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8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Static

And no, we won’t be recommending dryer sheets.

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Use a wire hanger

You’ve probably always wondered how to get rid of static with things you already have in your house. A wire hanger is a perfect place to start. A wire hanger can take back some of the electric charge that causes your clothes to stick to you. Run a clothes hanger along the inside of your outfit—it works especially well with silk—right before or after putting it on to keep static at bay.

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Try fabric softener

Use fabric softener when you wash your clothes to cut down on cling. Once your clothes are ready to wear, add a tablespoon of fabric softener to a spray bottle of water and spritz it on trouble spots for a homemade version of Static Guard. Try these other fixes for common wardrobe malfunctions.

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Toss in dryer balls

Throw a couple of dryer balls into your next load to minimize each item’s contact with others. For a DIY alternative, crumpling aluminum foil into plum-sized balls will do the trick.

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Use lotion

You probably keep a small bottle of hand lotion in your bag anyway, so here’s another great reason to dig it out. Rub a bit of hand lotion on the spot that your clothes keep clinging to. By the time it dries, you’ll be static-free. Lotion can buff handbags too. After you’ve learned how to remove static with one of these tricks, try these solutions to de-wrinkle your clothes without an iron.

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Just add water

When your clothes have about ten minutes left in the dryer, add a damp rag and continue on the lowest heat setting. Dry air contributes to static, but the wetness from the rag will keep the air moist.

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Wear a safety pin

Here’s how to get rid of static with a simple safety pin. That bit of metal will hold some charge to prevent static from building up through the day. Place a metal safety pin on the inside of your clothes where it won’t be seen. Here are some secrets that your dry cleaner won’t tell you.

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Spritz on hairspray

Adding a bit of hairspray to your clothes can help get rid of that annoying cling.

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Separate natural from synthetic

Mixing natural and synthetic fabrics, like tights with a cotton skirt, makes you more prone to building up static. Avoid wearing outfits that mix the two, and prevent a buildup on clothes by keeping them separate in the dryer. Now that you know how to get rid of static, check out these secrets you never knew about your own clothes.

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