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50 of the Cutest Photos of Sleeping Kittens

These funny cat photos from readers prove that a cat nap can happen just about anywhere. Here are some of the cutest submissions.

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Directly Above Shot Of Kittens Sleeping On Red Rug At Home
Chuanchai Pundej/EyeEm/Getty Images

The cutest sleeping kittens

Kittens are one of the best companions, no matter which one of the cat breeds you have! Whether it be from the little moments as cute sleeping kittens or their adult silly and funny cat personality—they’re sure to be by your side whenever and wherever. While some people can be stuck in the cat vs. dog mentality, there are so many cute animal photos we can spend our entire lives looking at because who could resist these creatures! Scrolling through cat pictures can be fun and boost your mood as you see each personality shine through with each photo. Take a moment to wind down and boost your mood all while growing your heart when seeing the 50 cutest photos of sleeping kittens!

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black cat getting head massage
Grace Cary/Getty Images

This kitten loves a good massage

Rest and relaxation is all this sleeping kitten needs! After a few massages, we can already hear the snores of a good night’s sleep!

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kitten sleeping on pillow
Maksymowicz/Getty Images

This kitten needs his favorite pillow to sleep

One of the main ingredients to perfect sleep is the tiny cloud of softness under your head and this kitten knows all about that! Grab your favorite pillow and hit the hay. Here’s how to tell how smart your cat is—the signs are pretty interesting!

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cat sleeping in fluffy rug
Qi Yang/Getty Images

This cat wants all the fluff

Fluff and warmth make this sleeping kitten doze off instantly. With a fluffy blanket, nothing is impossible—especially sleeping!

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tabby kitten sleeping outside in grass
Kelvin Kam/EyeEm/Getty Images

This tabby found the perfect spot outside

With the sun beaming down, it went from tanning time to nap time when this kitten found the best spot outdoors. The warmth of the sun sure does make one sleepy!

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cat and dog sleeping on opposite sides of a couch
Elena Grigorovich/EyeEm/Getty Images

This napping duo gives one another plenty of space

Who says cats and dogs can’t be friends? This duo proves opposites attract by enjoying each other’s company while snoozing for a bit of time!

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kitten snuggling in green sweater
Roger Tuset/EyeEm/Getty Images

This cat loves laundry day

Pillows and blankets, move over! Sweaters, hoodies, and shirts are all the rave for some of your sleepy pets. Fresh out of the dryer makes nap time warm and soft!

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kitten sleeping with yellow eyecover
AnnaRise/Getty Images

This pampered feline enjoys the luxury of napping

With an atmosphere clearly fit for a king, this kitten takes a moment to decompress and rest! We’re taking down notes from this relaxed king!

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new born kitten sleeping
Kryssia Campos/Getty Images

This newborn’s favorite activity is sleeping

Newborns are infamous for their main activity—sleeping. Following her predecessors, this kitten is continuing the tradition by taking a few moments to nap!

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child and kitten sleeping together
FamVeld/Getty Images

This inseparable duo takes on nap time together

Nothing beats the bond between these youngsters and shows that cats are your best friend. From day to night and all the breaks in between, this duo tackles the world together.

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cat sleeping with leopard stuffed animal
Jena Ardell/Getty Images

This kitten needs a stuffed animal

Just like many of us, we all have our favorite childhood toy just like this kitten! Snuggling up with a stuffed animal makes bedtime the best time!

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White Persian Cat lying on back
Stefka Pavlova/Getty Images

This cat who just wants some shut-eye

We’ve all found ourselves crashing on the floor at some point, who can blame this sleeping kitten for doing the exact same!

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sleepy cat
Sharmila Lobind/EyeEm/Getty Images

This kitten will sleep anywhere

While we don’t know if this is the comfiest place to sleep, we all can relate especially after a long day filled with activities! Good night world!

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A ginger cat asleep across a keyboard
Elizabeth Livermore/Getty Images

This kitten wants to multitask

Work, sleep, repeat? Right? Well, we might just take after this sleeping kitten and combine both—nobody’s going to notice!

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British Short hair cat sleeping on couch with squashed face
Carlos G. Lopez/Getty Images

This cat couldn’t make it to the bed

We’re not kitten around when we say the best part of the day is hitting the hay!

