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25 Funny Cartoons Technophobes Can Appreciate

Updated: Aug. 05, 2021

Because gadgets and gizmos are always good for a laugh, at least.

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"What we really need in IT is someone who has super powers."
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Super IT

Someone like Superman would be good.

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"The servers are on strike." computers on picket line.
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Servers down

They don’t look very happy. Here are 32 work cartoons to get you through the week.

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"Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, but never do we throw our computers out the window."
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Tipping point

Sometimes the only solution is to get rid of it.

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"Can our software do that?" ...make the computers fly
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Updated software

Wow, look how fast they are!

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"It's too late! Bob's brain has been sucked out by the internet."
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Internet crime

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Technology cartoon
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Look at how shiny their buttons are.

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"It could be an expensive repair, or it could be the plug is out."
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Black screen

Hmmm, which one is it?

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Technology and business cartoon showing two men looking at a knight in armor, 'He really takes IT Security seriously'.
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Knight in shining armor

It’s a very serious job.

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"Seems like the Computer Analyst is taking his job just a little too literally."
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Tech therapy

A full analysis is very important. Here are 30 love and marriage cartoons that are hilariously accurate.

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Business cartoon of businesswoman saying, 'I listed everything we know about SEO' 'It's nice, we like it, there's a lot of it'.
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SEO strategy

That covers the basics.

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"The hospital computer has a virus. Ironic, isn't it?"
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Hospital virus

Maybe one of the doctors can prescribe it some medicine.

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Business and technology cartoon of two businesspeople standing on a cliff and a sign that reads, 'valley of forgotten passwords'.
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Please enter your password

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"These computer repair people certainly take their job very seriously."
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Repair surgeons

Please don’t distract the doctors during surgery.

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"That is usually not a good sign."
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Black smoke

I think it’s time to call the fire department.

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Gregory Kogan for Reader's Digest

The smart aleck phone

The screen wouldn’t last long if your phone talked to you like this.

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Felipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader's Digest

To the death

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The toughest part of the business meeting is getting the technology to work; push start.
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PowerPoint instructions

Can everybody handle that?

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The last non ebook in the world.
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No more paper

It’s one of a kind now.

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"Are you sure that hitting it with a baseball bat will make it work?"
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Hit to fix

No, it doesn’t work like a vending machine that got your snack stuck.

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He had finally found the source of the internet.
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The main source

It’s breathtaking, isn’t it? Don’t miss these 16 doctor cartoons that will help you laugh through the pain.

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Russell Harris for Reader's Digest

Technology goes too far

“At the end of the yard, turn around…”

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"Production has really picked up since we installed the coffee pots."
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Coffee computers

It’s the perfect solution.

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Bob Eckstein for Reader's Digest

New technology

“I’m waiting for them to work out the bugs.”

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"So if we sprinkle this powder on the keys no more system failure?"
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Magic dust

Will it grant us three wishes too?

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Rina Piccolo for Reader's Digest

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