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12 Examples of Handwriting So Perfect It Could Be a Font

Updated: Dec. 09, 2022

Browse through these stunning examples of penmanship that's so lovely you wish it could be a font.

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beautiful neat handwriting
pederk/Getty Images

Perfect penmanship

Everyone has their own style when it comes to penmanship. In fact, one could say that your handwriting is as unique to you as is your fingerprint. However, some people have handwriting that looks so good it almost looks professionally printed. Take a look at these fine examples of handwriting that’s so good that it needs to be made into a font.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy @introvert_studies

Master note-taker

University student @introvert_studies makes note-taking a work of art. “If I could name my handwriting I’d probably name it iridescent,” says the note-taking expert. The style is neat and structured but with a playful twist on the popular hand-lettering trend. The writing feels so approachable that it makes reading school notes more interesting.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Lisa Steele | Fresh Eggs Daily


Growing up, Lisa Steele hated being left-handed. She couldn’t write on chalkboards without erasing her work or master the beautiful pen and ink calligraphy that her father tried to teach her. Instead, the now author and backyard chicken expert developed her own style, an interesting mix of print/cursive handwriting, that she calls “Chicken Scratch.”

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Micaela Forziati @micafor.3

Bold and bright

Hand lettering artist Micaela’s Instagram feed is full of her bold, bright lettering style that is both dynamic and fluent with a touch of classic cursive style. She says she would name her font “Lucas,” after her brother because he was the one who introduced her into hand lettering.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Deena Tamashiro @craftydeesigns

All caps

Former English teacher @craftydeesigns displays a mix of all caps and script in her bullet journaling. She says that “the physical act of writing is meditative for me, and I love writing in my planner both as memory keeping and reflection.” She would name her font “Defying Capitalization Rules,” because not having differentiation between uppercase and lowercase goes against everything she used to teach. If you want to play it straight, brush up on these 10 words you never knew you’re supposed to capitalize.

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Carrie Freed handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Carrie Freed

Pharmacy studies

Pharmacy student, @apothe.carrie uses her neat penmanship to help her retain information for her studies. She says, “writing slower lets me retain information better.” (She’s not wrong—here’s how writing by hand makes you smarter.) Her entire Instagram feed is full of her memorizing neat penmanship. She’s even made highlighting and bolding her notes a work of art. She calls her “font” Shmallyn.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Emily's Hand Lettering


Hand lettering artist @emilettering strives to uplift others with her signature writing style. “One of my favorite things to do with my writing is connecting ‘T’ and ‘H,'” explains @emilettering. She likes how the letters join in two different places. If she could name her font, she’d call it “Bounce Back” because it captures the bouncy, upbeat style of her letters.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Amy Latta Creations

No-so everyday cursive

Hand lettering blogger and author, Amy Latta, has worked hard to master her penmanship. “I love how each letter has both thick and thin lines that compose it, giving a beautiful contrast and making it stand out from everyday cursive writing,” says Amy of her scriptwriting she calls “Noelle.”

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Lucy Mercer


Recent law school graduate, Phoebe, has developed her distinct penmanship over many years of keeping a daily journal. Her “f’s” feature a wonderfully curved downstroke and immediately stand out in a block of text. Phoebe would name her font “Moleskine” because she always writes in black, hardcover Moleskine notebooks.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Michelle Boris of @doublemlettering

Clean and bold

Hand lettering artist @doublelettering describes her handwriting as clean and bold and easy to read with a touch of playfulness. “The thing I like most about my work is it is often colorful and stylish,” she says. If she could name her font, she would call it “arting” in honor of her daughter (who often asks “are we arting mama?” when they color or paint.) Find out what your handwriting reveals about you.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy @AllWriteByMe

Modern hybrid

Cursive writing may not be taught in all the schools across the country anymore, but hand-letter artist @allwritebyme has developed a modern hybrid version of script. “I think what I like most is that it feels like a modern cursive,” she explains, “I originally started out very classic with lots of loops, but throughout the years I’ve made it more my own, which has resulted in a modern hybrid.” She would name her font after her Instagram handle, “All Write by Me” to commemorate her whole journey with writing and lettering. Read up on the debate about if schools should bring back cursive writing.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Stan James

Ever-evolving style

Blogger Wandering Stan has always had a love of letters. “My handwriting is unique because it’s always changing,” he explains. Stan has kept a journal for over 20 years and challenges himself to never write in the same style for more than a few days. “I love discovering new ways to push and nudge and cajole those 26 shapes in creative ways!” says Stan. He calls his take on traditional calligraphy “Textured Chaos.” Find out 8 times etiquette dictates you should send a handwritten thank-you note.

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handwriting so neat it could be a font
Courtesy Hayley Callaway of HayleyCakes and Cookies

Sweet script

Hayley Callaway’s writing weapon of choice is a piping bag. She describes her handwriting as a combination of cute and adorable swirly script, mixed with a little sassy edge—just like her miniature pomeranian. She expertly pipes script on to delicious cookies she makes in her shop Hayley’s Cakes and Bakery in Austin, Texas, changing up her handwriting as needed to fit onto her cookies. “Sometimes it is straight and skinny, and sometimes it is swoopy and curly,” explains Callaway. “It is all done in icing, so it is ever-changing and has a three-dimensional quality that most “handwriting” does not achieve.” Hayley would name her font “Mister Waffles” after her beloved dog. Learn the one minute trick that will instantly improve your handwriting.