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14 Hilarious Cartoon Puns That Somehow Never Get Old

Our cartoonists know how to pair epic puns with their great artwork in this silly collection. Sadly, we cannot promise these cartoons won't make you groan.

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02-bullish-customer-service-af-Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest
M. Nadler for Reader's Digest

Risky business

At least the returns are free.

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03-accepting-on-behalf-af-Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest
Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Subbing in

“… who substituted for Mrs. Robinson, who substituted for Miss Lewis…” (These were the punniest news headlines of 2019.)

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04-loaded-bassists-af-Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest
Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Take me out to the symphony

It was tied, tune to tune. Memorize these simple, short jokes that’ll make anyone laugh, anywhere.

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05-mail-sorting-af-Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest
Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

The opposite of snail mail

We really don’t want to see what express mail looks like.

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09-being-courteous-af-Mary Nadler for Reader's Digest
Mary Nadler for Reader's Digest

Common courtesy

It’s hard to break a habit like that.

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10-flirting-with-death-af-John Caldwell for Reader's Digest
John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Dating is a dangerous game

So, do you reap here often? Don’t miss these cartoons about love that are hilariously accurate.

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11-mayo-clinic-af-Felipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader's Digest
Felipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader's Digest

Going in for a ketchup checkup

He mustard the strength to go because he relished his health.

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13-air-emergency-af-Mark Anderson for Reader's Digest
Mark Anderson for Reader's Digest

We need helium, STAT

Don’t worry, the clown ambulance is on its way.

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14-chick-flick-af-Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest
Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Bet that ruffled her feathers

It’s the part where the rooster and the hen couldn’t fit on the same barn door. Check out these cartoons that prove daily life is funnier than any stand-up routine.

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NAF for Reader's Digest

Unexpected guests

And now they’re hogging all the food. They’re selfish shellfish!

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Roy Delgado for Reader's Digest

Heavy findings

“This briefcase!”

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Joe Di Chiarro for Reader's Digest

Who’s a good salesman?

Meet your goals and you’ll get your Christmas bonus early: a bran new fire hydrant! Here are more dog cartoons that’ll make you chuckle.

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P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

A bit delayed

His dinner is probably pretty cold by now.

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John Chase for Reader's Digest

Off sides

Yer outta here! Next, don’t miss these 29 work cartoons that’ll get you through the week.

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