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12 Homeschooling Cartoons Every Parent Will Relate to Right Now

Every parent around the country had to learn how to become a teacher overnight with stay at home orders in place and schools shutdown. Sometimes, the only way to get through the day is to laugh at yourself and every other parent in it with you.

clingy school starting cartoon by liz climoLiz Climo/

Too clingy

Every parent when school’s finally open up again. If you’re also working a full-time job on top of teaching your kids, you’ll be able to relate to these hilarious working from home cartoons.

Father Swindles Sonandrewgenn/Getty Images

Regular job + teacher

You want a raise on your allowance? I’m working two jobs, I deserve a raise!

Cartoon of businesswoman wearing sandwich board sign: took on too much.andrewgenn/Getty Images

Too much work

Every parent that is trying to work and teach their kids how to do geometry. Make sure you don’t try to do these 13 things in quarantine.

Help with Homeworkandrewgenn/Getty Images

Homework questions

That’s better than figuring out how to actually find the right answers.

Infant and Motherandrewgenn/Getty Images

Post-lockdown therapy

Every parent’s therapy session after being stuck at home with their kids for months on end. Check out these funny photos of dogs “working from home.

Sent to Principal's Officeandrewgenn/Getty Images

Pet parents

Homeschooling your pets can be more of a nuisance than kids.

School Computer Does Not Workandrewgenn/Getty Images

Class video call

Every parent trying to help their kid call into a Zoom conference. Here are some other cartoons that all technophobes can appreciate.

Starting Schoolandrewgenn/Getty Images

Ready, set, go

It’s really a marathon.

"Sorry you missed the concert... but here is an encore."andrewgenn/Getty Images

Virtual concert

Wow, I feel bad for the ears of the band teachers. Your kid sounds a lot better when they play as part of a group.

Student Does Not Want to Focus on the Basicsandrewgenn/Getty Images

Anything but the assignment

How do kids even know how to do this stuff?! These working from home memes will have you cracking up.

The birds and the beesandrewgenn/Getty Images

Birds and the bees

Yes, I’m not a health teacher.

Litigation Starts at a Young Ageandrewgenn/Getty Images

Legal action

Good thing we can’t leave the house. Since the weeks seem to drag on, read through these funny work cartoons to help you get through to Friday.