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High Angle View Of Cat Sleeping On Bed At Home
Daniel Levick / EyeEm/Getty Images

This cat likes a sturdy bed

Saying bye to your bed is the hardest thing to do every morning. Looks like this kitten has hit snooze a few too many times!

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Cat sleeping on ground
Waitforlight/Getty Images

This kitten is so comfy

Ever find yourself moving around trying to find the right sleeping position? Kittens do the same and she’s conquered it by finding just the right spot for an afternoon nap.

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These kitten know sharing is caring

Besties who nap together, stay together. We would have to say this duo is a top contender for the sleepiest animal friendship!

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This cat likes a small bed

This tiny sleeping kitten in a tiny bed is making our hearts melt! Takes us back to the good days of doing nothing and napping.

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Close-Up Of Cat Lying On Floor
Eliana Halloun / EyeEm/Getty Images

These cats are dancing in their sleep

A model while sleeping? Kittens can do just about everything from dancing and striking a pose to curling up and cuddling. What more could you ask for?

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Beagle dog and moggie cat having a cuddle
KERRYWHO/Getty Images

This kitten doesn’t discriminate when it comes to cuddling

“You got a friend in me.” Dogs and kittens make the best cuddle buddies ever and we’re sure these two spend their days doing their favorite thing together—sleeping!

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Thai cat sleeping on the floor in the morning at home
Pakin Songmor/Getty Images

This kitten just wants some sleep and sun

We have a multitasker right here! Doing everyone’s favorite summer activity of catching all the rays while taking a nap on a beautiful day. Who says kittens can’t do it all?

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Cat sleeping in an empty birdbath
Courtesy Carole Modlin

This cat wants some fresh air and a nap

Fresh and relaxed! There’s nothing better than hanging outside and catching some Zzz’s on a warm day.

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Striped cat sleeping on the floor
Courtesy Gail Brevard

This cat knows how to get comfortable

Ever been to a sleepover and your friend forgets to give you a blanket and you end up freezing? Yup! While it may bother us, this cat is doing just fine on his own feeling relaxed and enjoying a good sleep!

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Cat sleeping on blue blanket
Courtesy Kathleen Anzalone

This kitten had a long day at the office

After an exhausting day, we all just want to hit the hay! Looks like this sleeping kitten beat us to it!

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Two cats sleeping on a blue blanket
Courtesy Amy Cisneros

These kittens know cuddling is the best part of napping

Cuddle buddies turn into sleeping buddies! Looking like they forgot to put on their paw-jamas!

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Two cats sleeping in a heart position
Courtesy Aly Cohen

These cats love sleeping

These two are feline loved! There’s nothing better than relaxing with your partner in crime and snoozing for the day!

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GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

This cat was so sleepy she fell asleep on an apple

Such a teacher’s pet! This cutie is sure to convince schools worldwide to have a “bring your pet to school” day!

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Lovely kitten on sleeping
Waitforlight/Getty Images

This adorable little guy is all tucked in

If only we could all get tucked into bed! Jealous of this sleeping buddy who is having the sleep of his life!

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Kitten on lap
Fjola Dogg Thorvalds/Getty Images

This little baby is happily being lulled to sleep

We’ve all enjoyed a good ol’ fashioned lullaby here and there so who can blame this kitten for doing the same. Any volunteers to sing us to sleep?

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Carefree Kitten, Sleeping Kitten, Bengal Kitten Sleeping
Jena Ardell/Getty Images

This sleepy cat is not afraid of falling down

Without a care in the world about falling, the only thing this sleepy feline is worried about is getting enough sleep! Not a single thought except for its wildest dreams.

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Sleeping Kittens
Akimasa Harada/Getty Images

This sleepy duo love snoozing together

Big spoon, little spoon! Doesn’t matter, all we know is that when you find your sleeping partner, nothing gets better!

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Gatito durmiendo
C.Aranega/Getty Images

This gray cat looks so peaceful

Best sleeping position. Finding the right spot can be hard but this cat sure makes it look easy! Sleep tight!

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Kitten Snuggling in Knitted Blanket
Bernine/Getty Images

This little baby is the cutest sleepy guy out there

Hide-and-seek is going to be hard to play with this tiny kitten! Buried in the middle of a blanket makes us want to snuggle up and rest our eyes for a moment to relax.

