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How to Look Young Naturally? Try These Surprisingly Simple Expert Tips

Updated: Apr. 12, 2024

There's nothing wrong with aging ... but why not look your best while doing it? Here’s how to look younger easily and naturally.

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How to look younger effortlessly

Repeat after us: Aging is beautiful. Every wrinkle, crinkle and spot is hard-earned proof of a life well lived. Thankfully, society has come a long way in recent years, and we’re more fully appreciating the wisdom and beauty of women in their 40s and beyond. But just because you’ve earned your stripes (or the lines on your face, in this case), it doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your very best. The truth is, you can love your age and yourself and still want to know how to look younger.

From choosing makeup that will make you look younger and hairstyles that will turn back the clock to wearing strategic outfits and accessories, we have so many easy options at our disposal. Heck, there are even youthful body-language tactics that can help you look better in pictures. It all comes down to doing what you can to enhance your features. “For example, as you age, your skin gets more dull,” says Jackie Alves, an Arizona-based makeup artist and the founder of Real Makeup for Real Women. “You can reverse that with a few simple moves.”

We dove deep into research and spoke to top beauty, style, nutrition and body-language experts for the tips and tricks that will help you figure out how to look younger while still honoring the life experience you have. It’s not magic … but it may very well feel like it.

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Infuse moisture back into your hair

As we age, our hair changes. “It often becomes coarser in texture and drier,” says hairstylist Jenna Mast. To combat dryness, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then, try a weekly deep-conditioning treatment. Heat can also damage hair, so air-dry your strands whenever possible. When it’s not, use a heat-protectant spray on your hair, keep your hot tool on the lowest setting and be aware of not concentrating heat on one section of hair for too long. For example, if you’re using a flat iron, pull it gently and swiftly through each section, rather than letting it sit in one area for a few seconds. Doing the opposite is a hairstyle mistake that make you look older in the long run.

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Use oil to hydrate skin

As we age, our skin gets drier, according to the National Institute on Aging. And dry skin tends to look less plump and more wrinkly. That’s why infusing moisture back into your skin is a must if you want to look younger. A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2021 found that people who used a moisturizer with oil in it for three weeks noticed a significant improvement in the hydration of their skin. When it comes to body lotion, consider a lotion with jojoba oil.

On your face, a specially formulated facial product like Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Firming Oil, which is a fan favorite at Sephora, can work some serious magic. “Face oils are a great way to restore the face’s natural glow,” says Alves. You don’t even have to use it nightly—try it every other night. If your skin seems super dehydrated, you can increase the frequency. Another idea for adding moisture to your skin? A new viral TikTok trend called slugging.

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Wear the right bra

Gravity affects all of us, but properly fitting bras can help shape any figure into a more youthful silhouette. “Pop-culture research states that more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra,” says style expert Sharon Haver, founder of Focus on Style. Get fitted at a lingerie store to make sure you’re wearing the correct size and style for your bust shape—and to get the right amount of coverage and support. The right bra will give you the lift you need while helping you avoid the bulges that come with too-tight undergarments.

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Straighten up

As people age, they often give in to a tendency to hunch over, which makes them look more meek and feeble than they are. Luckily, there’s an easy fix that will help you look younger instantly: “When you sit, focus on elongating your neck, aligning your ears and shoulders and making your chest slightly protrude,” says Holly Schiff, PsyD, a Connecticut-based therapist who specializes in body language. “This position will make you feel more confident and give off vibes of strength.”

Aside from being more aware of your posture, engage in exercises that will make a straighter stance feel more natural to you. “Pilates can help to increase core strength and improve posture,” says fitness and nutrition expert Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, author of Belly Fat Diet for Dummies. “Holding your body more upright improves balance, protects against falls and helps you look younger.” Plus, it gives you more energy. Look for Pilates studios in your area, or consider streaming classes from online streaming service Glo.

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Exfoliate weekly

As Alves notes, aging skin tends to get dull. Exfoliating your skin can counteract that. There are two types of face exfoliants: chemical and physical. Chemical exfoliators use chemical ingredients (the safe kind!) that slough away dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath. For example, Paula’s Choice Exfoliate, which has more than 57,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, uses 2% salicylic acid to minimize wrinkles and pores, as well as get rid of blackheads and breakouts. On the other hand, physical exfoliants contain gentle particles (like oats or sugar) to physically remove dead skin cells.

Whichever you choose, just be careful not to overdo it; otherwise, it could irritate your skin. “Once a week should do the trick,” says Alves.

