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27 Cats Making Themselves Comfortable Just About Anywhere

These cool cats can make just about any nook, cranny, and surface their home.

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Catnap anyone?

When a cat wants to get comfy, it doesn’t head to a bed. Why would they when they can make themselves cozy anywhere from a bookshelf to a paper bag to your dining room table. Find out why cats sleep so darn much.

Cats and bags
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Groceries, purr-ty, please!

Is there anything quite as adorable as this little cat making an impromptu paper grocery bag fort? Hardly, and it’s a fun way to reuse what you already have around in a creative and Earth-friendly way. If you really want to wow (or should we say meow) a cat owner, check out our list of these gifts for cat lovers they’ll treasure.

Cat on a bed and feet of a person
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This looks toes-ty

Putting on your favorite fuzzy socks, creating a cozy environment, and curling up with a good book just might be the invitation to cuddling your cat has been looking for. This cuddly catnap is so perfect he’s winking at us, isn’t he? But, if you’re doing any of these things that your cat actually hates, they might just ignore you completely.

GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

An apple a day

Remember the old saying an apple a day…? In this adorable kitten photo, it seems like an apple a day keeps the need for a pillow. While it’s probably not that soft, it goes to show just how open-minded felines are when it comes to finding a good spot to curl up. Check out our list of the best cat names if you’ve got a kitten young enough to mimic this scene.

Directly Above Shot Of Kittens Sleeping On Red Rug At Home
Chuanchai Pundej / EyeEm/Getty Images

All carpets can be magical

Replace the cartoon-like image of Aladdin in your head with these adorable kittens curling up to each other, and your perception of magic carpets will change forever. Cats show us just about any fuzzy carpet can be a magical nap pad, no matter if they’re hand-loomed or machine-made.

Cats sleeping on a mat among sunflowers
Sergio Amiti/Getty Images

Thankful for all the love

Your perfect Thanksgiving tablescape has the potential to be a cornucopia of cat love. Seriously, just look at these fuzzy felines making the most of tabletop faux leaves, silk flowers, and other autumnal decor. Nothing says gratitude quite like showing off your nap skills before the turkey.

You’re a good egg, Kitty

It’s no secret that kittens don’t really come from eggs, but somehow just the idea of fuzzy, kissable little kittens popping out of eggshells is enough to make our hearts explode and our brains wonder how on Earth they’re able to manage making just about everything nap-worthy.

This Way Up
Image by Chris Winsor/Getty Images


Cats always seem to find new and unusual ways to evoke the old I see you response, and we love them for it. Just about any box, container, or compartment can suddenly find itself repurposed as a feline dormitory. These cramped corners are comforting to cats, and offer just the right amount of light they’ll need to see in almost-dark environments.

White Ragdoll Kitten in a Dresser Drawer
Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

Personal meowist, at your service

Leave a dresser drawer open and your favorite furball is likely to hop in, burrow around, purr a bit, and toss out some ensemble options. You’ll probably want to stock up on lint rollers if your kitty makes a habit of calling dresser drawers home, though. Here are 15 other helpful lint roller uses you’ll want to consider.

Baby cat looking into camera
Kim Partridge/Partridge-PetPics/Getty Images

Little lawn meowers

Need help meowing your lawn this summer? Good, because furry, snuggle-worthy kittens are here to help make landscaping less of a chore by adding some cuteness to all your gardening equipment. Just wait till this little guy finds out about hammocks!

Curious Bengal kitten on bookshelf with books
Purple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

The purr-fect addition to your reading list

Even shelves brimming with hard covered books are soft, squishy places for cat naps and comfort. While there are plenty of other more practical ways to make reading fun for children, we’re pretty sure adding a cat between the rows of fiction and non-fiction is a fool-proof plan.

Close-Up Of Cat Relaxing At Home
Meredith Work / EyeEm/Getty Images

Rockabye kitty

Imagine that said in a sing-song way, but instead of a cat cuddled up inside a cradle, she’s wrapped around the curved base of the rocker as a sort of feline sandwich between the floor and furniture. It may not seem like the first place humans would think of relaxing, but for nap-versatile cats, it’s a dream come true.

Sneaky Cheeks
Image by cuppyuppycake/Getty Images

She’s ready to prove her willingness to cuddle anywhere

Your work bag is now an on-the-go cuddle center, but it’s just the beginning. She’s ready, willing, and able to show her dedication to the cuddle cause by joining you on your morning commute, finding all sorts of new corners and weird spots in the office to snuggle up to, and then repeat the process on the way home. She’s a champion of adaptation and has the resume to prove it.

Kitten in rolled up yoga mat
Benjamin Torode/Getty Images

The most natural yogis out there

He’s been waiting to show off his mastery of the “cat” part of cat-cow pose all day and is just waiting for you to unroll the mat to let his natural ability shine through. Just remember to give your yoga mat a good cleaning every day so it’s safe for both you and your kitten’s practice.

Scottish Fold kitten
Nico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

Coffee, tea, or me?

