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Marriage Advice From People Who Have Been Together 50+ Years

For more than five decades, these nine couples have stuck together through thick and thin, and in sickness and health. Read on for sage marriage advice from these relationship masters.

One word: Give

—Agnes and Harry Hutfles, married 60 years

Show a little understanding

—John and Ann Betar, married 81 years

Touch Toes

—Jenny and Manny DaSilva, married 65 years

Argue, but…

—Sally and Joseph Littlewood, married 75 years

Marriage is a team sport

—Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher, married 87 years

Be picky

—Jennifer, married 59 years

Remember the good times

—Don and Estelle, married 50 years

Give each other space

—Booker and Willie Ann Wilson, married 51 years

Lean on each other

—Dale and Corrine Goldsmith, married 50 years

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