Speaking of minimizing wrinkles, the NuFace Trinity is all you need for refreshed skin.

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Wear fitted clothing

Yes, you should dress for the size you are, not the size you were—but don’t hide in big, baggy clothes. Tailored, clean lines look sharper and can keep you from looking frumpy. “It’s better to break free from hiding yourself in your clothing and stand tall and proud in well-fitting garments,” Haver says. “Not only will you look better, but you’ll also give yourself an emotional boost by allowing you to step into your star power.”

This doesn’t mean you should wear skintight clothing. Rather, look for items that nip in at your smallest point and then smooth over areas you may not want to emphasize. High-waisted pants or an empire-waist dress are great examples of this, and this trick is one of the secrets of women who always look put-together.

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Go easy on the makeup

Instead of heavy makeup in darker colors, opt for nudes and soft pinks that mimic the look of natural youth. And use a light hand. “As we age, our skin loosens and is not as taut as it once was, so the more makeup you apply, the more it can move, settle and travel,” says makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer, the former What Not to Wear star better known simply as Carmindy. “Less makeup will adhere to mature skin much better, so you stay looking fresh all day.”

Need some coverage? Try a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy-duty foundation. Looking at blush? Skip the heavy cream formula in favor of a sheer cheek tint. And the perfect nude lipsticks are a lot less harsh and aging than darker colors, which can make lips appear to recede and also “bleed” into fine lines around your mouth.

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Use a primer

Looking for a little more coverage for a night out? After moisturizing but before applying one of the best foundations for mature skin, smooth a primer over your face. Primer temporarily fills in all the little lines, and as a result, the foundation sits on top of a smooth surface. “Using a primer can help makeup from settling into lines and will ensure it lasts all day,” says Shanell Sorrells, a New York–based makeup artist. Pick a primer for your skin type, and you’ll never look back. You can find hydrating formulas, options for oily skin and more.

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Drink plenty of water

Our body is mostly water, and our skin is our body’s biggest organ. We need to keep hydrated to avoid it looking dry and dull—and even accidentally create wrinkles. “The more hydrated you are, the more plump, subtle and youthful your skin will appear,” says Palinski-Wade. “In addition, staying hydrated can improve energy levels and fight against cravings, which makes it easier to stay on target with your exercise goals and healthy eating habits.” Pick up one of these smart water bottles to keep track of your water consumption.

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Cut back on sugar

Cookies, ice cream and cake? Yum. But if you want your skin to age well and always look its best, decrease the amount of sweets you eat. A study published in the journal Nutrients in 2020 found that high-sugar diets increase the rate at which skin ages, exacerbating the lines on your face. “Added sugars and excessive salt intake can increase inflammation in the body, which can accelerate the aging process,” Palinski-Wade adds. “Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen in the skin. The end result is accelerated wrinkling and sagging of the skin, leading to an aged appearance.”

Keep in mind that sugar isn’t only in desserts. Carbohydrates break down into sugars as you digest them, so it’s also a good idea to go easy with other types of carbs, including pasta and bread.

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Wear stretchy materials that provide a bit of lift

When you age, it’s not just your face that starts to sag—you may notice your bum start to move south too. Simply opting for a stretchy material can give your bottom a boost. Just make sure to try on stretchy pants before buying. “If you have a curvy body type, a bit of Lycra makes for a better fit,” Haver says. “However, if pants with Lycra are too tight, it creates an unsightly ripple effect.” If Lycra’s not working on the outside, try Lycra tights or a body shaper underneath well-tailored pants, she suggests.

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Slather on SPF every day

Another product that’s a must if you’re trying to figure out how to look younger: SPF. It protects against free-radical damage from the sun’s UV radiation, which leads to collagen breakdown, sagging skin and wrinkles, says dermatologist Purvisha Patel, MD, founder of Visha Skincare. You should be wearing a minimum of SPF 30 every day, from head to toe. And yes, you need it in the winter and on cloudy days too.

Elta MD SPF 46 is a favorite of dermatologists and consumers, with nearly 30,000 five-star reviews on Amazon alone. This mineral-based, broad-spectrum SPF for the face is specifically formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin, and it even contains hyaluronic acid to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Talk about a win-win!

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Use three specific skin-care ingredients

Not all skin-care products are created equal. Look to the best anti-aging creams and serums that contain three specific ingredients: retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid. “Retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) can rejuvenate the skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles,” Dr. Patel says. “Hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain moisture, which gives it a smooth, glowing look.” Opt for serums and night creams with retinol and AHAs, and a daily face moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. The best skin-tightening creams also contain these good-for-you ingredients and more.

