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11 Unforgettable Pieces of Life Advice (In Just 6 Words Each)

Let these quick hits of wisdom help you guide your life.

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On Being Satisfied

“Wanting less feels like getting more.” Tanya Afterburn, writer. These are the best compassion quotes to inspire acts of kindness.

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On Indulging

 “Remember, French fries are gluten-free.” Jean Lavine, writer. These hilariously bad pieces of advice are the opposite of what you need.

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On Hard Work

.  “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” —Brandi Vaisey Marsey, writer.

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On Basic Needs

 “Basic needs: Backkbone, wishbone, funny bone.” —Raven O’Keefe, writer.

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On Driving

“Assume everyone is driving with kids.” ”

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On Your Worth

 “Slightly underpaid better than vastly overworked.” Brent Perdue, writer. Find more work motivation with these 21 quotes about finding success.

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On Learning

“You’re not learning when you’re speaking.” —Milagros Vega, writer.

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On Simplifying

“Pack black. Be done with it.” Heather Poole, flight attendant and writer.

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On Moving On

 “Face your demons, then harness them.” Jeannette Walls, author.

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On Humility

“Most powerful words: ‘Thanks’ and ‘Sorry.'” Jennifer Egan, author.  If ‘sorry’ isn’t cutting it, try one of these 10 wise quotes that can stop an argument in its tracks.

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On Style

“As  like Cary Grant as possible.” —Tim Gunn, mentor on Project Runway.

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More Wise Words

These quotes all come from the new book The Best Advice in Six Words. Compiled by Larry Smith, it contains counsel from 1,001 writers.