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What Your Favorite Cheese Says About Your Personality

Are you a connoisseur of cheddar? Gaga for Gouda? Perhaps you secretly love American cheese? Expert cheese mongers from Murray's Cheese in New York City weigh in on what it all means.

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The Brie lover is a romantic

If you enjoy spending your weekends at galleries and on picnic dates, we’ll bet your favorite cheese is brie. “Brie lovers like art, flowers, strong coffee and have been totally obsessed with French cinema ever since finished studying in Paris,” says Murray’s Cheese mongers Julia Birnbaum and Hayley Mulcrone. “Invite them to dinner—they’ll bring a great bottle of wine.”

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Fans of American cheese love sports

Have you watched baseball all your life, attended tailgates in college, and own at least one autographed jersey? Yeah, we thought so. “The American cheese eater values ease, comfort, and time spent hanging out with their crew during football games,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “Armed with a beer and a burger, they know how to keep it classic.”

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Gouda cheese eaters are spontaneous

“The Gouda eater likes to spice things up,” says the Murray’s Cheese team. “They’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, an eye for the wackily wonderful, and an endless supply of weird dive bar recommendations.” They also never make plans in advance, but somehow always end up fully booked and busy.

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Parmesan devotees are great cooks

“Don’t miss the Parmesan eater’s next dinner party!” advise Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “Parmesan eaters have a taste for classic rusticity and don’t hold back in the kitchen.” They have a natural chef’s instinct and a way of making the simplest dish taste gourmet. These genius kitchen shortcuts will save time and make cooking easier.

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Mozzarella fans have impeccable taste

If your favorite cheese is mozzarella, sophistication is a way of life and always will be. “The mozz lover keeps it simple,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “Their style is minimalist but effortlessly chic. Outside of brunching hours, they’re most comfortable at an art exhibition opening with a glass of something bubbly in hand.”

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Cheddar cheese eaters are well-balanced

“The Cheddar-head has respect for the classics, but always keeps an eye out for what’s hot,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “They might shop vintage, but they’re totally up to date on Westworld and the latest Frank Ocean album release.” You’re all about holding onto the best elements of the past, while still managing to move forward with all things contemporary. Here’s what your favorite music reveals about your personality.

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Swiss cheese buffs hate change

Do you still use a sliding keyboard cell phone and sport the same haircut you’ve had since middle school? If so, we know you adore Swiss. “The Swiss cheese lover keeps it old-school and close to home. They like getting mad about changing neighborhoods and most likely still don’t have a Snapchat account,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. Sorry Swiss fans, but Brooklyn isn’t the place it once was and that’s OK.

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Fans of feta cheese live a healthy lifestyle

You know that type of girl who has naturally glowing skin and goes on wellness retreats? Guess what? She adores feta. “Your feta-eating friends have it all figured out,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “They’re centered, relaxed, and easy to talk to. You’ll find them at the farmer’s market on weekend mornings and a yoga class any other day of the week.” What does your favorite flower say about you?

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Camembert eaters are adventurous

“The Camembert enthusiast isn’t afraid of flavor—or much of anything for that matter!” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “This world traveler has plenty of stories from their last trip and is constantly counting down the days until their next overseas adventure.” We get it, Camembert fiend, you’ve skydived and have a regretful tattoo.

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No one is trendier than the Halloumi lover

“The halloumi-er is so, so cool,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. We’re talking about crisp white sneakers, being friends with the lead-singer of a band, and casually frequenty a holiday beach house. “They’re unique and edgy without even trying, and their restaurant recommendations are top-notch. They probably have a hilarious blog and a cute pet with a clever name,” they predict. They’re probably already old hands at hygge, a trend you should know about if you don’t already.

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Monterey Jack fans are straight-shooters

“The Monterey Jack eater is a feisty one who lives for late nights out with the squad,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “They keep it real and might get into trouble every once in a while for telling it like it is.” Every friend group needs a Monterey Jack lover, but be careful that they don’t offend anyone and get into a fight.

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Blue cheese eaters are social butterflies

“Make way for the blue cheese lover! They’re bold, hilarious, and always have something to say,” say Birnbaum and Mulcrone. “They’re your top choice of friend to see a movie or play with—just be ready to hold back your laughter throughout their snarky commentary.” Suffice to say, the blue cheese fanatic has a lot to say and will gladly talk your head off. Want to learn more about yourself? Check out these free online personality tests.