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Moisturize consistently

You already know that you need moisturizer to keep skin as plump and hydrated as possible. What you may not know is that you have to lotion up every day to reap the rewards. According to a study published in the journal Dermatology and Therapy in 2020, when people who used moisturizer daily stopped using it, they experienced significant changes in their skin, including redness and dryness, in just one day. Yes, you read that right: That happened in a single day. As noted earlier, that dry skin can make you look older. The takeaway? Apply moisturizer every day, morning and night—no skipping!

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Sleep more

Beauty sleep is a real thing—your body needs the rest time (seven to nine hours) to rejuvenate and repair your body’s cells and get gorgeous overnight. You know lack of sleep causes puffy eyes and dark circles, but there are other negative effects too. “Lack of sleep dries out your skin, making wrinkles deeper and more visible,” says sleep expert Richard Shane, PhD, creator of the Sleep Easy method. “Collagen production also increases during sleep, preventing sagging, and blood flow increases, so your complexion looks better and younger.” Try to go to bed around the same time every night, and stay off your phone as much as possible in the hours leading up to bedtime, since the blue light emitted by our devices can keep us wired.

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Pick the right neckline

Although the most flattering neckline depends on your face shape, hairstyle, neck length and shoulder structure, one neckline in particular tends to have an anti-aging effect, whether you’re wearing a sweater or a classic dress. “A classic V-neck with a collar creates a line that makes us look taller and thinner,” says Haver, “and the bit of a collar detracts from the appearance of an older neck while spotlighting our face.”

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Add a pop of color to your wardrobe

All black can be severe and serious, and it can wash you out, drawing attention to wrinkles, under-eye circles and dull skin. On the other extreme, says Haver, head-to-toe brights can be a little much and even feel like you’re trying too hard. But the perfect pop of color? That’s where it’s at—especially if you put it near your face. This strategic placement adds some lightness and brightness to your skin, as well as adding some vibrancy (read: youthfulness) to your entire look. Try adding a brightly colored scarf to an otherwise-neutral outfit, or layering a bright tee under a gray blazer. FYI, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023 is a shade called Viva Magenta, a deep, rich pink.

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Say see ya to stress

Stress is awesome, said nobody ever. From putting you on edge to making you feel like you can’t take a breather, stress and anxiety can seriously impact your quality of life. And that’s not all. Stress can also age you, so it’s in your best interest to kick it to the curb whenever possible. “When you reduce stress and conflict, you are turning off stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, and activating endorphins, the natural painkillers in your body, which makes everything about you more youthful,” says psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD, author of Positive Energy.

To reduce stress, think of ways you can add more relaxation to your life. Maybe it’s getting up before your kids so you have 10 minutes of peace before the day starts, taking a bubble bath at the end of a long day or even meditating. In fact, research suggests that meditating may slow aging by reducing stress, improving well-being and regulating hormones, says Emma Seppala, PhD, science director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. If you’re new to meditation, apps like Calm and Headspace can guide you through it.

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Layer your hair

Want to keep your hair long as you age? That’s totally fine … as long as the cut doesn’t accidentally age you. “Some women feel attached to length because they think it makes them look younger, when, in fact, it just hangs and doesn’t do anything to flatter or soften features,” explains Mast. “Long, heavy hair really pulls down the face.” This can emphasize sagging skin and the jowl area. However, she says, “lifting up layers and adding texture to frame the face will take years off.”

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Go for a softer short style

If you opt for shorter hair, don’t cut it too short on top. “Often, women go ultra short in their 50s or 60s,” Mast says. “But leaving more length at the crown gives a more feminine, youthful profile, which can be more forgiving for women as we age, especially when it comes to loose skin around the neck.” A little length up top will also give your hairstyle more versatility. You can add a slight wave, slick it down, part it in different places—all things that will help you switch up your look from time to time.

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Massage your face

Don’t limit massages to your aching shoulders. A recent study published in PLOS ONE examined the benefits of facial massage and found that people who used a stimulating facial massage device for eight weeks experienced a noticeable improvement in wrinkles and sagging. To get these effects at home, try using a jade roller or gua sha stones, which are also cost-effective options. Simply rub these tools in upward, gentle motions over your face to stimulate blood flow and massage muscles.

