise Luggage Tags

Navigating cruise ship luggage drop-offs can be stressful. These Clabby Cruise tags and document holders are waterproof and secured with stainless steel loops, so you can spend less time tracking down bags and more time on the lido deck.

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Leatherology Small Square Luggage Tag via merchant

Leatherology Square Luggage Tag

For a more refined look, one might appreciate the sophistication of leather. Leatherology’s tags come in a variety of sizes and colors. An adjustable strap and an ID window with a privacy closure keep everything secure and safe. You can also personalize the grained leather, which is easy to clean, to further set your bag apart from the crowd.

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Taihexen Silicone Luggage Tag Set via merchant

Silicone Luggage Tag Set

Kids need luggage tags, too! Taihexen makes tags that are colorful, fun and definitely easy to spot. The silicone material makes them bendable and durable against the elements or rough handling at the airport.

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Shacke Privacy Luggage Tags via merchant

Steel Loop Privacy Luggage Tags

Shacke Privacy Tags are designed by travelers, for travelers. Stainless steel loops are as tough as they sound. These must-have Amazon travel accessories won’t be ripped off your luggage, and the PVC rubber keeps personal information safe from the environment and prying eyes.

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Golf Le Fleur Luggage Tag via merchant

Golf le Fleur Luggage Tag

Music aficionados will love this Golf le Fleur luggage tag, a luxury brand helmed by Tyler, the Creator. The brown buffed leather tag is debossed with a bellboy motif on the front and the brand’s logo on the back. Now you just need a stylish capsule wardrobe to match.

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Sodsay Leather Luggage Tags With A Privacy Flap via merchant

Faux-Leather Privacy Flap Luggage Tags

These Sodsay tags come in 28 different colors to match your personal aesthetic. A snap closure flap adds a cool vintage parcel look to these best luggage tags. Plus, a double-layer faux-leather construction and reinforced stitching on the straps ensure durability (and sustainability) for all your upcoming trips.

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Travelambo Stainless Steel Luggage Tags via merchant

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Luggage Tags

Luggage is put through a lot of wear and tear. Travelambo makes the best luggage tags to withstand the most rugged of trips. The reinforced aluminum alloy body and stainless steel loop are twice as strong as other traditional tags on the market. Did we mention they’re also scratch-resistant and affordable? Choose a set of 10 fun metallic colors to match any set of bags.

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Graphic Image Luggage Tags via merchant

Graphic Image Luggage Tags

What’s better than a leather luggage tag? A croc-embossed tag. It secures with a buckle and has a hidden pocket for your information card. Just wipe it down to maintain its shine. Packing for an international getaway? Here are the things you should never forget when traveling overseas.

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Weewooday Luggage Straps Set via merchant

Luggage Tags and Straps Set

Should luggage tags be on top or side?

Experienced travelers agree that you can never be too careful when it comes to luggage security. This Weewooday accessories set secures includes four luggage tags and four brightly hued belts that securely wrap around your bag. This prevents suitcases from opening, deters theft and also easily allows you to identify it among a sea of black bags on the luggage carousel.

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For baggage that’s being checked on an airplane or cruise ship, place your luggage tag on the top handle. When suitcases are loaded into luggage carts they’re placed on their sides, so keeping your luggage tag on the top will keep it visible.

What is the best material for a luggage tag?

When it comes to the best material for luggage tags, it’s all about durability. Look for something that can stand up to the elements and won’t get damaged. Silicone and PVC are good choices if you’re going somewhere wet and rainy, or on a cruise. Metal tags are a great option for checked luggage that might be handled roughly. If aesthetics are important, thick leather tags are not only durable but stylish as well.

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