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Can You Guess the Famous City Based on Their Skylines?

Tall buildings, bright lights—many city skylines look the same. This is harder than you think!


Can you guess the city that is this historic skyline?

We’ll start out easy. There’s one monument that should make this one a no-brainer. You won’t believe that these hilarious town names are actually real.


Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower gives this city skyline away.


Think you know this skyline?

This one is a little bit harder.


Dallas, Texas

If you’re good at this, you can probably guess what these pictures are based on their close up images.


What famous city is this at sunset?

We bet you know this one.

New-York-MapShanna Hyatt/Shutterstock

New York, New York

It’s the city so nice they named it twice.


What skyline is this?

Nope, that’s not the Eiffel Tower. Don’t be fooled

Japan-mapDmitrijs Kaminskis/Shutterstock

Tokyo, Japan

Can you also spot the one image that isn’t like the others in this puzzle?


Recognize these buildings?

This may be a bit further from home, but this architecture is pretty quintessential.

VenezuelaFrancesco Losenno/shutterstock

Venice, Italy

If you like puzzles, try to figure out how many squares are in this image.

Chicago-skylineSemmick Photo/Shutterstock

Know this city?

If you want a hint, this city is known for being very windy.


Where is that famous building located?

That tall, skinny building should give it away.


Toronto, Canada

This funky optical illusion will make your brain hurt.

Hong-kongSean Pavone/Shutterstock

What city has that many lights?

This may not be the city that never sleeps, but how can they sleep with all those lights?

Hong-kong-mapDmitrijs Kaminskis/Shutterstock

Do you recognize this landscape?

Does that dome look familiar?

Italy-mapDmitrijs Kaminskis/shutterstock

Rome, Italy

That bridge is the Ponte Cavour and the building sitting up in the background is the Basilica Saint Peter.

Dubai-skylineFunny Solution Studio/Shutterstock

What city does this skyline belong to?

The tallest building in the world is in this city.

Dubai-mapDmitrijs Kaminskis/Shutterstock

Dubai, UAE

That tall, pointy building is Burj Khalifa. It’s 2,722 feet tall.

MelbourneRudy Balasko/Shutterstock

Know this skyline?

This one may be a bit trickier, especially if you’ve never been here.


Melbourne, Australia

Check out these stunning photos that aren’t what they seem.

Shanghai-SkylineSean Pavone/shutterstock

What famous skyline is this?

We love how the skyline reflects on the water, but what body of water is that?

Shanghai-mapPontus Edenberg/Shutterstock

Know where that building is located?

That famous building gives this one away.

Seattle-mapAlexander Lukatskiy/Shutterstock

Seattle, Washington

That well-known building is the Space Needle. If you got a lot of these right you might also be able to guess the airport from its code.

Sydney-skylineTaras Vyshnya/shutterstock

What city is this?

Look closely in the bottom right corner and you’ll know the city.


Sydney, Australia

Check out these gorgeous photos of the most colorful towns in the world.


Last skyline. Know this one?

Well-traveled readers may know this one, but don’t feel badly if you don’t. This is a tricky one.

Budapest-mapDmitrijs Kaminskis/Shutterstock

Budapest, Hungary

So the skylines were a giveaway, but can you guess the cities from just one skyscraper?

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