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De-puff eyes

The old trick of cucumber slices on the eyes—as well as other cool things like cold tea bags or sweet-potato slices—constricts blood vessels and reduces eye puffiness, Dr. Patel says. While there’s a reason these natural remedies are often on lists detailing how to look younger, eye masks are also effective and don’t require the prep work! These patches get placed under your eyes for 10 or so minutes to de-puff and hydrate. For an extra boost, keep them in the fridge so they’re cooling, and look for options with caffeine (it perks up skin) or hyaluronic acid (which moisturizes).

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Make eyes stand out without accentuating wrinkles

When it comes to youthful eye makeup, try Carmindy’s signature move. “Highlight the eyes using a cream or powder pearlescent champagne hue,” she says. “Apply it only under the eyebrows and on the inside corners of the eyes.” Pearlescent shades have slight shimmer without being super glittery, and when you use them sparingly as a highlighter, they make eyes pop without drawing attention to crow’s feet or saggy areas. For eye shadow, she advises sticking with lighter neutral hues like light brown, quartz or taupe, and using a pearl or matte formula, not glitter or high shimmer, which can get stuck in crinkles and draw attention to them.

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Apply makeup in the right order

Concealer is meant to go on after foundation, not before. “If you use a sheer dewy foundation first all over the skin, chances are you will need much less concealer,” Carmindy says. “Then just add a spot of matte concealer over any areas that are still visible.” Be sure to blend your concealer well, so it doesn’t leave behind large patches of thick makeup. You can use a makeup sponge to do this, or you can use your ring finger to gently tap the area you’re blending. Just be sure your hands are clean, so you don’t transfer bacteria to your face.

Next, learn more about the right order of makeup application.

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Don’t apply blush under your cheekbones

Way back when, we were taught to put blush under our cheeks to “create” cheekbones. Well, it’s time to ditch that high school move. As your face ages and becomes more angular, applying blush there just makes you look bony. Instead, go for a rosy, slightly flushed look. “Place blush high on the apples of the cheeks, and use a big, fluffy powder brush to apply it in a nice natural flush,” Carmindy says. And if you want a powder formula, look for blush with a very slight shimmer, so you look dewy but not glittery.

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Lighten your liner

For lining your eyes, avoid the black color you’ve probably been using for years. “Keep eyeliner light—try chocolate brown instead of black—and apply it as close to the roots of the upper lashes as possible,” Carmindy says. Black can be harsh (and that will age you), whereas a brown is slightly softer. Also, don’t use liner under your bottom lashes, which can accentuate dark circles and drag down eyes.

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Play up your nails

Adding elements of fun to your look can give you an overall youthful vibe, and your nails are a great place to do this. Carmindy’s rule for nails? There are no rules! “Here is where I say just have fun,” she says. “No rules apply, really, as nails are an accessory.” You can pick an unexpected polish color (like neon orange), or try patterned nail stickers, which give you a gel-like look without the fuss. One caveat: Cooler shades (think bluish reds and navys) can bring out dullness or age spots, so keep that in mind when sorting through each season’s trends.

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Break a sweat regularly

In 2018, researchers at the University of Birmingham and King’s College London showed that regular exercise can have an anti-aging effect, fending off muscle loss and boosting the immune system. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, including two days that include muscle-strengthening workouts. So, what does this look like in real life? You could go for a 30-minute jog four days a week, and then add in 15-minute weight-lifting sessions twice a week. Or, you could opt for two 45-minute barre classes and two 30-minute bootcamp-style classes. However you break it up, just remember: The goal is to get your heart rate up for 150 minutes a week and to pump up your muscles twice a week.

Be careful with booze

It’s best not to overindulge in alcohol because of its negative effects on the body—which even occur on the cellular level, according to recent research. “Alcohol can dehydrate skin and increase inflammation, both of which can accelerate aging and give skin a dry, wrinkled appearance,” Palinski-Wade says. Although alcohol may have some health benefits, it’s best to drink in moderation and make sure you balance it with plenty of water. These days, there are plenty of tasty mocktails on the market. At least occasionally, consider switching out your normal glass of wine for a non-alcoholic cocktail or simply a glass of water.

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Banish age spots

“Age spots” don’t actually have anything to do with age. They’re just sections of sun-damaged skin that become visible over time. That said, they definitely make you look older, so you’ll want to address them as soon as they pop up. “The key to removing age spots is to exfoliate skin to remove the darkened areas,” Dr. Patel says. Retinol serums and other dark-spot correctors may work, and professional chemical peels or laser removal are options too. “People concerned about age-related spots should consult with their board-certified dermatologist on the best treatment for their case,” Dr. Patel adds.

