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12 Kindness Memes That Will Inspire You to Spread Cheer

Get inspired to spread the love—and the laughs.

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boy in doctor costume taking the temperature of his stuffed bear. Meme text: Me checking in on all of my buddies to make sure they're having a good, Getty Images

Sometimes it’s the little things

Reader’s Digest is seeking stories of random acts of kindness that you’ve witnessed in your community for our search for the Nicest Places in America

It’s been a rough year for all of us, filled with more stress and uncertainty than anyone could have ever imagined. Our world needs kindness now more than ever. Whether you can afford to take out your wallet for people in need or simply decide to send a sweet note to a friend who’s having a bad day, there is no act that is too big or too small. Some may feel inspired by other people’s random acts of kindness, but if you’re like me, there’s nothing like a little humor to get you in the spirit of things. These kindness memes are both hilarious and adorable, but most importantly, we hope they encourage you to make a difference.

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Dog snarling at camera. Meme text: I’m about to attack you with love and, Getty Images

Brace yourselves

Get ready! This cute kindness meme is just the beginning.

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Man holding umbrella for woman. Meme text: One small act of kindness is one giant leap for, Getty Images

I’m not crying…

…you’re crying!

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Chicken and giraffe talking. Meme text: We don’t always have to agree to be kind to one, Getty Images

Embracing our differences

A little kindness goes a long way, especially in our very divided world.

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Two women making a cake, dusting it with sprinkles. Meme text: Me sprinkling everything with a little, Getty Images

Like confetti

Just a drop here and a dash there, and we’re on our way to a better world. Trust us: It’s the perfect recipe, and you can’t mess it up!

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Cat looking very cute. Meme text: Sorry I annoyed you with all of my, Getty Images

When you shower your favorite person with all the love

Sorry, not sorry.

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woman crying with joy. Meme text: When someone is going slower than you in the left lane and they move out of the way so you can, Getty Images

No road rage here!

We were just about ready to slam on the brakes and honk the horn, but now we’re cruising peacefully.

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Smiling axe that says "let me help you!" with the caption, Random Axe of, Getty Images

Wishing everyone wood be more like this axe

Axe-ually beautiful.

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Baby pondering. Meme text: When someone offers me their gum, are they just being kind or implying I have bad breath?, Getty Images

The world will never know

Did I forget to brush this morning?

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Man holding hands with chipmunk. Meme text: Thanks for holding my hand!, Getty Images

No act of kindness is too small

Sometimes we all need a furry paw to hold.

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Girl dressed up as superhero. Meme text: Do not mistake my kindness for, Getty Images

Kind people are the strongest people

Share this kindness meme with people who need a reminder that kindness is a superpower.

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Man adjusting tie. Meme text: Random act of kindness? Challenge, Getty Images

Are you ready?


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Child pointing at camera. Meme text: When you see someone doing something, Getty Images

I see you!

Now that you’ve giggled at these kindness memes, read up on these stories of random acts of kindness that will inspire you to pass it on.

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