Eight days of gifts, latkes, dreidels, family time, and so much more—we’re talking about Hanukkah, of course. Find out about the origins of the Festival of Lights, fascinating facts (like how many candles are on the menorah), and traditions to make your celebration even more meaningful.

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    39 Best Hanukkah Gifts for Eight Great Nights

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    How Many Candles Are on a Menorah?

    The menorah has a crucial role in Hanukkah celebrations. Learn how many candles are on the menorah and other facts...

    6 Hanukkah Traditions That Make the 8-Night Holiday Special

    How is Hanukkah celebrated? Learn the history of the most common Hanukkah traditions that make up the Festival of Lights.

    Why Does Hanukkah Change Dates Every Year?

    While Christmas is celebrated every December 25, year in and year out, the date for Hanukkah is a moving target....

    What Is Hanukkah and Why Do We Celebrate It?

    There's a lot more to Hanukkah than eight days of gifts. Here's some really cool stuff you probably didn't realize...

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    The Ultimate Guide to Hanukkah 2020

    Here’s everything you need to know about the Jewish Festival of Lights.

    100 Hanukkah Recipes to Celebrate the Season

    From latkes to sufganiyot, brisket to kugel, these Hanukkah recipes are ready to brighten up each day of the Festival...

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    How to Make Latkes or Potato Pancakes

    Wondering how to make latkes for Hanukkah? The Taste of Home Test Kitchen walks you through the process of making...

    15 Hanukkah Desserts That Will Light Up Your Tastebuds

    A sampling of sweet treats to inspire your holiday table.

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    15 Best Hanukkah Decorations for the Festival of Lights

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    15 Easy and Festive Crafts to Make with Your Kids This Hanukkah

    Eight crazy nights of Menorahs, dreidels, and Stars of David!

    8 Hanukkah Destinations Where You Can Celebrate the Festival of Lights

    Most towns have Christmas trees and Santas, and some have Christmas parades and shows, but only some cities go all...

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    Why Do We Light Menorahs for Hanukkah?

    Hanukkah is associated with the lighting of nine candles on a menorah. But it wasn't always that way.

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