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Whiten your teeth

Whiter teeth can give you a brighter smile and help you look younger overall. “Yellow or discolored teeth make people look older and less attractive,” notes dentist Nancy Rosen, DMD. While you’ll get the best results in a dentist’s office with a procedure called Zoom Advanced Whitening, she says, at-home whitening can also work some magic—as long as you follow the directions on the box exactly. If you go the over-the-counter route, Dr. Rosen recommends Crest Whitestrips.

Another good idea? Avoid consuming things that leave their mark. Stay away from “dark soda, red wine, coffee, tea, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and red sauce,” Dr. Rosen says. “The less someone consumes of these products, the less stains will form on your teeth.” Rinsing your mouth with water afterward or drinking through a straw may help … but straws also can cause mouth wrinkles, so that might not be the best option.

Try a collagen supplement

These days, it’s nearly impossible to scroll through social media without seeing someone hawking collagen supplements—but they may be on to something. A study released in 2022 found that when people took oral collagen supplements regularly for at least 12 weeks, their wrinkles lessened and the texture of their skin improved. It makes sense if you think about it: Collagen is something our bodies naturally produce and that keeps our skin plump. But as we age, collagen production wanes, which is part of what leads to sagging and wrinkling. Collagen supplements can be found in a variety of forms—including pills, powders and gummies—so pick whatever type suits you best and give it a try.

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Incorporate more healthy fats and antioxidant-rich foods into your diet

Collagen supplements aren’t the only things that can work some serious anti-aging magic from the inside out. Researchers have found that foods rich in healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants—like salmon, avocados, leafy greens, nuts and more—can protect and even restore skin’s suppleness. One study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research in 2019 also found that just two handfuls of almonds per day decreased the appearance and severity of wrinkles after just 16 weeks. And a recent review of 20 studies in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that consuming yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables, as well as dark, leafy greens like kale, could lead to healthy, glowing, less-damaged skin. You really are what you eat!

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Embrace your grays

Think gray hair is the enemy of youth? Wrong. If you’re constantly in the situation where gray roots are peeking through dyed hair, you can look unkempt—and that lack of polish is more aging than the gray hair itself. “For some women, upkeep becomes impossible, and you actually look younger and fresher with a full head of gray or white natural hair with a gloss over it, rather than fully covered,” Mast says. If you want to consider transitioning to fully gray, consult a hairstylist. They’ll be able to give you pointers and may even be able to give you a haircut that will speed up the transition. Ready to embrace your grays? Follow these colorist-approved tricks for going gray gracefully.

Hide thinning hair

Thinning hair is an unfortunate side effect of aging. “I suggest investing in root concealer to fill in the hairline or spray on the scalp where hair is more sheer,” Mast says. “Another tip is to shorten up if you’re getting really thin. Better to have less that looks fuller than long strings of barely-there hair.” Volumizing products can also help give more fullness, and hair color that more closely matches your skin tone can better conceal thinning.

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Be aware of your chest

Your décolletage, or chest and neck area, can also be a telltale sign of age. “UV radiation and the sun can damage these exposed areas, causing wrinkles and skin laxity,” Dr. Patel says. “Besides using sunscreen, a serum containing ingredients like retinol, vitamins A and C, ferulic acid and a spot-lightening agent can help.” Higher necklines or scarves are another way to add style to your look while covering up this area.

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Look on the bright side

Are you a glass-half-full type of person or a glass-half-empty type of person? If you consider yourself to be the latter, you may want to learn to look on the bright side of life. One large-scale study out of Boston that studied more than 70,000 people found that optimistic people live longer and age more healthfully. Plus, when you’re more optimistic, you tend to smile more—and having a smiley attitude is sure to evoke a more youthful and playful persona.

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Think young

If you feel old, you’ll look and act old. Think about it: If you’re always thinking about how your back aches more than it did when you were in your 20s, you’re more likely to hunch over like an old person. But if you shift your mindset and think young, you may walk with more pep in your step. Even better, it can help your cognition long-term: According to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience in 2018, people who think of themselves as younger actually show fewer signs of brain aging.

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Pump some iron

All types of exercise are beneficial for maintaining a youthful look, but make sure to add strength training to your fitness regimen. “Regular strength training, with your own body weight or using external weights, can help to increase metabolism, increase strength and improve balance,” Palinski-Wade says. “In addition, increased muscle tone helps to provide a more youthful appearance.” There’s no need to go crazy with heavy lifting. Even a pair of five-pound weights can increase muscle tone in areas that tend to start sagging as you age—like the flabby part of your upper arms, which are harder to conceal than, say, your butt or belly.