This image gives new meaning to the concept of teacup kittens, doesn’t it? Those little blue eyes and soft-seeming pale gray fur is all we need to get our day going. The one thing cats don’t like? Cucumbers.

Sleeping cute kitten with tongue
oxygen/Getty Images

Fresh laundry is universally appealing

Fresh laundry isn’t just a favorite of humans—cats love it too. It’s warm, clean, and scented like happiness, and that’s the perfect formula to lure cuddly creatures of all types to the pile. This little guy is making the most of a washed quilt and making the face that represents how we all feel when we climb into a clean bed after a long day.

Little cat playing
cristinairanzo/Getty Images

Pajamas, anyone?

If you think pajamas are just a people thing—think again. Cats love cuddling up against them, too. Maybe you won’t see your favorite feline wearing a cozy nightgown anytime soon, but she will certainly love cuddling up against yours whether they’re on you or not. Not sure which cat you’re looking to add to your family? These are the cutest cat breeds as kittens.

Cozy kitten rests paw on hand and laptop
Ann Schwede/Getty Images

An executive assistant is purr-ty helpful

Need an assistant? Good, because cats love snuggling up to warm humans with even warmer laptop computers in hand. You probably won’t find your furball helping out with spreadsheets and emails, but she’ll probably be the belle of the Zoom meeting ball.

Tabby cat sitting in a laundry basket
Linda Raymond/Getty Images

Are you kitten me?

This furry friend making the most of a basket of clean folded linens is our spirit animal, both figuratively and literally. He’s somehow mastered the highly specific art of finding peace in laundry and it’s enviable. Bedroom accent chairs piled high with discarded outfits around the world are jealous. Here’s why cats can’t resist an open box.

Cat in the washing machine . Washing machine. Pet. Drum machines . British kitten. Funny .
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Purr-haps waiting for the next load?

Fresh, warm laundry is so popular with furballs of all sorts that some cats have gotten claw-ver enough to suggest starting a fresh load or two. Hey, those naps aren’t going to take themselves, and the blankets in the living room are already cold.

Close-Up Portrait Of Woman And Cat In Car
Nuttasirikarn Uttachak / EyeEm/Getty Images


This cat is a true wild child, ready for the scent of fresh air, the sound of the open road, and the feeling of crisp wind blowing through his model-esque fur. Don’t get too hung up on preconceived notions about what cats like or don’t—this frame-worthy photo proves cats can make themselves at home happily just about anywhere.

High Angle View Of Cat Resting On Car Hood
Liam Mcgrady / EyeEm/Getty Images

A paw-some place to relax

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, we’re going to let you in on a little secret—cats love the warm hood of a recently driven car. It’s the purr-fect place for a short nap until the heat dissipates. Just be careful about your paint job. Leaving a thin blanket on the hood of your car will probably go a long way in preserving a scratch-free exterior.

Furry homework hel-purr, anyone?

Home school, after school, extra studying, tutor time—it’s all the same. Cats want to help, and they’re pretty great about making a desk their center stage and making homework a lot more fun. Fur real. We’re pretty sure nine out of ten kids with homework prefer the help of a snuggly kitten to just about any other option out there. Just don’t be surprised if teachers report a cat-ate-my-homework tale.

Two Kittens sitting on balcony
© by Martin Deja/Getty Images

Feline good when we’re together

Everywhere is a place to get comfortable and cuddly when two or more kittens are together, and that’s exactly how these siblings feel on an otherwise hard and cold balcony.

Small kitten in poket
vetmoda/Getty Images

A pocket full of kittens

Forget cash, a pocket full of kittens is the best feeling in the world, and it definitely represents indescribable wealth. We’re not sure how this little guy decided to pop into his dad’s pocket, but we’re so glad there’s photographic evidence of potentially record-breaking cuteness. Pardon us while we line all our pockets with catnip and hope for the best.

Cat Relaxing On Shelf At Home
Rachel Abygail / EyeEm/Getty Images

Looking for me?

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just make myself helpful and keep this spare bookshelf warm.” That’s probably what this feline is thinking, right? Otherwise, she’s just a master of creative thinking and napping. Either option is appealing, obviously.

Kitten playing with packing peanuts
lisegagne/Getty Images

What’s fur dinner?

He’s probably hoping for something full of delicious, healthy fish. Or maybe meat. Or wait, what about filling this bowl with milk? Just kidding—you’ll probably want to stick with a regular cat-friendly diet, because it turns out some cats are allergic to lactose. Ah, cats, they’re just like some of us.

High Angle Portrait Of Cat Relaxing In Bag On Table At Home
Oleg Golovnev / EyeEm/Getty Images

Going somewhere?

Not without this furry friend, you’re not! You wouldn’t want to make the claw-ful mistake of leaving her behind, and missing out on a meowy good opportunity to snuggle your way through the entire day. She’s really excited for you two to share a tuna sandwich for lunch. That’s what you had in mind, right? Nip on the side, please. Next, read on to see 16 photos of sleeping kitties that are sure to make you smile.

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