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11 Easy and Festive Crafts to Make with Your Kids This Hanukkah

Eight crazy nights of Menorahs, dreidels, and Stars of David!

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Dreidel masterpieces

Budding painters make gorgeous designs using bright watercolors on plain dreidel cutouts. Find out more from Creative Jewish Mom.

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Tape it up

Washi tape makes simple designs pop with fun patterns and colors. Send them out to wish loved ones a happy Hanukkah. Visit Creative Jewish Mom to learn more.

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Very jarring

A few snips are all it takes to create these repeating patterns. Even with sloppy edges, they’ll create a pretty glow for your family’s celebration. Learn more from Creative Jewish Mom.

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Dance the night away

Kids will have just as much creating these dancing decorations as they will playing with them. Attach arms to paper menorahs, doughnuts, oil flasks, and more for a fun afternoon craft. Get the directions from Creative Jewish Mom.

Courtesy Meri Cherry

Abstract thinking

Turn your kid’s old artwork into gorgeous dreidel wall art. Their funky color choices and splashes of paint will look like a cool, modern art piece. Learn more from Meri Cherry.

Courtesy Meri Cherry

Facing things

Upcycled grocery bags get a facial treatment with this adorable dreidel garland. Head over to Meri Cherry to learn how to make your own. These great Hanukkah-themed gifts will delight your loved ones.

Courtesy Simple Play Ideas

Well plated

Have your kids decorate clothespins as candles, then put together these simple paper plate menorahs. Get the full directions from Simple Play Ideas. And check out these other smart uses for clothespins.

Courtesy Simple Play Ideas

Fingerprint flames

These simple masking tape menorahs get a personalized touch with fingerprint flames—and your kids will love getting their hands dirty. Learn more from Simple Play Ideas.

Courtesy Kids Activities Blog

Cartons for candles

Egg cartons get new life with this funky upcycled menorah. Have your kids paint the cups, then help them glue them on a piece of decorated cardboard. Head over to Kids Activities Blog for the directions. Get in the know: this is why we light menorahs for Hanukkah.

Courtesy Moms & Crafters

Pinned down

Little hands get motor skill practice by attaching clothespin candles to this cardboard menorah. Head over to Moms & Crafters for the full instructions.

Courtesy Sheri SIlver

Down to the nuts and bolts

A plain wooden block gets a major update with paint, felt, rhinestones, and anything else your kids can dream up. Simple nuts from the hardware store become makeshift candle holders for this not-so-basic menorah. Get the full instructions from Sheri Silver.

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