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Use highlighter strategically

“If you have textured or mature skin, be mindful where you place highlighter, as it will enhance whatever it is on top of,” says Sorrells. So, for example, if you have sagging brows, avoid putting highlighter on your brow bone, which could emphasize sagging skin right underneath. One smart spot for highlighter? High up on your cheekbones. There tends to be less saggy skin in this area, making it a safe spot, and it can also give the illusion of lifting the area. As for the type of highlighter that can add a youthful pop to older skin, Sorrells recommends highlighters that have less sparkle and more sheen.

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Go easy on the powder

The older you get, the less powder you should use on your face. That’s because powder can dull skin and settle into fine lines, emphasizing them. That said, you don’t have to avoid it altogether—after all, setting powder can help your makeup last longer. “Use a large, fluffy brush to sweep just a little translucent powder over your face right after you apply foundation,” says Alves. “If you need to fight shine, you can apply a little extra in your T-zone.” Just try to avoid areas that are wrinkle-heavy (like near eye crinkles or smile lines). When it comes to what product to use, look for a finely milled powder, like this one from Laura Mercier, that provides sheer coverage.

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Keep your face grime-free

Alves says that using dirty makeup brushes can age you because they literally add a layer of dirt. “When you use dirty brushes, it keeps your makeup from looking fresh and luminous,” she explains. “Not only that, but products are more likely to settle into lines when you use a dirty brush.” This is because a grimy brush won’t be able to smooth on the product as well, so you’ll wind up with foundation, concealer and eye shadow that isn’t evenly distributed. And when there’s more product in one area, it will settle into wrinkles. Another thing to note: Dirty brushes can transfer bacteria to your face and cause breakouts. Try to wash your brushes once a week. Simply use some warm water and a makeup brush cleanser.

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Soften your hair color

Yes, coloring your hair and banishing grays can give you a more youthful appearance … but only if you do it right. Going too dark with a single-process dye can leech color from your skin and look harsh, not to mention unnatural, says Felicia Dosso, a colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon. “Softer, more natural tones are more youthful,” she explains. Strategically placed highlights can go a long way in giving your hair depth and, depending on your colors, a seemingly natural sun-kissed glow that extends to your complexion.

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Keep hair loose

Although a tight ponytail may give your face a little lift, a softer and carefree style provides a more youthful, undone look, Mast says. “If hair is regularly too coiffed,” she explains, “there is a definite feeling of ‘I put a ton of effort into looking younger’ versus something that is less uptight and more casual, with a feeling of effortlessness.” Soft waves that frame your face or even a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck can give you the younger vibe you want—plus, they help soften your features.

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Define your lashes

Fact: Spidery lashes aren’t a good look, and they’re definitely not a young look. On the flip side, long and defined lashes can wake up your eyes and make you look fresh-faced. To ensure that your lashes don’t get clumpy, avoid pumping your mascara wand. “Try slowly twirling it up before you take it out—this will ensure there’s an even coating of product on your wand,” says Sorrells. “Then, when applying your mascara, wiggle gently from root to tip. Don’t overdo it—two coats should do it.”

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Darken your brows

While the thickness of your brows may reflect the current trends, their darkness (or lack thereof) reflect your age. According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2017, women whose features stood out more against their face were perceived as younger by others. This was true for women across a variety of ethnic groups. One component noted in the study was brow color, which can diminish with age and give you a more washed-out appearance.

While you shouldn’t go overboard with this contrast, since that would look unnatural, choosing the right brow pencil to darken brows, as well as fill in sparse spots, can give you the slightest anti-aging bump that can make all the difference. You may also want to check out our favorite eyebrow growth serums.

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Plump up your hands

You can make your face look perkier with makeup or treatments, but if your hands are all wrinkly, there goes your youthful vibe! One study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology looked at how to rejuvenate aging hands that had lots of wrinkles. It found that using a hand lotion that contains a natural compound called urea can help reduce the appearance of lines. Yes, urea is a compound commonly found in mammals, but it can also be synthetically made and is used often in moisturizers because it is very hydrating.

Another way to keep hands from looking their age: Slather on the SPF. Your hands are often forgotten, but they see just as much sun as your face. Now that you know how to look younger with a simple sleight of hand, make sure to keep hands protected in winter too. Try these warm gloves or heated gloves to prevent skin from getting chapped and dry.

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