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Portrait of tabby cat sleeping on the backrest of a couch
Westend61/Getty Images

This orange guy is about to fall asleep

Orange you glad, you said bedtime? For this kitten, sleep is no joke, so don’t get in between him and his sleep!

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Sleeping cute kitten with smile
oxygen/Getty Images

This fluffy kitten has the cutest smile when sleeping

Dreams can make your sleep feel like you’re on a cloud. We bet you this kitten is dreaming of days filled with toys, sleep, treats!

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High Angle View Of Young Man With Kitten Sleeping On Bed At Home
Yuki Cheung / EyeEm/Getty Images

This spotted little baby loves sleeping with her human

With busy schedules, we don’t always get to take a nap with our sleeping kittens. Take a break and grab your favorite blanket for you and your furry friend to spend some quality time together because kittens sure do make good cuddle buddies!

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Cat sleeping
cristinairanzo/Getty Images

This cat is color-coordinated as she sleeps

Trend forecaster! This cat knows that monochrome is in so we’re going to be taking down notes from her from now on.

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Close-Up Of Cat Relaxing At Home
Meredith Work / EyeEm/Getty Images

This little guy is so sleepy he fell asleep on a chair’s legs

A new spin on a rocking chair—rocking bed! We sure do hope we can have some of those in our homes!

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kitten sleeping
GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

This adorable baby loves sleeping on a blanket

A blanket is sure to make sleep better and this baby is proving it! Snuggled and ready for bedtime!

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Sleeping kittens
harpazo_hope/Getty Images

These cute friends love cuddling together

We’re not kitten you when we say we wish we were in this cuddle session! Best sleep ever!

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Close-Up Of Kitten Sleeping On Bed
Sarah Swinford / EyeEm/Getty Images

This black and white baby is the most adorable sleeping cat around

A morning stretch after a good night’s sleep is exactly what we need. Looks like this sleeping kitten isn’t ready to start the day and we can’t blame him.

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New Kitten
Tanya Little/Getty Images

This little guy is knocked out cold

Purrrr-ple is this sleeping kitten’s favorite color — his blanket even matches! With your favorite blanket, sleep awaits you almost instantly.

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Cozy home
martin-dm/Getty Images

This little baby is asleep on her human’s shoulder

A warm embrace makes this kitten sleep soundly through the day. We can all agree we are jealous of his slumber!

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Close up of a Ragdoll Kitten's Whiskers and Paws as He Sleeps, Blue Colorpoint
Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

This silver baby loves sleeping in a ball

Turning and twisting, turning and twisting. This silver kitten has done it all and found just the right spot to hit snooze and dream on!

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Directly Above Shot Of Kittens Sleeping On Bed At Home
Cleopatra Gomez / EyeEm/Getty Images

These twin babies are all snuggled up

The most purr-fect pair! These twin kittens make us want to cuddle up and share the love with our siblings too!

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All Sleep. I Watch.
chockolina (Svetlana Simeonova)/Getty Images

This kitten puddle is the cutest thing ever

We’ve all been there where we can sleep immediately or it takes us a bit longer than everyone else. These kittens sure are the most relatable!

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Naptime for a siamese kitten
Paula Daniëlse/Getty Images

This cute Siamese kitten is ready for her nap

One quick lick and then it’s lights out! This cat sure is ready to follow orders as she closes her eyes for a nap.

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Overhead view of a Scottish shorthair kitten sleeping in a basket
mariannehope/Getty Images

This Scottish shorthair loves sleeping in a basket

A-tisket, a-tasket, a sleeping kitten in a basket. Once you find your comfy spot, there is no going back!

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High Angle View Of Kittens Sleeping On Bed
Panuwat Chonvirojsakun / EyeEm/Getty Images

These perfectly posed sleeping kittens look adorable

Not one, not two, not three BUT four sleeping kittens? We can’t handle this sleeping quarter, our hearts are melting!

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Highland Lynx Kitten
lisegagne/Getty Images

This little guy is using toilet paper as a blanket

Innovator of the year goes to this sleeping kitten. We can already tell the next trend is going to be two-ply toilet paper—you heard it here folks!