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What Your Favorite Flower Says About Your Personality

Updated: May 10, 2022

Roses, tulips, sunflowers, and more... Your favorite flower may hold the key to your personality. Find out what your flower preference says about you.

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Orchid lovers enjoy a life of luxury

These exotic blooms are synonymous with the best of the best, says Stephanie Herron of Scotts Flowers New York City. “This beauty often comes with a price, as they can be quite temperamental; if one element is off in their environment, they may refuse to cooperate and will withhold their full beauty,” she says. Sounds like anyone you know? (Related: Find out what your favorite ice cream flavor says about your personality.)

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Tulip fans are easy to please

If tulips are your go-to flowers, there’s a good chance you’re incredibly positive, laid back, and have tons of close friends. “The tulip can bloom on the coldest of days and also the sunniest,” says Herron. “It happily goes with the flow, quite literally following the sunshine.” (Related: Find out what your favorite music reveals about your personality.)

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Calla lilies show you’re strong and silent

Calla lily aficionados appreciate minimalist design and take a less-is-more approach to life. These flowers don’t require constant upkeep, and unlike colorful attention-seeking flowers, a bouquet of calla lilies commands a room using only the understated beauty of its simple silhouette. “The calla lily is a no-fuss flower that will remain strong and lively without much assistance,” says Herron. “The flower is a wonderful marriage of flexible strength and modern elegance.” (Related: Check out what your voice says about you, literally.)

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Hydrangea lovers are team players

“Hydrangeas have great versatility and always enrich other blooms with their presence, offering great strength and support to more fragile flowers,” Herron says. “However, you can’t leave hydrangeas alone for too long; they may look strong, but they rely on your help as much as other flowers rely on them.” Check out the meaning behind your 50 favorite flowers.

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Rose lovers are sophisticated—and a touch prickly

Whether your preference be for white, red, or any other color of rose, these flowers are timeless, and romantic, says Stephanie. But make no mistake, despite their obvious allure, “the rose is also a very strong self-defender,” Herron says. “It shields itself with guard petals and thorns for protection. If handled too roughly, it bruises easily, so this flower must be handled with the utmost respect and care.” (Related: Here’s what different rose colors mean.)

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Peony lovers live in the moment

“Voluptuous, luxurious, and sweet, the peony remains in high demand,” Herron says. The peony is much-loved, yet blooms in a very short window of time. “One must live in the moment with the blooming peony, appreciating it while you can, because you know you will spend most of your time without it,” says Herron.

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Gardenia lovers are high maintenance

Are you someone who can’t leave the house without wearing your signature, exotic perfume? If so, your favorite flowers could be gardenias, which have the most memorably sweet fragrance of all flowers, says Herron. However, while their smell may entice you, gardenias are best appreciated from a distance as they bruise easily. “Many people avoid them altogether, as they’re difficult to please,” says Herron. Uh-oh. Gardenia fanatics may need to check their attitudes if they don’t want to keep others at bay.

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Iris lovers are creative

If your favorite flower is the iris, you’re likely an art-loving, creative type. You enjoy being someone’s muse and secretly hope to inspire others’ artistic endeavors. After all, the iris “has inspired many great works of art throughout history and remains highly regarded as a symbol of royalty,” Herron says.

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Lily lovers inspire others

“The lily is a dramatic flower full of blooming potential that may often be misunderstood or under appreciated,” Herron says. Lilies can grow into many colors, some bright as fire and others dark as night, and are beautiful year-round. “The lily is tall and proud as it reaches for the sun, hoping to share its strength and vitality with others,” Herron says. If you’re most fond of lilies, there’s a good chance you know how to uplift others and always keep your head held high.

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Sunflower lovers are optimistic

As you might have guessed solely by its name, the sunflower lover has an infectiously radiant and warm disposition. You’re a glass-half-full type of person, always turning your attention to the bright side of things. Nothing can keep you feeling low, and if free to thrive, you’ll set your sights unbelievably high —after all, the tallest sunflower grew over 30 feet tall!

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